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  • this was the best saturday morning show fox ever had and no show can take it's place unless they brought it back:)

    oh how i love the Xmen cartoon every saturday late moring this would be the showman after watching spiderman and the turtles early that moring oh yeah dont forget the power rangers and i think even ironman xmen was the perfect end the the perfect saturday morning cartoon this show had adult like drama in it and the phoenix saga changed my life at the time not to mention the great toys they cam out with over the shows span i mean the best bad guys the best action cartoon f all time and def the best thing to ever happen to the xmen sonce xmen evolution kinda sucks i remeber they use to show reruns on abc family but they cut that off which pissed me of now they only show the tick but xmen was the second best show of my childhood right behind tmnt but i still would like to see the show come out on dvd cause all i have of the show is the pizza hut vhs that they gave you with a large pizza anyone that?