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  • Overrated and Childish

    I'm sorry but this show is rated way too high. I think most people are blinded by their nostalgia.

    I didn't watch this show as a child. I grew up watching Batman: TAS and Spider-Man TAS which I absolutely loved and still love to this day. I re-watch those shows pretty regularly even as an adult.

    I tried to watch a couple episodes of X-Men TAS since it was rated so highly on here. I found it pretty unwatchable. It's pretty obvious to me that this show was made strictly for children, without any concern for making it interesting to adults too.

    It is really preachy to kids about accepting and tolerating people who are different from you. This is a good message, but they hammer it in literally every episode. Also, the dialogue is really bad at times and Wolverine is almost useless since he can't use his claws on anyone except robots. There are countless nonsensical moments where the plot or the premise just doesn't add up. It's not a bad show for children, but I can't watch it as an adult.
  • The best cartoon ever

    How to draw Wolverine -
  • Top Shows - If only I could remember it more

    Various ep (97)
  • an introduction to mutant life

    I will happily admit to people that I love comics (especially for the great art that often features on the covers) but my love for Marvel in particular started with X-Men, and this is the show that introduced me to them! I don't watch many of the comic-turned-cartoons any more, but X-Men will always be a favourite of mine. As a child I loved Rogue, and even back then would 'ship' her and Gambit! This is something I can watch time and time again, and I love the theme tune too!
  • A joke.

    For some reason Marvel Comics were favoured as the comics to turn into films in these times. Marvels compeditors-DC Comics, had the more interesting artwork & better titles like The Shadow & a kid I never liked the style of artwork that was a regular feature in Stan Lee's Marvel comic line up. It tended to appeal to kids who were a bit dumb. Overly stylized & lacking thought, Marvel comics kept coming-and like the comics these films kept coming-one pompous over produced bucket of violent goo after another-like a smell that won't go away-literally. This film is no good on so many levels it is hard to quantify-its very violent so its not for kids-it has little value as a coming of age movie so it doesn't work for teens-and it is basically an exercise in dumbness so its not for adults either. So what is it? A perfect example of why shareholders in companies that make films have the right to take those big companies to court for failure to perform. I guess the only reason why actresses like Famke Janssen appeared in films like this is the paycheque-it sure can't be for the artistic self expression-which is a joke. Weeeeeeeeee.
  • The Greatest Super Hero Cartoon of All-Time

    I think pound-for-pound the '90s X-Men cartoon was the greatest super hero cartoon ever, even over Batman:The Animated Series. I thought that the X-Men cartoon had the deepest storylines of any super hero cartoon. Also, it had the best animation. The show is better than Batman Beyond, Justice League, Avengers, or any other X-men cartoon that came after. For anyone who loves super hero cartoons, this is the best of the best. The last several episodes SUCKED though. Maybe the last 10 episodes because they changed the animation and voices, and the stories were awful.
  • The best X-Men cartoon ever

    I have all 5 seasons of this on DVD and I love watching it over and over again
  • x-men is about somepeople all over the world whos genes has mutanted givng this people powers.


    as a guy born in november of 1990. i watch this as a kid but now that im older i like it alot more than what i did at first.

    the writing is clever and its stayed fresh over the 5 seasons run.

    the action scenes are very well done for a cartoon.

    this cartoon does x-men justice.

    the show is very good if u can get over the fact the show is a cartoon.

    it does take alittle while to get over the drawings alittle seeing how new cartoons in 2000slooks nothing like cartoons that were in the x-men 1990 days but u get over it pretty quick.

    for those who never seen this or dont know anything about x-men i say watch this its gives u almost all the characters and their backgrounds making u a new fan and for old fans this showwill make uenjoy x-men more than what u did.

    love this show:)

    if u ask me whos my favorite x-men ill say storm and cyclops .storm is so strong willed, a great beauty for blacks to see,and i love her powers..cyclops is very serious,smart,hardworking and responisble just like me which is nice to see on tv..

  • X-Men:Evolution made it look stupid.

    I watched X-Men:Evolution before I watched this show...and I was preety dissapointed when I finally did watch it. Everybody were saying how it's cool and great ,but it doesn't look that way for me. Shore ,people like it because it was made by comic ,and that's OK with me...but what about those people who don't read comics ,like your's truly? Marvel cartoons got one big flaw in comparasion with WB shows ,and that is - they are laying too much on comics.They think that all people who watch the show ,read comics as well ,and beacuse of that ,the characters are not defined ,the show itself is without some basic pattern...get the picture? I'm really sorry for I didn't watched this show earlier...I would maybe respect it more. But this way ... I'm sorry ,but ,thumbs down for the X-Men and Marvel ,and thumbs up for DC and Evolution.
  • Best X-men series so far

    This show was/is without a doubt the best series in the X-men franchise. It caught my eye when i was still a young boy and now more than a decade later i'm re-watching this whole show.With every episode i'm beginning to like it again, more and more. Such a good strong plot and storyline, characters strongly built, and the X-men are truly a team here. Although I am not a hardcore X-Men fan like most of the reviewers here, I have to admit that this is one of the few animated TV shows that present complex characters in intense, action adventured situations, with mature situations and plot. I think most of us here have seen this show but if not i do recommend it, since there's no other like it
  • Professor X forms the team of the best. To save the world. Fight for there share for the world. They over come the odds agisnt Megneto, sinsiter , apoclips, and other terms of events.

    Wow the legendary Xmen. Grown up at there prime. This is the best i seen of them.. I accauly like the the shows I followed it. This one ment alot. The most. Now i collect the marvel comics' book. As It the first taste for me ever saturday morning on Fox. Now that was good progaming on the part of marvel comics. I enjoyed it. Favourite villain The Juggernutt. It's the supper sterngth, beeing invonerable, and mythical. The stagments where well done!! the fueds with past life, also was precented well. My favourite of all tv shows in and of time. It is now 2009 i like marvel comics. As this one is the best to me.
  • Along with Batman the Animated Series, X-Men played a pivotal role in creating intelligent, action-packed, brilliantly written animated series.

    This was such a great show as a kid, granted I was confused over a few episodes but none the less as I stated earlier this along with Batman the Animated Series played a pivotal role in creating the superhero/action packed bang of the 1990's. What I like most about this show is how real it is, the Mutants are viewed by humans as outsiders and there are some mutants who use their powers for bad, and others who use their powers for good. It holds so true to the social injustice that people face all over the country, and the show deals great with other themes includes spirituality, love, and the aforementioned outsider role. The character are great and complex, and every character is voiced so well, and so intriguing, whether it be and X-Men, or a friend of the X-Men. The characters of Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Magneto, Rogue, Storm, Jubilee, Beast, Gambit, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Magneto are so well developed, that the show stays entertaining for the audience. A personal favorite, and though I felt the movies did injustice to the series and the comics, I'm looking forward to the new X-Men cartoon called Wolverine and the X-Men.
  • I am highly addicted to this show!

    Like I said, I am addicted. I stay up til 12:00 AM (CST) on Toon Disney to watch it. I really love it, except on Graduation Day, the Graphics were a little, strange. I think Morph had the best power :). I think Storm was the nicest. The rest are ok. Xavier is like the brain of them all as you may know. He is the leader. I wonder why he chose to do this. It's always a mystery about that to me. I hope one of the X-Men shows that I come across I will see why he even bothered!
  • Of all the Saturday Morning cartoons this was my favorite... but I was also a big comic-book fan too.

    I seriously loved this series. It was great as a comic book fan to see your favorite characters in more than just static panels. So every Saturday morning, with my bowl of cereal, I'd be glued to the TV. This series was down right awesome, although it isn't really made to be watched in huge chunks at a time. It works well getting in an episode or two a day or week. The animation isn't as smooth or stylized as some of them now and days, ie Justice League or Bruce Timm style Batman/Superman, but it served it's purpose. This cartoon got me into comics as a child. They did a great job of taking stories from the comics and transferring them to the screen. Even if you didn't read comics you got a pretty comprehensive grasp of the X-men universe in fantastic 30min episodes. Some of my friends who had never read comics had basic knowledge of characters and their relationships to each other all from watching this show. I'm so glad this show was running when it was, it had such an impact on my childhood. I only hope they will finally release this series on DVD!
  • One of my favourite shows as a kid, and am still able to watch it occasionally now, and thank Stan Lee for another great show of my childhood that didn't talk down to you.

    X-Men, the 94-97 series, is a cartoon based on the Marvel comic works of Stan "The Man" Lee. It is based on individuals known as mutants, who have special powers, who live all over the world, and how society treats those who are different to the "norm".
    More specifically, it follows a certain group of mutants, known as the X-Men, who have been taught to harness their powers, and who attempt bring harmony between mutants and non-mutants throughout the world.
    It was a quality show, up until the 64th or 65th episode where manga, or some other similar type of cartoon drawers, replaced the original artists, changed the clothing, and changed, essentially the direction of the show. Some of the actors were replaced here too. Needless to say, once this turn was made, the show lasted not even another ten episodes.
  • Nostalgic for me

    X-men Is Very nostalgic to me, when i watch the Exciting and unique powers of the mutants In X-men, X-men Has many characters that have awesome mutant powers or abilities, like turning into metal, create spikes, super speed, and many more, x-men is awesome also to its awesome roster of characters, when the movie came out, i watched it right away, and when the second movie came out i also watched it right away like what i did to the forst movie, and when the third movie came out i rushed to the theatres so i can watch it, I hope Somday i'll get to watch X-men again.
  • I remember watching this show growing up, weekends on ITV (was it?!?) in the UK, I remember the 80s theme music, the crazy outfits and my god, yes, the hair! The only thing bigger than Storm's hair in X-men was…..um…well, Wolverine's claws...

    I absolutely love this show, not just because of the memories but because it's actually an excellent cartoon. Now I'm not a real big X-Men comic reader so I can't say much about the show's "trueness to the comics" – and frankly there's so many variations to the X-Men universe these days is there really such a thing? But watching it recently, as I have, I can really see the "epicness" to the show that really makes it seem like a lot of the episodes are taken from the comics. My favourite character on the show is Rogue, I love her physical strength pitted against her inner turmoil. I prefer this to the Rogue of the X-Men films who seems a lot feebler. But then maybe the character of the films is a much earlier version than the one we see in the cartoon – either way I love her. Plus whoever voiced her pretty much instilled a deep love of accents in me which I still have now, so thanks! Jubilee on the other hand….let's just say I'm glad she's not my kid sister! Probably one of my least favourite "good guys" ever!

    All in all, I love this show. Even though the style of it is now so dated, everything about it still keeps me entertained. I love Wolverine's yellow suit, and Jean Gray's weird head thing, Cyclop's awful hair and Storm's odd wing things. All of this, which makes the show so dated also makes it what it is, a great, if not often cheesy, entertaining cartoon. This show taught me a long time ago how cool Superheroes are.
  • rouge iz cool.

    cool graphics. Gambit& Rouge. Very Goth. I like Toad for some reason, he's an oddball. Nightcrawler is like a vampire. I like his blue eyes and blue tail. Tabby is cool. I hate jean grey. I hate kitty, she's so scared and immature. I like WOLVERINE HE ROCKS!!! Storm is so rad. Hank is ok. Can't 4 get Professor Xavier. The handicapped head hancho. love him. Scott is cool, but dude dump jean one word cheater!!!!!!!!!!

    THAT'S MY REview hope you liked it. X-Men forever. X-men for life. lame i know but ididn'tknow what else to put. Peace.

    Rouge iz cool. x-men is a good series. muy bueno.
  • On of the better comic book adaptions.

    The X-men is arguably the best of all Marvel comic stories, and it's cartoon adaption is just as good. Where many people believe the Spiderman cartoon's target audience was children, X-men is appealing for fans of all ages. I first watched this show over ten years ago, when I was a child who watched this before school each day, Now as I am entering adulthood, I have began watching again and was happy to find that I still throughly enjoy the show. From the great stories such as the Legend of Wolverine and the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Saga's, right down to the few filer episodes, this show is a great choice for fans of the X-men movies, comics, or people who just enjoy a good cartoon. I found the movies very enjoyable with all the subtle references to the characters that many of the newer fans would not pick up on, so to make the movies that little bit more enjoyable, this show is the go.
  • Can't resist the heat

    One my favorite cartoons ever , i wanna watch again and again !
    When you compare with justice league this can't come any close at all , but the best with x-men is through out the episodes it shows a connectivity , in other series you won't see this but it keeps you going and going . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • A Really Awsome Cartoon

    A really awsome cartoon where back in the 90s they actually showed violence in there cartoons. Characters like Wolverine and the other X Men actually punched there opponants. The fights were great. The only thing theres kind of a problem with is the dialogue. The dialogue might seem kind of chessy but it was made in the 90s. The X Men have the coolest powers and I love there adventures and there villans were really awsome and really evil. There villans actually had there own goals and dreams. Like Magneto he was just doing what he thought was best for human kind. So it was nice to see Villans that had backstory
  • A decent cartoon

    A pretty good cartoon based on a good comic book. The characters in this show greatly stand up to their comic book parts, unlike the movies. The thing that I liked most about the show is that it was simple. Unlike the comics it only dealt with basically one universe. There wasn't too much universe jumping or alternatives. When there was it wasn't confusing like the comics tend to get. Another good thing was in dealing with the Phoenix Saga. In the canton of X-Men there are a few versions of the P.S. However, I believe this version is the best. Jean Grey gets indwelt by the Phoenix in space. No crappy, she was just born with it somehow and it just randomly comes out. Also the relationship between Professor X and Magneto as friends and rivals shows exactly how their relationship was. The animation was decent and the voice acting was top notch. The biggest problem I had with the whole show would be Jubilee. She was such a whinny brat who had absolutely no usefulness or real powers except sparklers. So many great story lines from the comics were done in the show and it really helped to get me interested in the comics.
  • Another great Marvel comic adapted for the small screen and turned into a great animated series.

    The early to mid 90's was a great time to be a kid and a Marvel comic fan. Not only did 'Spider-Man' have an excellent series on Fox, but before that, we were given 'X-Men.' These represented some of the best cartoons at the time. They managed to be entertaining and fun while telling interesting stories with great characters and animation, even get the viewer to invest a part of themselves in the characters. I still remember how I felt at the end of "The Phoenix Saga".

    While 'Spider-Man' remains my favorite of the 2, had it not been for 'X-Men,' I might not have found 'Spider-Man.' 'X-Men' really introduced me to the Marvel universe. Though 'X-Men' started to lose some of it's holding power in the later seasons, there are many great episode that stand out. Even in the end, when the animation company switched and the show was winding down, the final episode "Graduation Day" manages to be very emotional. Too bad it had to go out the way it did, but what remains is a great series worthy of the time of all X-Men fans.
  • Mutants fight for acceptance and struggle with their own demons.

    I made sure I got my college age butt out of bed by 11am Eastern every Saturday morning to keep up with the X-Men. I loved Wolverine and Gambit and they way they seemed to constantly antagonize one another. This was a show that seemed to keep finding new ways to keep you on the edge of your seat. The show did get a bit shuffled around by Fox as their saturday morning package was still being shuffled. This was a show that if they brought back in reruns, I would find it and watch it with a fervor only reserved for football games.
  • awesome cartoon show...

    X-Men is definately the best of the saturday morning cartoons. I loved their interpretation of the origonal X-Men and the cartoon was done well. The stories were good and the episodes also. I used to wake up and watch X-Men every Saturday and it really brings back memories. It's a classic and it's amazing!
  • this was the best saturday morning show fox ever had and no show can take it's place unless they brought it back:)

    oh how i love the Xmen cartoon every saturday late moring this would be the showman after watching spiderman and the turtles early that moring oh yeah dont forget the power rangers and i think even ironman xmen was the perfect end the the perfect saturday morning cartoon this show had adult like drama in it and the phoenix saga changed my life at the time not to mention the great toys they cam out with over the shows span i mean the best bad guys the best action cartoon f all time and def the best thing to ever happen to the xmen sonce xmen evolution kinda sucks i remeber they use to show reruns on abc family but they cut that off which pissed me of now they only show the tick but xmen was the second best show of my childhood right behind tmnt but i still would like to see the show come out on dvd cause all i have of the show is the pizza hut vhs that they gave you with a large pizza anyone that?
  • Great adaptation

    I love the x-men and i felt this show did a good job staying pretty true to the comics. I really liked watching some of my favorite x-men become animated on TV. They did a good job taking you through differnt archs and keep the stroy exciting and true to the x-men. I remember when the phonex saga started and seeing the fire...that was amazing and the saga ended up being one of my favorites in this series. I loved seeing the aray of characters also. All the x-men that they showed and all the brother hood brought back all my memories. Awesome cartoon!
  • One of the best animated shows on the 90's!!

    The best show, I watched every episode like a million times each... my companion every afternoon. I love it.

    It's not just that I always wanted to be one of them and develope super human powers with the arrive of my puberty, but the show was all-action, yet suitable for my age. It was my only source of the story since comics aret'n sold here (at least not earlier, now you just can find a few of them and not translated)

    Counting the adventures of the amazing X's and the battles against the equally super powered villains, this is one of the greatest animated shows ever.
  • Best 90`s cartoon

    Lol, I was in second class, that is I was 8, when I saw first this cartoon. First I didn`t catch the idea of mutants vs humans. But later when I was 14 I switched channels and saw the cartoon again, anything was so clear now :D because our way of thinking also grows with our body. My favorite character was Wolverine because he had bones from very strong metal, he could draw out his big claws and cut trough anybody. The story is more like in the films X-men trilogy, humans think that mutants are a big threat for humankind so they build robots - sentinels, who are 10 meters tall to destroy them. But it never been easy to just kill good heroes.
  • Greatest show ever!!!

    This show is so good. As a kid this was one of the only shows I never missed. I wish they kept making episodes but it was great while it lasted. I cant understand why they haven't put this show on dvd yet. I would buy it in a heart beat.
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