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  • The greatest comic book animation cartoon show ever.

    The show was the best way to bring a comic book to life. The Voice Overs were tremendous, it was always what I though they would sound like. Then something terrible happened, the movies came out. I hope Bryan Singer never directs another movie ever same with this ratner character thats getting X3 the franchise is now down the toilet.
  • The best anime of the 90's. Had a mix of villians that each one gave the X-Men a hard time. Was the cream of the crop, before the newer shows happened which now is silimar to this now. Bring it back.

    Bring it back, it was best show of its ages. It had a good story lines, that where easy to follow and where you couldn't get lost. The attitudes of all characters of the X-Men where just a good enough of a mix to have them get together good. Together they where almost unstoppable, only they beatable. Each personality helped the team out. Overall still on of the greatest shows of the 90's for an anime.
  • A true classic.

    A legend in it's time. X-Men had it all, clever storylines, interesting characters, nefarious villans, and amazing music. My earliest memories were of this show, and since seeing Night of the Sentinels at age 4, I was instantly hooked. I only wish it had lasted longer, with only around 16 episodes per season. The show was able to appeal to anyone because it's clever plot lines would satisfy anyone over the age of 13, and the viewers too young to understand the plots probably would be too caught up in all the action to care. The characters themselves develop throughout the show. Wolverine changes from a battle-hungry animal to a noble warrior, and Jubilee develops from a simple kid to a true member of the X-Men. And with the most sinister villans out there, like Magneto, Apocalypse and...well...Mr. Sinister, there was always something fresh in the next episode.
  • X-Men is what I grew up on...but don't tell anybody.

    I actually have pretty clear memories from when I was about 8 or 9 watching X-Men on Saturday mornings. After several more years, they were shown every day. I remember anticipating the next episode ("Only a couple more episodes until Nightcrawler"). After watching X-Men for a while, I actually believed that I could knock off objects from shelves with my mind (I thought I could do something similar to Jean Gray, which is kind of funny now).

    My personal favorite episodes are the ones that mess with the space-time continuum. Bishop, Cable and Forge are really cool, and so was the virus. Anybody remember the virus?

    Very good show and most of the episodes were pretty well done.
  • Good

    This is a good show and such a mystery but at the end every thing was told so i dont know what they can do for next season , its a mysteries show , but at first i didn't like it until i got into it , then i made sure i watched it every time it came on to see them solve the mystery, but now im kinda over it , hope the next season is better than the first i think the ending blew it for me it made it not as interesting to me as it was following the mystery to find the answers.
  • It made top ten shows in my book.

    I love this show. Ever since I was young I'd watch this show with my dad(he's a BIG comics fan), I have loved it all the way to the X2 movie. I enjoy any show or movie with super peopel in it. This show did an awesome job going from a comic book to an animated show. I stil watch the re-runs on Toon Disney. I miss this show and wish it lasted longer than it did.
  • To Those Calling X-Men An "Anime": When Was Canada Japan?

    I'm sick and tired of every grade D retard calling any cartoon an "anime" long before that genre became mainstream. X-Men was animated in Flipping Canada you idiots

    Onto the subject, the 90's X-Men still stands as a series that managed to succesfully adapted several of the classic Chris Claremont comic strips, if it was'nt entirly original in itself, it's execution of these stories was certaingly innovative and compelling, with year spanning storylines that took more than one season to finish, or for revelations to be made of a characters' background, this series also carried a consistent deapth of emotion rarly expressed in shows beyond this one. Not even the superior, yet flawed in animation, X-Men: Evolution can match up to this on screen quality.
  • The X-Men have always been some of my favorite super heroes.

    The X-men have always been some of my favorite Marvel super heroes. They have fantastic powers that are cool to watch. They hae very classic characters such as Wolverine, Cyclops, Iceman, and others. X-men was a great show to watch and every one enjoyed it. One of Marvels greatest creations.
  • X-MEN, Based on the popular Comic Book Franchise, Returned in the mid to late 90's. X-MEN, lead by Professor Charles Xavier, are a group of mutants brought together to fend off the forces of evil and the prejudice of society.

    I loved the show since the first day it came out and I still love it today. I recorded almost all the episodes and I'm hoping for the DVD box set. Granted it had it's own perspective on the comic book universe but it still kept the core of the story. Kudos to FOX for bringing it to us every Saturday Morning. A great fix and I hope that they do bring back another x-men cartoon similar to the splender of this and to the respect of the COMIC BOOKS. Great show, It'll never die!
  • One of the best super-hero cartoons ever. X-men had constant action and multiple characters, thus providing an endless supply of great stories. Also, this show scores major points for being so accurate to the comic book. Even a true nerd would be pleased.

    One of the best super-hero cartoons ever (besides Batman and Spider-man). X-men had constant action and multiple characters to choose from, thus providing an endless supply of great stories. Also, this show scores major points for being so accurate to the comic book. The costumes are dead on, the stories are so close to the comic that it's just like reading them, and the characters are perfect matches. Another plus is that even thow this show was aimed at children, very rarely did it demonstrate that. It usually was very mature with its dialogue, themes, and storylines, thus creating a show that kids of course love, but more importantly one that can bridge the gap between kids and adults. The animation is great and clean, the sound is spectacular, the show is just great in general.

    My final review: An X-ellent show, one of the best super-hero cartoons ever. Even a true nerd would be pleased.
  • Best saturday morning cartoon EVER! Best comic book adaption EVER!

    God this cartoon was great. I still watch episodes of this that i downloaded. This was by far the most entertaining cartoon ever made. No other comic book to TV adaption was better than this either. It had almost all the characters from the comics and had some great stories.
  • The X-men are a group of mutants with special powers who fight to protect the very people who hate and fear them.

    I loved this show. It is what first introduced me to the X-men. One flaw, Nightcrawler was only in 1 or 2 episodes! But over all this was a great show and with improved animation we would have something special on our hands. I loved how they re-inacted comic book stories while making their own stories and missions up! Also all the cameos by Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Polaris, and many more!
  • A New X-Men

    They need to bring to like.. Toonami or something. X-Force, or some other version of the other X-Men. X-men was one of the first comics/cartoons I ever started watching with mild intrest.. They must keep my brain fueled with tales of mutant powered antics. Bring Back Me More Shadow Cat!!
  • The X-men was one of the most famous show in many many years becaus it had multipul mighty heroes on both sides making it the one of the best action movies ever and it is also super close ... I mean almost identickle to the comic so

    The X-men was one of the most famous show in many
    many years becaus it had multipul mighty heroes
    on both sides making it the one of the best action movies ever and it is also super close ...
    I mean almost identickle to the comic so why don't they -Bring-it-Back !

    They need to bring this cartoon back it was amazing. X-men is probably the most famous and historical super-hero cartoon. This and Spiderman are the greatest cartoons i have ever seen. I like how the plots are so complex and they bring in all the characters. The X-Men movies should be just like the tvshow but unfortunateely arent.. I like the episode the phalanx because it has Beast, Mr.Sinister and Forge teaming up
  • Da na-na-na-na-na nah nah...

    One of my favorite cartoons of all time, and the one TV show that has had the most impact on my life. This is where I was introduced to the X-Men 12 years ago and my love for them has not left since. Because of this, I can overlook the crappy animation (it's endearing!), cheesy dialogue (it provided me with so many catch phrases!), resistance to change, and fairly iffy final years. If I hadn't seen this show, I would have never started reading comics.

    And this was really one of the most influential cartoons ever, I do believe. It predates most all of the other successful cartoons and it's usage of ongoing plots, "complex" character moments, and action can still be seen in modern day cartoons like "Teen Titans" and, of course, "X-Men: Evolution."
  • One of the greatest cartoons of the 90's. Can't be beat.

    You don't get much better than the X-men in the 90's. I grew up watching this show every Saturday morning and I hope that one day my children will watch it. It is a classic an cannot be beaten. You have all of the greats: Wolverine, Jean Grey, Apocalypse, etc. They even covered the greatest of the X-men stories: Phoenix Saga, Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past. Greatest of the greats.
  • X-Men the series was orginally a comic made by marvel, this animated series thust it into the main stream, and it has sence kept its place there.

    this series by todays standards is old, and the animation is not as good as it could be. but for the late 80's early to mid 90's when it came out it was great. The story and plot is multileveled and complicated. it is like a soap oprea for kids. some of the episodes may drag out, but all in all they are good and an interesting serie.
  • The greatest animated series ever.

    Once the 80s were over, it was hard to imagine any cartoon coming close to the legendary shows from that decade. But in the early 90s along came X-Men, and it topped them all. This show featured great art and animation, which made for incredible action sequences that made up the bulk of the show. Even though only a half hour show, it accomplished more that any of the 80s cartoons did in its 30 minute episodes. There were no boring, repetitive storylines unlike earlier cartoons. Each week was fresh and unique, and they even though there were many characters, there was a lot of characterization for everyone involved. This show blended great characters with exciting action in a team atmosphere, and pulled it off perfectly. It was also a much more mature and realistic cartoon with darker themes and visuals than earlier 80s cartoons, which probably was due to its being based on a comic book that takes place in the real world. And best of all, it really stayed true to the comics for the most part, and you always had to keep an eye out for some of your favorite characters in the background as cameos. This show could easily be enjoyed by fans who never read any of the comics, and yet still satisfy die-hard comic fans with its accurate storylines and many many references to characters from the comics. In short, it was the perfect cartoon. Even the voices were superb (especially Apocalypse and Wolverine)
  • A smash all you want show.

    A show which doesnt care about the charges of criminal assult. I said it is a trendsetter because you are going to get people trying to smash the living out of each other. It is a pretty good show to watch but very very predictable and that is not good.
  • X-cellent Cool Series

    X-Men is another one of my favorite cartoons that used to come on some of the old Saturday Morning Fox Kids lineups. I really liked the way Wolverine was in the series, one of those tuff and rough characters who does things there way. That sort of reminds me the way Knuckles the Echidna was in the beginning episodes of Sonic X. The other X-Men were really cool also! I had this huge crush on Rogue because I thought she was sexy with her looks and sexy southern accent. I also remember that on the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon that the X-Men made some guest appearances on some episodes of Spider-Man. The series is most same way as the comic book about a group of mutant superheroes who live at a school for mutants hosted by Professor Charles Xavier who formed a group of superhero mutants to fight against Magneto and the other evil brotherhood of mutants. This was another one of my favorite Marvel comic book superheroes! I have always liked Marvel comics a little better than DC comics because Marvel has more superheroes than DC. I also remember that this show came back on Fox Kids in Summer 2000 when 20th Century Fox released the live-action X-Men movie in theaters. Then I caught some more reruns for when they showed it for a while on ABC Family!
  • Don't mess with the X-Men!

    I watched it every saturday morning. I never missed it. But if I happened to (haha) I would be so pissed the rest of the day.

    I read X-Men comics so it was great to see them in action as a cartoon. I love it. I love they did the Phoenix Saga...I love it turned into the Dark Phoenix Saga. I love that Cyclops was in it.

    There was one episode that was for Christmas that had Jean Grey and Gambit bickering in the kitchen...that was so funny. I wish there was a tad bit more of that in there.

    I like that they didn't change Magneto's agenda just to make it more child like. He wanted revenge on humans and that is what the cartoon pointed out.

    X-Men have a special place in my child part of my heart. No heroes--not even Superman or Batman or Spiderman--can ever replace how awesome and great they are.

    I agree with what someone stated...X-Men is the best 90's cartoon and possibly one of the best ever made. I can't even remember what other cartoons were in the 90's. ha.
  • One of the greatest cartoons ever!

    X-Men was a born classic. The show adaption of the comic classic is still none today. This show was a perfect combination of action and drama for a cartoon. If you never read teh comic then you saw the show.
    The show went through each saga perfectly, but my favorite saga has to be the Dark Phoenix saga! My favorite character was and always will be Wolverine, the ruff tough as nails attitude voice was perfect. I was never a fan of Cyclops, he was just too much of a leader for me. Gambit had that cool and laid back thing about him. I'm so happy I begged my mom to buy those X-men tapes of the first five eps! I can still remember when I was young and use to wake up early for Fox' Saturday Line-Up, *sigh* those were the days!
  • Mutants everywhere! Not the deformed kind, but the ones with extraordinary powers. Wow, what an imagination these comic book writers have.

    I am not exaggerating when I say that just about everyone in my generation has watched this show. This incaranation of X-men is by far the best and many even say superior to the movies since it stays true to it's comic book roots. With that said, I am certainly glad that the future generations of today are given the opportunity to watch a classic and watch the shows that I grew up on.
  • fantastici!! tutti noi abbiamo sempre sognato di essere dei supereroi o di avere un potere che ha qualcosa di soprannaturale, gli xmen racchiudono un po' di tutti i poteri che si possono trovare nei supereroi in genere con nuovi personaggi ogni volta con

    fantastici!! tutti noi abbiamo sempre sognato di essere dei supereroi o di avere un potere che ha qualcosa di soprannaturale, gli xmen racchiudono un po' di tutti i poteri che si possono trovare nei supereroi in genere con nuovi personaggi ogni volta con caratteristiche diverse, niente da invidiare ai fumetti.
  • "X-men classic"

    This is a great show from when i was a kid. I always liked it when it was on. I wish it was never modifyed by crap nasty idiots who are the reason that it became un-likeable over the years. They just modid it so they could make more money off it!
  • Blast From The Past

    X-MEN is one of those shows that will always remind me of when I was just a small boy playing with friends (that also watch the) acting out the scenes that we saw the day before on tv. I was always Wolverine and they were they would be Cyclopse and Gambit. X-MEN the tv show was the only way I could get in touch with the X-MEN universe, because where I come from (Holland) there were no american-comics so i had no idea that X-MEN had a comic and that it was one of the best ever! A couple of weeks ago I went on a vacation to New York and I visited Midtown Comics (I never knew that there were so many different comicbooks!!) I bought a couple of X-MEN comics, went to the park and started reading them, they were amazing ! and so was the show. The only shitty things of the show were the terrible animations, but he it was 1992 what can you expect!
  • Pretty good show...

    I guess X-Men is a rather good show, I like pretty much of the characters, and episodes, if only I could remember more. It's a shame that's there's no new ones; I guess there hasn't been any for a long time. I almost enjoy it as much as Teen Titans and Batman, but there is something about this show that seems to be missing. I enjoy it mostly for the action, as I do with other shows, and I kind of miss it being on air. Anyone know what channel it is on? X-Men went off Cartoon Network years back, and I haven't seen it since that.
  • Forget the crappy butchered and whimpy X-Men movies! Just watch this instead! It is more like the comic books and very satisfying!

    I remember watching this when it first aired in the early 90s and collecting all the toys that came out with it. It was one of the best cartoons on TV and it still is ahead of its time with most of the crappy cartoons on today. And it's even better than the really lame X-Men movies. Don't waste your time with the movies at all just watch this cartoon instead. The cartoon is very satisfying and real close to the comics and the voice actors are sooooo darn perfect I can't imagine the characters with any other voices! This show was done really well and is top-notch! I still think the first 2 eps are if not the best then definitly in the top 5 best eps. It was such a great introduction to all the main X-Men and watching them kick some Sentinels butts was awesome! I highly recommend this to everyone especially if you hated the crappy movies! What the movies failed to have the cartoon definitly has it and has it good!
  • This is the best X-Men show ever created.

    This is the best X-Men show ever created. It at least tried to go by what the actual comic books did. The movies and some of the other X-Men show try putting characters together and it never works. This was a great show for me and it also dealt with serious topics and wasn't a kiddy show. It is filled with great action and a wonderful story line. It is a shame that it had to end.
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