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  • The best cartoon ever

    How to draw Wolverine -
  • Top Shows - If only I could remember it more

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  • an introduction to mutant life

    I will happily admit to people that I love comics (especially for the great art that often features on the covers) but my love for Marvel in particular started with X-Men, and this is the show that introduced me to them! I don't watch many of the comic-turned-cartoons any more, but X-Men will always be a favourite of mine. As a child I loved Rogue, and even back then would 'ship' her and Gambit! This is something I can watch time and time again, and I love the theme tune too!
  • Professor X forms the team of the best. To save the world. Fight for there share for the world. They over come the odds agisnt Megneto, sinsiter , apoclips, and other terms of events.

    Wow the legendary Xmen. Grown up at there prime. This is the best i seen of them.. I accauly like the the shows I followed it. This one ment alot. The most. Now i collect the marvel comics' book. As It the first taste for me ever saturday morning on Fox. Now that was good progaming on the part of marvel comics. I enjoyed it. Favourite villain The Juggernutt. It's the supper sterngth, beeing invonerable, and mythical. The stagments where well done!! the fueds with past life, also was precented well. My favourite of all tv shows in and of time. It is now 2009 i like marvel comics. As this one is the best to me.
  • Along with Batman the Animated Series, X-Men played a pivotal role in creating intelligent, action-packed, brilliantly written animated series.

    This was such a great show as a kid, granted I was confused over a few episodes but none the less as I stated earlier this along with Batman the Animated Series played a pivotal role in creating the superhero/action packed bang of the 1990's. What I like most about this show is how real it is, the Mutants are viewed by humans as outsiders and there are some mutants who use their powers for bad, and others who use their powers for good. It holds so true to the social injustice that people face all over the country, and the show deals great with other themes includes spirituality, love, and the aforementioned outsider role. The character are great and complex, and every character is voiced so well, and so intriguing, whether it be and X-Men, or a friend of the X-Men. The characters of Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Magneto, Rogue, Storm, Jubilee, Beast, Gambit, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Magneto are so well developed, that the show stays entertaining for the audience. A personal favorite, and though I felt the movies did injustice to the series and the comics, I'm looking forward to the new X-Men cartoon called Wolverine and the X-Men.
  • I am highly addicted to this show!

    Like I said, I am addicted. I stay up til 12:00 AM (CST) on Toon Disney to watch it. I really love it, except on Graduation Day, the Graphics were a little, strange. I think Morph had the best power :). I think Storm was the nicest. The rest are ok. Xavier is like the brain of them all as you may know. He is the leader. I wonder why he chose to do this. It's always a mystery about that to me. I hope one of the X-Men shows that I come across I will see why he even bothered!
  • On of the better comic book adaptions.

    The X-men is arguably the best of all Marvel comic stories, and it's cartoon adaption is just as good. Where many people believe the Spiderman cartoon's target audience was children, X-men is appealing for fans of all ages. I first watched this show over ten years ago, when I was a child who watched this before school each day, Now as I am entering adulthood, I have began watching again and was happy to find that I still throughly enjoy the show. From the great stories such as the Legend of Wolverine and the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Saga's, right down to the few filer episodes, this show is a great choice for fans of the X-men movies, comics, or people who just enjoy a good cartoon. I found the movies very enjoyable with all the subtle references to the characters that many of the newer fans would not pick up on, so to make the movies that little bit more enjoyable, this show is the go.
  • Mutants fight for acceptance and struggle with their own demons.

    I made sure I got my college age butt out of bed by 11am Eastern every Saturday morning to keep up with the X-Men. I loved Wolverine and Gambit and they way they seemed to constantly antagonize one another. This was a show that seemed to keep finding new ways to keep you on the edge of your seat. The show did get a bit shuffled around by Fox as their saturday morning package was still being shuffled. This was a show that if they brought back in reruns, I would find it and watch it with a fervor only reserved for football games.
  • One of the best animated shows on the 90's!!

    The best show, I watched every episode like a million times each... my companion every afternoon. I love it.

    It's not just that I always wanted to be one of them and develope super human powers with the arrive of my puberty, but the show was all-action, yet suitable for my age. It was my only source of the story since comics aret'n sold here (at least not earlier, now you just can find a few of them and not translated)

    Counting the adventures of the amazing X's and the battles against the equally super powered villains, this is one of the greatest animated shows ever.
  • Greatest show ever!!!

    This show is so good. As a kid this was one of the only shows I never missed. I wish they kept making episodes but it was great while it lasted. I cant understand why they haven't put this show on dvd yet. I would buy it in a heart beat.
  • This show is my favourite and it is absolutely MARVELLOUS!

    Humans ostracize them because they are different from us. Actually I don't see a big deal in having mutants as friends unless they try to kill you. If they are in the world, let them be. There must be a reason why they are here. Everything happens for a reason and it is not like they chose to be different. Being gifted makes you special. You just have to learn to use the powers in the correct way and no one would complain. If they wanted to kill humans, they would have done so a long time ago rather than waiting in the dark all the time.
  • this show is awsome.

    I love the Xmen and am a big fan of the comics. I own Comics in the form of books. I have number 96 of the new series to 270 I think. I love the comics and watch clips of the show on www.youtube.com I love the comics and the show is based on the comics. I like Evlotion but the classics are way better. I love marvel I like Xmen and Spiderman the best though. I really enjoy comic con too. I think the show is awsome even if I have only seen a few episodes. I hope that they make more Xmen Shows soon
  • Wonderful. This is the first X-men show that I watched and will always be my favorite of all that come after.

    I love this show. Fun for any age, it's action packed and full of the classic marvel characters. This show laid the ground work for the others that came after, such as X-men: Evolution. X-men kept interesting plot lines, gave time for all it's characters, and managed to keep true to who the characters were. This is the only show me and my brother ever agreed on growing up and I am impatiently waiting for DVDs to be released, if they ever will be. I would reccomend this show to any fan of the comics and anyone with kids five and up.
  • X Men will be regarded as one of the best cartoons of the 1990s.

    I must say that the X-Men is the best series cartoon ever.

    I have just managed to get it on DVD and i recommend it to anyone. It has great story's, some great episodes and fast action. There are so many different characters and so many different special powers that it's difficult to keep up with who has what. Many of the episodes are great, but the best episodes are with mutant Apocalypse. Those episodes have the best stories and best action. Okay all threeh X-Men movies are good, but they can never be as satisfying as X-Men cartoon series. So, if you want good cartoon, which is more mature than average cartoons, it's X-Men.
  • The struggles against mutants and humans is getting powerful, and then you have the x-men. Mutants who realized that peace is all the world needs, but they have to face humans and mutants alike to achive that perfect goal.

    You have all the classic characters there. Rouge, Gambit, Jean, Cyclops, Storm, Xaviar, and who could ever forget Wolverine! They are all in the constant struggle against evil. They have to face humans trying to destroy all mutants in a bias rage, and multiple mutant plots againt the humans and trying to make the world belong to them. You just can't miss this classic. TV at it's finest is right here, with more than just action scenes you get to see them dealing with their own personal problems. And the plots are always perfect and you always want more. I truely can't say enough positive things about this show, and I have got to say that you just have to watch this show you'll fall in love with it!
  • One of the best superhero shows ever.

    X-men TAS is the best version of x-men to ever grace a tv screen. It is also one of the best animated shows to come out of the 90's.

    The writing was done very well, allowing enough dialogue for all the team members. They all had their moments througout the series and it was all written very well. The storylines stayed close to the comic book ones, as well. This added alot to the show.

    The voice actors all portrayed their characters very well too. Each one brought them to life and made them sound how one would believe they should. From Beast to Wolverine to Morph, they were all done very well.

    X-men the animated series is one not to be missed, whether your a fan of superhero's or not. It is well worth a watch through.
  • I love marvel and of course the X-Men were my favorite of the favorites.

    I loved the show from the first episode, which snagged me right away. Jean and Scott's dedication to each other, Wolverien's complex life that made me love him, Jubilee's want to be treated as an adult and to show what she was made of, Storm's appreaction for the world around her, Beast's I better get a dictionary intellect, Gambit's charm and undying love for Rogue, Rogue, the girl who can't touch, but touched so many hearts and Professer X's undying dream for peace made a great storyline.
    I find myself loving all the characters, even if I hate them. Apperances by all my favorite mutants, Pshylocke, Angel, Nightcrawler ect. The complex story line was always fun and intresting to wacth,and so many plot twists. I'm not a violente person, but this is something I shouldn't like but I do. I only wish we had more episodes, but what I really love is that its so closely based on the comics. With other shows, its losely based on the original comics, but this one is sooooo much closer. I had to get the series on DVD. The show did everyone justice, especially my fav Rajun Cajun Gambit. And the way the ended the show, Magneto at Xavier's death bed, its not a happy happy ending most shows have, so its just right. Cause really, the X-Men won't have happy ending, not yet at least. It seemed like every season got better, if possible. I only wish I could see more X-Men.
  • A nice adaptation of the comics.

    My introduction to X-Men was through this show. The series didn't portray the whole x-men universe, but there are enough episodes in this show to keep you busy. If you don't read the comics regularly, an animation show provides the answer, it's cheaper than getting the entire comic collection. This adaptaton may be old now, but it's still entertaining to watch. The stories are compelling enough to be seen in the show's serialized form. This animated show covers more material than all the x-men films. It shows a deeper look into the universe of the x-men, something that's not possible with the films. This show is definitely a good one.
  • The classic X-men comic characters fight evil.

    This is a great show that I remember watching as a kid on Saturdays! Too bad they have distorted the view of X-men to where it is nothing like it once was back in the day! This is a great show that has all sorts of other comic characters who make small apearances! Like spider man! I loved that episode where spider man came to find exavier to cure him! And I also like how it is like the books! I read one of the origanal x-men books and this show is very much like it! Even the movie is totally off from how it was made to be. Too bad.
  • Wow! This show is classic! Re-air the show! I think this show was underappreciated. I would like to see it back on the air.

    Just bring it back fools! You know this show was good. Don\'t appreciate this show? well i think this show is one of the best kids shows on tv if you all need to bring back up those childhood FOX memories this has to pop back up in your mind along with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers...needless to say these shows were the two best shows fox had on saturday mornings so yeah...i\'m running out of things to say because AWESOME is pretty much the only thing that describes the X-Men cartoons so yeah peace out foolios bring back the show!
  • this is one of the best marvel shows of all time

    i remember when this show first came out. i was really excited, having been an xmen fan for at least 15 years. it was my all time favorite comic. the show really held up well. i think some of the episodes should have been much darker, but it was supposed to be a show that kids could watch. i wish it had gone on longer, but xmen evolution came along and blew everything else out of the water.
  • The best X-men cartoons and also one of the best cartoons ever created by marvel

    The X-men is a truly great cartoon it surpassed all of the other X-men cartoons a smashed its way into marvels history books. It was action packed fun and also sometimes romantic and dramatic. It was a real all-round great cartoon that was in my view on of the greats. It was a real shame that it only lasted five magnificent seasons and many thought it should of lasted longer but I thought It just lasted long enough because if they changed it, it would would have tarnished the cartoons reputation. Finally I'd just like to say farewell to the X-men.
  • This is the best animated show about comic book characters. The 90\'s show had plots that paralled the 90\'s comic book title. Classic characters, devastating plot lines, and great illustrating made the show an instant classic.

    The main characters were Prof. X, Cyclops, Jean, Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, and Beast. Great memories when I think of the show:tThe love triangle between Scott, Jean, and Logan, Genosha, the Sentinals, Morph being resurrected by Sinister, mutants vs. the normal people, Apocolypse, Bishop coming from the future, the Warlocks, Mojo and his world, the X-men finding Nightcrawler, Iceman coming back and then leaving, the Shadow King, Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, Wolverine finding out about his past and facing people from before, the Shi\'ar empire.... Ah so many good memories. This show supplemented the comic books and just made comic book fans and X-men fans want to have super powers more than anything.
  • This was the closest to the comics than any X-Men cartoon. It put the X-Men in positions the comics were in without the really graphic parts. It even had the Phoenix saga.

    This is way better than X-Men Evolution. It had drama, comedy and action. I would buy all the seasons if I could. This is like the new Justice League show back in the 90's. I always thought that the Wolverine in this X-Men was the best. The rest of the X-Men included in the main cast were, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Cyclops, Beast, Jubilee, Jean Grey and Professor X. The rogues gallery included Magneto, Juggernaut, Mystique, Apocalypse, Pyro, Dark Phoenix, Avalanch, the Phalanx, the Brood, Sauran, and Mojo. Other special guests include Colossus, Nightcrawler, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Forge, Cable, Bishop, Havock, Banshee and others. Now if this doesn't sound like the coolest X-Men show then they haven't invented it yet.
  • One of the greatest cartoons I grew up with!!!

    Right next to Spider-Man TAS, this show was one of my all time favorite cartoons on Fox. This was the show that started the whole 90's Marvel Superhero cartoons: Spider-Man, Fantastic 4, Iron Man, Silver Surfer and the Hulk. Why they never did a 90's Captain America show, I'll never understand. Anyway, the fact that show lasted 5 seasons says alot!!! Season 1 was my favorite, Season 2 was good, Season 3 was pretty good, Season 4 was awesome, and Season 5 was so-so (except for Graduation Day, that rocked!). Also the villian roster was phenominal: Sabertooth, Magneto, Apocalypse, Mystique, The Sentinels, Mr. Sinister, Pyro, Blob, Avalanche, Juggernaut, and tons more. In my opinion, X-Men Evolution pales in comparision to this show!!!
  • Take a gander at the main page!

    This show struck the perfect note with just about every episode. The voice casting was awesome (especially Gambit!) and the comic to screen adaptation was masterful! This show gave rise to a whole new generation of Marvel and X-men fans. They also successfully touched on the core issues behind X-men, like acceptance. Overall, awesome show, still deeply missed!
  • This show rocked back then and still rocks today.

    Before X-men blew up on the big screen, they ruled the small screen. The most popular cartoon of its day, it needs to be brought back in its original storylines. X-Men Evolution is ok, but the original cartoon was much better and I will tell you why. Most of the stories tied in with the original stories in the comic books. The characters were great. They found the perfect mix with Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Jubilee. Then they added the right people at the right time such as Magneto and Bishop. This show still entertains and gets the imagination flowing.
  • One of the best (if not the best) superhero based cartoon of all times.

    The show is perfect. I watched it every day, I never missed an episode.
    It was an action-packed animated series that made me feel a true hero.
    Every episode had action, adventure, thrills but also drama, romance and sometimes comedy.
    This series will always be in my heart and my head for that matter. Even now, I keep watching it whenever I have time.
  • An awsome show, one of the best marvel shows ever.

    Some kids in a new generation will probably find out who the X-Men are. Born with mutant powers, they are outcasts of society. But, they help the endangered. Cyclops, Wolverine, and Gambit are my personal favorite characters. And their mentor, Professer X. My personal favorite villans are Omega Red, Sabertooth, and the mighty Apocalypse. I highly appeal to this show. Some of you may think the X-Men are stupid, but once you watch this animated series, you may change personal thoughts about this show. Well played hard workers at Marvel. Keep dishing out stuff like this, and you'll be even richer.
  • Best Cartoon Ever!

    When I say best cartoon ever, I mean it, this show rules. It is so hard to explain, you just have to watch it to understand it, cause it's just that good, I hate anime show, so i'm glad that there is no anime x-men show, i'm glad who ever draws for this cartoon is a good artist, one of the best. This cartoon also has some of the best voices out there they fit the caracters just so perfect, that it's amazing, this show is just top of the line, I wish it was on a normal channel, instead of some cable channel, then I would be able to watch it again, remember, best show ever!
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