Season 4 Episode 2

One Man's Worth (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 16, 1995 on FOX

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  • X-Men is so much cooler when it turns sci-fi.

    Their first attempt to save Xavier failed, so the four are now making a re-attempt, but when they travel back to the future, they find that their future has changed as well. They meet resistance in Nimrod, along with the supped up sentinels called enforcers. Fitzroy luckily changed his mind, and decided to turn his allegiance to the other side, giving Bishop a video as proof to his assassinator self that Mastermold will just turn on him.

    They meet Xavier, but Nimrod isn't far behind. Fitzroy makes an attempt to kill them all, but the video worked at least. The present once again chances back to normal, but Storm and Wolverine seem to remain as lovers.

    I'm not really fond of the action sequences in X-Men. It's simply an outdated cartoon. However, the action scenes involving machines are the ones that have grabbed my attention so far, especially the ones not involving those touch sensitive sentinels. I'm a big fan of machinery involved battles; just the clashes of metal and the lasers being scraped off of the metal armours of the enforcers. The action scenes here were really entertaining.

    Not much can really be said for the rest of the episode, as it was simply a rerun of the previous episode, except they didn't fail this time. However, the execution of the episode overall was simply brilliant. The pacing was great, and how it concluded with the relationship between Wolverine and Storm was also magnificent itself. This is another reason why Mastermold needs to have more episodes of himself.
  • One hell of a conclusion!

    Following the events in Part I, this episode pulls a time travel plot device similar to the one used from Time Fugitives. They have to redo their mission the right way, without interfering with their previous selves.

    This episode has a few plot inconsistencies, but it holds together thanks to a stunning emotional arc, helped by great music, great voice acting and great animation. Despite some minor mistakes, writer Gary Greenfield did a superb job wrapping this two parter. Larry Houston's direction was at its best.

    The episode begins where Part I left off. Bishop and his team rush to the lab that's being blown to bits as they run. The final explosion knocks them backwards. Bishop realizes it's over. He proceeds to blame Logan for their failure. This was a terrific way to heighten the already high tensions. In a plot such as this, the higher the tension, the better the plot.

    Logan doesn't take any crap from Bishop, since he still vows to defend Storm from any bigoted bartender who dares offend her. Shard and Storm decide to break this up and find a solution to their crisis. They decide the only way to solve this problem is by returning to 2055 and backtracking to the past, so they can try again.

    As the X-Men return to 2055, they find a completely changed world. The lab is different, but the time portal still works. A different Forge finds them and fails to recognize them. He hits the intruder alarm.

    As the tension grows higher, Bishop threatens to take his anger out on Forge, even though Shard reminds him he's still innocent. Storm convinces Forge to help them set their time right. Forge explains the current timeline. It turns out it's even worse than the future we've previously seen in Days of Future Past. Now that really scares the daylights out of me.

    Before Forge can begin to activate the time portal for them, the new Sentinels arrive to stop them. I loved the new design. They are 3 times more dangerous than the Sentinels we've previously seen. This was a far better reintroduction of the Sentinels if you compare this to Courage.

    Meanwhile, Fitzroy and Bandam make their return to 2055. They explain to Mastermold they succeeded on their mission. Mastermold knows that's not completely true, since Bishop and his team survived. The alarm is sounded on the Sentinel's base. Mastermold sends additional sentinels to destroy Forge and the time portal in order to avoid any unnecessary risks.

    Fitzroy and Bandam manage to listen Mastermold's ramblings behind a closed door and that he plans to finish them off after taking out Forge. This is reasonable plot device that convinces these two losers to change their allegiance.

    The battle against the Sentinels is a costly one. Bishop and Wolverine are nearly killed in the process. Shard manages to convince Forge to help them when he realizes the Sentinels have no reason to spare him. After Wolverine dispatches the last sentinel in a dramatic fashion, he and Storm share a very tender kiss.

    The Sentinels have managed to damage the time portal. Bishop forces Forge to fix it as quickly as possible. After a while, new Sentinels arrive to make an even bigger mess. Our heroes move to keep the Sentinels at bay for as long as they can. When the time portal nears completion, Nimrod makes his arrival. The situation begins to deteriorate for them.

    Fitzroy and Bandam arrive suddenly. Bishop is caught unaware by this new development. Fitzroy hands Bishop a recording of his switching sides. Then he's promptly shot dead by Nimrod.

    When they are ready to enter the portal, Nimrod fires at Wolverine, but Shard takes the blast. She tells Bishop to move on and leave her behind. Ororo and Logan push Bishop into the time portal. Shard distracts Nimrod with her powers. When she finds a dying Forge, Nimrod prepares to finish them off, ending Act 2 in a very dark scenario.

    Act 3 opens with their return to 1959 England. Bishop is outraged at leaving Shard behind. He reveals she was his sister. He still plans to reunite with her again as soon as he sets the time frame right. This was an even better way of raising the stakes in the story and making us care even more for Bishop and his quest for making things right.

    After Xavier flees the bar, following the bar brawl conducted by Logan in Part I, he bumps against the new Bishop. Logan tries to make him understand the urgency of the situation and goes a little too far. Xavier faints with the sight of Wolverine's claws. They decide to take Xavier somewhere safe.

    This leads to a questionable decision. Why would Bishop take Xavier back to the lab after what happened in Part I? We already know the pulse bomb exploded in the lab and ignited the lab chemicals, creating that firestorm. It's silly to risk recreating the same possibility.

    After Xavier wakes up, Bishop, Logan and Ororo try to reason with him. It comes to the point where Ororo asks him to read their minds. This version of Xavier is slightly reluctant to use his powers in such an invasive way. Nevertheless, the proceeds to scan their minds. He realizes they are truthful, but one of them doesn't desire seeing this mission completed.

    This revelation is enough to make Bishop threaten Logan again. It's a nice way to spice up the tension and add a lot more depth to these characters. Logan states that whatever he feels towards the mission is irrelevant. The fact is he's still helping. That's very true to his honorable personality.

    Xavier's college friend stumbles in the room, truly startled to find these creeps hanging with him. Logan realizes that's not a girl at all. It's Nimrod in disguise. A furious battle begins. They try their best to debilitate this advanced Sentinel. They eventually succeed in breaking him to pieces. Then for some reason, they decide to wait until he regains his form back together. That was the stupidest decision they could have made. After Nimrod is about to kill Wolverine, Bishop realizes the Sentinel has his own arm band and shoots it. He proceeds to break Nimrod apart before he desintegrates back to the future.

    When things finally seem to be getting better, the past version of Fitzroy arrives and traps the X-Men in a force field. He also throws the pulse bomb set for a minute. Bishop is forced to make him realize the truth by broadcasting the original Fitzroy's message about Mastermold's real intentions.

    I found Fitzroy changed sides again way too quickly. But given the ticking pulse bomb there was really no other way to finish this plot off. Seeing the message is enough to make Fitzroy deactivate the force field. They throw the bomb away and the original heroes disappear. The logic behind this time paradox is questionable, but then again, I already stated that trying to understand all of this won't get me anywhere.

    Bishop berates Fitzroy for having caused so much trouble. Bandam asks Fitzroy to return home. He steals some of Xavier's life energy to create a portal and goes home.

    As Bishop realizes how much Xavier means to the future, Logan and Ororo ask why do they still exist. Bishop explains they are still using the arm bands, that'll last about 48 hours. Bishop returns to his own time.

    Logan and Ororo take their final moments to say an emotional goodbye. They turn off their arm bands respectively. It's easily the best ending ever done on one of these time travel stories. Their whole world collapses around them as they kiss for a final time.

    The world becomes the mansion again. Logan and Ororo are still having their picnic with Xavier. As they cultivate their friendship with some flirtation, Xavier begins to remember those two sweethearts from his college days. A great ending to a terrific two parter.

    Now for some minor details:

    - I don't know about the rest of you, but I felt really sorry for Bandam every time Fitzroy opened a time portal. This was meant to be a recurring joke throughout the two parter. The intentions may have been humorous, but thanks to both the animators and the voice actor, I really felt sorry for Bandam. It wasn't funny at all.

    - I finally realized Jubilee hasn't appeared in the series for a long time. Aside from non-speaking cameos in Juggernaut Returns and Sanctuary-Part I, she's been completely absent from the series since Savage Land, Strange Heart-Part II. What a glorious time it was. It's too bad this is the final episode in this long stretch devoid of Jubilee. She returns in the following Beyond Good & Evil-Part I.

    - I loved Storm using that mini-tornado to throw one of the Sentinels away from the time portal.

    - The music used in the Sentinel battle part is the same music used in the Inner Circle battle. It's still my favorite battle theme.

    - The music used in Logan and Ororo's goodbye is the same music used for Jean's goodbye in the Phoenix Saga. Another amazing theme.

    In the end, I really loved this episode. It really ages well. When the story feels right, there's little that can go wrong. Great job!