Season 5 Episode 1

Phalanx Covenant (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 07, 1996 on FOX

Episode Recap

As the police surround a truck in the center of New York City, Sabertooth pops out, smashing and crashing everything in sight. As Beast and Jubilee descend upon the scene of the disturbance in the blackbird, they release tranquilizing gas, ending the rampage. As Sabertooth is taken back to the mansion, Xavier insists that he tries again to help Sabertooth, and how his presence must be kept secret from Wolverine, for obvious reasons. As they leave him in the detention area, Beast informs Jubilee that Sabertooth will be asleep for another eight hours, and he won't be a problem for the rest of the day. However, Sabertooth's eyes immediately open, and his skin gains strange yellow patterns, which spreads from his body to outside the holding cell to the main computer, and a download confirmation suddenly appears on the screen.

Jubilee opens her mouth a little too loud, and Wolverine rushes to confront Xavier. He tells Wolverine that Sabertooth is under his protection. Overcoming his anger, Wolverine agrees, but insists that he ^babysits^ Creed. Logan opens the cell door, and exchanges some harsh words with his old nemesis, but then after smelling the air, he realizes that it's not Sabertooth after all!

Meanwhile, Xavier recieves a blurred communication on the private video line. Some unknown figure is warning him of a great danger. As Xavier realigns the antennae, the transmission becomes clearer, and the figure is none other than Mr. Sinister! He informs Xavier that an immense being has attacked his base, and that it can take on any form and consume matter itself. Before they can finish, Xavier is grabbed from behind by a strange tentacle...

In the rec room, Beast is enjoying his jazz records, when the player suddenly melts and turns into a strange creature. Barely escaping the being that can move through solid matter itself, he discovers a horror in the main hall. Trapped in strange sacs are the entire team. Wolverine is being pulled into one, but is resisting. The creature enters the room and captures Logan. Beast escapes the mansion, and 'borrows' Logan's jeep. Easily escaping the creature, he slows down, but a similar creature emerges in the vehicle, urging him to accelerate. He insists that he is an ally, and as the creature manifests itself infront of the car, the other being, known as Warlock, grabs Beast and flies away.

They land at the eye clinic where Beast works, and learn that 'The Phalanx' is a cluster that assimilates other beings into it's collective. Assimilation is faster in metals than non-metals, and living tissue is easily absorbed, but mutants seem somehow immune. Beast contacts President Kelly, but discover he too has been assimilated. After contacting Forge and arranging a meeting, they are ambushed by the Phalanx. Quicksilver is captured, but Forge. Warlock and Beast escape the diner where they met. With the Phalanx closing in, all seems lost, when a mysterious being stops them in their tracks, turning out to be Sinister himself. After blasting the beams, he summons his jet, and they escape just as the beings reform.

In Sinister's jet, Beast estimates the world has only days before it is completely assimilated. Forge says that he is using a viral model, and that this entity thinks. Beast replies with an observation that the Phalanx probably needs a large transmitter to extend it's range, which is soon pointed out by Sinister. Warlock calls it the Spire, saying it will be used to summon the rest of the Phalanx Empire...and that Earth is doomed...