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Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 24, 1994 on FOX
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Fueled on by his desire to seek vengeance against the immortal mutant that changed him into a weapon of evil, Archangel persaudes Rogue into helping him hunt down and destroy Apocalypse.

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  • The best episode to feature Apocalypse my favourite villian.

    This is the best Apocalypse Episode in my opinon. Whilst he's introduction episode was emotional i thought it was stalled and the animation was chunky.

    In this episode the animation is superb, Apocalypse is on fine villain form and Archangel goes through some great character development. Best bits? The fight by the Statue of Liberty; Ship and her relationship with Beast; Rouge and Warren growing closer; Rogue and Gambit growing closer; The animation of Apocalypse - you get a real sense of power by seeing him in this episode - how he should be!

    Overall great stuff. Next Apocalypse Episode - Beyond Good and Evil Arc - which is good too!moreless
  • All of these cool villains are just disappearing one after another. Bring back Mastermold!

    Archangel still hasn't forgiven Apocalypse for what he has done to him, and has gone to extensive research to find out his weak spot. One of his researchers found a possible way to defeat him, and immediately set off to meet the giant. Expectedly, Archangel quickly finds Apocalypse, and is being clowned around. The X-Men had to come in to save him. Beast may have found a way to put Apocalypse to rest using his own spaceship. Apacolypse fell into it, by overwritten the code. Beast overrided that code, and sent the mutant into space. The ship that he had a relationship for, was destroyed in the process however, and it'll be a matter of time before he returns.

    I'm not a fan of stories that last one episode--only for action cartoons, or else how would I love Family Guy--but this is those rare exceptions. Archangel's unusual character was unique and executed well with his extreme obsession of getting his vengeance against Apocalypse, which was perfectly displayed when he destroyed the computer that was chambering him permanently. It also seemed like him and Rogue were getting along quite well throughout many occurances in this episode. The relationship between Beast and the computer felt corny. The relationship was shortlived, but they made it seem like it was Romeo and Juliet. If the voice was that of a guy, would he still have cried? Well, maybe so, but that's still, well, kind of pathetic.moreless
  • The blinding path of revenge and its unfortunate consequences

    Obsession is a solid stand alone episode with some powerful moments and good characterisation. A good entry to the third season.

    This was the first episode I had seen following the Phoenix Saga. It was really weird to see Cyclops in full command so soon. It really made little sense until No Mutant is an Island was eventually pushed ahead of this episode.

    The episode opens with a borderline psychotic Archangel determined to find any way possible to put an end to Apocalypse. None of his employees seem to find a way, driving him even more to the brink of insanity. I wonder if Warren would have gone to the deep end, had he been one of the X-Men during this period.

    Obsession couldn't have been a better title for the episode. Eveything centers around it: Archangel's obsession towards destroying Apocalypse and Rogue's obsession towards helping Archangel in order to fulfill a void within her. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for Rogue-led episodes.

    A scrawny-looking man finds a possible solution for Archangel. Some scrolls reveal a possible blind spot on Apocalypse, despite his claims of immortality.

    Meanwhile, a new Shi'Ar sensor array, installed at the war room detects a new signal coming from the Hudson river. It's a mysterious ship. I can't quite remember, but I don't recall how did Xavier and Beast figured it was Apocalypse's ship. Neither of them got the chance to see it back in Season 1's Come the Apocalypse. It doesn't really matter. This episode isn't heavily dependent on previous back story, even though it will have consequences in Season 4.

    Apocalypse rises from the river to simply mess up a carnival. It's already evident that he expects Archangel to show up. It's obvious wouldn't attack a carnival simply for fun, otherwise he would do it every episode.

    Archangel tries to strike his blind spot with no results whatsoever. Apocalypse strikes him down like a tiny fly. The X-Men come to the rescue. Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit and Wolverine bring giant Apocalypse to the ground, while Beast tries to tie up the incarnation of evil with a giant chain. They fail to succeed, when Apocalypse rises and flies away. Cyclops even makes a smart remark that they couldn't even scratch or make a dent on him. He's right and it proves to be the biggest drawback for an obsessed Ahab-like Angel of Death.

    Archangel is brought back to the mansion. Rogue is clearly worried about him. Gambit realizes she has a connection to the Angel of Death, and that it may be Rogue's own blind spot. Archangel can't stand waiting to recover. He's bent on flying out of there and finishing Apocalypse at any cost. While Rogue tries to reason with him, Archangel begins to seduce her to his own side of the story. By bringing about Rogue's own experience back in Season 1, he's able to bring out the vengeful side of her. Having touched Archangel's tortured and trapped soul beneath the evil that was present at that episode, Rogue completely understands his desires. But she's also blinded by his irrationality. Gambit knows this and he's determined to not allow Rogue to risk her own life on a pointless quest.

    Xavier and Beast have discovered that the ship may hold the answer to put a strange on Apocalypse's freedom and decide to take advantage of this Achilles heel. Cyclops, Wolverine and Beast take off to the ship.

    Archangel flies off with Rogue to meet Apocalypse. Gambit takes a Minijet after her. The following sequence shows Warren spouting every vendetta line possible echoing Ahab in every moment. Rogue is compliant and determined to give him all possible aid. When Apocalypse rises again, they move in for the kill, but Gambit tries to block Rogue. He can't allow her to do damage, risking the lives of innocent people on the ground. She flies around him and tries to get Apocalypse again.

    Meanwhile, Beast makes contact with the artificial intelligence inside the ship. It's a female voice, to whom Beast becomes very close. They work together to build a permanent prison for Apocalypse.

    What really irritates in this scene is the needless jeopardy plot device involving a hidden bomb. It also seems that every 2 minutes or so, there's a system sparkage to which the ship apologizes claiming she ignored that subsection or so. These were frustrated attempts to increase air time. Who would have thought an X-Men episode could run short of time?

    Apocalypse makes his way back to the ship, followed by Rogue and Archangel. Beast activates the force field and traps Apocalypse for good. This leaves Archangel in total frustration. He's determined to not let his revenge be denied. He makes a suicide run at the controls. Fortunately, the force field holds. Then comes the big plot twist I didn't see coming. Apocalypse has a secret voice code capable of deactivating the force field. He escapes and proceeds to fight the X-Men.

    The ship tells Beast to recover a secret device capable of putting an end to Apocalypse inside the ship's mainframe. While he dodges Apocalypse, Archangel and the X-Men keep him busy. Beast is successful and the ship begins to slaughter Apocalypse with plasma guns and a new force field that traps him. In this moment, the ship pays back Apocalypse for everything he did to her and it makes her feel for the first time.

    In this moment, the ship begins to break up and bulkheads begin to appear out of nowhere. Gambit tries to save Archangel, but is trapped inside. Beast asks the ship to save his friends. She's successful. They make it out of there just in time.

    Despite Apocalypse's narrow escape in an escape pod, Archangel vows to go after him when he return to Earth. Despite being given a hard time by Cyclops due to his mindless quest, Archangel decides to fly away and continue to pursuit Apocalypse himself to his eventual demise, or his own. This is the darkest ending I've ever seen to the character.

    Meanwhile, the dying ship falls into the ocean, bringing a lot of pain and sorrow to poor Beast. Rogue is so full of guilt over her actions that she can only apologize to Beast. This was a powerful end as we see the final goodbye between two close, but brief friends. I loved the use of The Phoenix/X-Men remixed theme in this ending. It really made a powerful story come to a very sad, but satisfying ending.moreless
Lenore Zann

Lenore Zann


Chris Potter

Chris Potter

Gambit/Remy LeBeau

Cedric Smith

Cedric Smith

Professor X/Charles Xavier

George Buza

George Buza

Beast/Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy

Norm Spencer

Norm Spencer

Cyclops/Scott Summers

Cal Dodd

Cal Dodd


John Colicos

John Colicos

Apocalypse/En Sabah Nur

Recurring Role

Stephen Ouimette

Stephen Ouimette

Archangel/Warren Worthington III

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Jean Grey, Jubilee, and Storm do not appear in this episode.

    • The wires from the glasses that go over Beast's head disappear in the close up shot when Beast first starts typing on Ship.

    • Archangel will next appear in season 4's "Beyond Good And Evil (2)".

    • For this episode only, Apocalypse's lower jaw is now inked in blue, where as it was a normal flesh tone in earlier episodes. His future-self will next appear in season 4's "Beyond Good and Evil (1)".

    • This episode marks the first incorporation by the X-Men of Shi'ar circuitry into their own technology.

    • Apocalypse's lower jaw changes back to fleshtone a few times, notablly when flying up inside Ship toward Beast, leaving Wolverine & Cyclops on the floor.

    • The size of the control room in Ship changes radically, repeatedly, between shots. When Apocalypse is giant, he's about 40 times bigger than Archangel, and the hole in the wall is just as big. When he shrinks down to the X-Men's size, the ceiling is lower, and the hole in the wall has also shrunk.

    • The Statue of Liberty's torch goes from being fully on fire, to burned out between shots, then smoking, then not, then again...

    • At the end, when Ship and Cyclops blast Apocalypse into the prison-capsule, Apocalypse is normal human size. In the next shot with him in the capsule, he is at a larger size, even though he had no time to use his powers.

  • QUOTES (9)

  • NOTES (3)


    • Gambit: L'ange Du Mort. The Angel of Death.
      Gambit compares Archangel, rightly so, with the Angel of Death... aka, the Grim Reaper.

    • Apocalypse: You are no closer than the Babylonians with their swords and fire-sticks!
      Babylon was an ancient kingdom, located where Iraq now exists, dating as far back as 2300 B.C. Apocalypse's comment means he was around and battling the forces of good even then.

    • Archangel: Through perdition's fire...
      Perdition would be another name for hell.

    • Archeologist: It was unearthed in the Ming Dynasty...
      The fake scroll given to Archangel by Apocalypse in disguise, is said to have been uncovered during the era of the Chinese ruling dynasty of Southern Ming.

    • Cerebro: Vanguard Satellite Feed
      The satellite used to help Cerebro scan Apocalypse's ship, is named Vanguard, in reference to the first USA satellites launched into orbit.

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