Season 2 Episode 13

Reunion (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 19, 1994 on FOX

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  • The season goes out with a bang

    Reunion-Part II successfully ties up most of the loose plot threads of the season in an almost spectacular way. Thanks to the efforts of writer Michael Edens, everything ended on a very satisfactory tone. The animation was perfect and the voice acting was, as always, exceptional.

    The episode opens right where the previous one left off as the jet lands on a snow mountain. Rogue is the first to find out they have lost their powers when she tries to lift the remains of Xavier's jet. The X-Men are ambushed by the Nasty Boys and Magneto's former mutants. Some of the X-Men try to put up a fight without their powers, like Storm who uses her agility as a weapon. They eventually lose this battle. It's ironic how their greatest curse in life ends up being their ultimate means of survival against these odds. Sometimes they do need their mutant powers very badly.

    Wolverine manages to escape despite Vertigo's fierce psychic assault on him. He jumps on a waterfall to a river and escapes the scouts into the jungle. He's also tracked by Ka-Zar but ends up surprising him. Here's what I don't understand. If Wolverine's powers don't work in this place, how did he notice he was being tracked by Ka-Zar? He can't smell and all of his other senses are diminished. Sometimes a plot hole can hurt the overall episode. Wolverine teams up with Ka-Zar to try and free the X-Men as well as his people.

    The rest of the episode is pretty much straightforward and the pacing is faster than usual. Meanwhile, the X-Men are held on a cage, while Sinister prepares to conduct the next phase of his experiment.

    Morph, tries once again to put an end to Sinister and is promplty arrested by the Nasty Boys. This time around, Morph finally seems very much clear-headed, looking at the situation and deciding once and for all to take control. It's a very positive development for the character, given everything he's been through, even though it looked a little bit too long. Morph is determined to share the same fate as his fellow X-Men.

    Sinister harvets Magneto's own powers and passes them to Vertigo. It's an interesting creation. Does this mean that Vertigo is now also a master of magnetism, along with her former powers? It seems to be the case. In the heat of the moment, Rogue feels suddenly very weak and powerless. This a very rare glimpse on her character. Gambit immediately takes advantage of the situation and kisses her, proclaiming his love for her. This is a pivotal moment for both of them. Gambit can't possibly go to a coma for this. I wish I were on his place. Now he can truly enjoy Rogue's soft lips. But now it's Rogue's turn for Sinister's next experimentation.

    While Ka-Zar frees his people, Wolverine attempts to free the X-Men. This leads to one of Wolverine's most hilarious comebacks in response to Sinister's flattering of Rogue. Wolverine claims he always thought he was kinda cute. It always cracks me up.

    Wolverine tries to free them, but Vertigo holds him off. He still manages to free Morph and Xavier. This is where suspension of disbelief comes very much at hand. Are we supposed to believe Sinister and his allies would simply stand idle and watch the X-Men mess up his plans while Vertigo single-handedly tried to stop Wolverine? This seriously hurts the episode. Despite Vertigo's assault, Morph and Xavier still manage to destroy the machine that inhibits their powers.

    Xavier loses the use of this legs and the X-Men recover their powers. Ka-Zar frees his people from that hellish place, while the X-Men begin a furious counter-attack against Sinister and his allies. Storm wrecks up the place. Magneto is shot down by Sinister. Cyclops takes a stand and blasts Sinister, hurting him quite a bit. Sinister counter-attacks with his blasts, making this an even match. Sinister still activates Morph's control chip, making him evil again. I was scared by this particular Morph. He turned quite sadistic and shot Xavier in the shoulder. When he finally points the gun at Cyclops, Xavier reaches into the recesses of his mind and brings the good Morph home. He turns the gun on Sinister, overpowering him.

    I loved the final shot of Sinister being torched by both blasts and finally blowing up to pieces. Following this, Brainchild attempts to regain the pieces. Jean scatters the pieces around the land, making it impossible for him to recover. I must mention that I find Brainchild to be the most bizarre-looking mutant I've ever seen in the series. There, I've said it.

    While the X-Men help Ka-Zar's people rebuild their land, Morph is put to rest as they prepare to go home. Xavier offers Magneto a chance to work with him, but Magneto knows his path lies elsewhere and ends up leaving in a bittersweet farewell. I look forward to Magneto's return in Sanctuary-Part I.

    As the X-Men depart, a surviving Sauron vows to get his revenge on the Savage Land. This sets up the Season 3 two part episode Savage Land, Strange Heart.

    The season ends with a shot of a Sinister figure on the river shore laughing. It's obvious he's going to return eventually. An interesting fact is that Sinister is practically immortal. He can't be permanently destroyed. Although Jean later claims that Sinister's not eternal like Apocalypse, Sinister is actually quite old, if you take the events of Descent as a reference. I don't think any of these villains could have a permanent end. The X-Men would never be the same without them.

    The episode ended very well, keeping viewers eager for what might happen in the future.

    Until next season....