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  • The X-men was one of the most famous show in many many years becaus it had multipul mighty heroes on both sides making it the one of the best action movies ever and it is also super close ... I mean almost identickle to the comic so

    The X-men was one of the most famous show in many
    many years becaus it had multipul mighty heroes
    on both sides making it the one of the best action movies ever and it is also super close ...
    I mean almost identickle to the comic so why don't they -Bring-it-Back !
  • A New X-Men

    They need to bring to like.. Toonami or something. X-Force, or some other version of the other X-Men. X-men was one of the first comics/cartoons I ever started watching with mild intrest.. They must keep my brain fueled with tales of mutant powered antics. Bring Back Me More Shadow Cat!!
  • The X-men are a group of mutants with special powers who fight to protect the very people who hate and fear them.

    I loved this show. It is what first introduced me to the X-men. One flaw, Nightcrawler was only in 1 or 2 episodes! But over all this was a great show and with improved animation we would have something special on our hands. I loved how they re-inacted comic book stories while making their own stories and missions up! Also all the cameos by Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Polaris, and many more!
  • Best saturday morning cartoon EVER! Best comic book adaption EVER!

    God this cartoon was great. I still watch episodes of this that i downloaded. This was by far the most entertaining cartoon ever made. No other comic book to TV adaption was better than this either. It had almost all the characters from the comics and had some great stories.
  • One of the best super-hero cartoons ever. X-men had constant action and multiple characters, thus providing an endless supply of great stories. Also, this show scores major points for being so accurate to the comic book. Even a true nerd would be pleased.

    One of the best super-hero cartoons ever (besides Batman and Spider-man). X-men had constant action and multiple characters to choose from, thus providing an endless supply of great stories. Also, this show scores major points for being so accurate to the comic book. The costumes are dead on, the stories are so close to the comic that it's just like reading them, and the characters are perfect matches. Another plus is that even thow this show was aimed at children, very rarely did it demonstrate that. It usually was very mature with its dialogue, themes, and storylines, thus creating a show that kids of course love, but more importantly one that can bridge the gap between kids and adults. The animation is great and clean, the sound is spectacular, the show is just great in general.

    My final review: An X-ellent show, one of the best super-hero cartoons ever. Even a true nerd would be pleased.
  • X-MEN, Based on the popular Comic Book Franchise, Returned in the mid to late 90's. X-MEN, lead by Professor Charles Xavier, are a group of mutants brought together to fend off the forces of evil and the prejudice of society.

    I loved the show since the first day it came out and I still love it today. I recorded almost all the episodes and I'm hoping for the DVD box set. Granted it had it's own perspective on the comic book universe but it still kept the core of the story. Kudos to FOX for bringing it to us every Saturday Morning. A great fix and I hope that they do bring back another x-men cartoon similar to the splender of this and to the respect of the COMIC BOOKS. Great show, It'll never die!
  • The X-Men have always been some of my favorite super heroes.

    The X-men have always been some of my favorite Marvel super heroes. They have fantastic powers that are cool to watch. They hae very classic characters such as Wolverine, Cyclops, Iceman, and others. X-men was a great show to watch and every one enjoyed it. One of Marvels greatest creations.
  • To Those Calling X-Men An "Anime": When Was Canada Japan?

    I'm sick and tired of every grade D retard calling any cartoon an "anime" long before that genre became mainstream. X-Men was animated in Flipping Canada you idiots

    Onto the subject, the 90's X-Men still stands as a series that managed to succesfully adapted several of the classic Chris Claremont comic strips, if it was'nt entirly original in itself, it's execution of these stories was certaingly innovative and compelling, with year spanning storylines that took more than one season to finish, or for revelations to be made of a characters' background, this series also carried a consistent deapth of emotion rarly expressed in shows beyond this one. Not even the superior, yet flawed in animation, X-Men: Evolution can match up to this on screen quality.
  • It made top ten shows in my book.

    I love this show. Ever since I was young I'd watch this show with my dad(he's a BIG comics fan), I have loved it all the way to the X2 movie. I enjoy any show or movie with super peopel in it. This show did an awesome job going from a comic book to an animated show. I stil watch the re-runs on Toon Disney. I miss this show and wish it lasted longer than it did.
  • Good

    This is a good show and such a mystery but at the end every thing was told so i dont know what they can do for next season , its a mysteries show , but at first i didn't like it until i got into it , then i made sure i watched it every time it came on to see them solve the mystery, but now im kinda over it , hope the next season is better than the first i think the ending blew it for me it made it not as interesting to me as it was following the mystery to find the answers.
  • X-Men is what I grew up on...but don't tell anybody.

    I actually have pretty clear memories from when I was about 8 or 9 watching X-Men on Saturday mornings. After several more years, they were shown every day. I remember anticipating the next episode ("Only a couple more episodes until Nightcrawler"). After watching X-Men for a while, I actually believed that I could knock off objects from shelves with my mind (I thought I could do something similar to Jean Gray, which is kind of funny now).

    My personal favorite episodes are the ones that mess with the space-time continuum. Bishop, Cable and Forge are really cool, and so was the virus. Anybody remember the virus?

    Very good show and most of the episodes were pretty well done.
  • A true classic.

    A legend in it's time. X-Men had it all, clever storylines, interesting characters, nefarious villans, and amazing music. My earliest memories were of this show, and since seeing Night of the Sentinels at age 4, I was instantly hooked. I only wish it had lasted longer, with only around 16 episodes per season. The show was able to appeal to anyone because it's clever plot lines would satisfy anyone over the age of 13, and the viewers too young to understand the plots probably would be too caught up in all the action to care. The characters themselves develop throughout the show. Wolverine changes from a battle-hungry animal to a noble warrior, and Jubilee develops from a simple kid to a true member of the X-Men. And with the most sinister villans out there, like Magneto, Apocalypse and...well...Mr. Sinister, there was always something fresh in the next episode.
  • The best anime of the 90's. Had a mix of villians that each one gave the X-Men a hard time. Was the cream of the crop, before the newer shows happened which now is silimar to this now. Bring it back.

    Bring it back, it was best show of its ages. It had a good story lines, that where easy to follow and where you couldn't get lost. The attitudes of all characters of the X-Men where just a good enough of a mix to have them get together good. Together they where almost unstoppable, only they beatable. Each personality helped the team out. Overall still on of the greatest shows of the 90's for an anime.
  • The greatest comic book animation cartoon show ever.

    The show was the best way to bring a comic book to life. The Voice Overs were tremendous, it was always what I though they would sound like. Then something terrible happened, the movies came out. I hope Bryan Singer never directs another movie ever same with this ratner character thats getting X3 the franchise is now down the toilet.
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