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  • I remember watching this show growing up, weekends on ITV (was it?!?) in the UK, I remember the 80s theme music, the crazy outfits and my god, yes, the hair! The only thing bigger than Storm's hair in X-men was…..um…well, Wolverine's claws...

    I absolutely love this show, not just because of the memories but because it's actually an excellent cartoon. Now I'm not a real big X-Men comic reader so I can't say much about the show's "trueness to the comics" – and frankly there's so many variations to the X-Men universe these days is there really such a thing? But watching it recently, as I have, I can really see the "epicness" to the show that really makes it seem like a lot of the episodes are taken from the comics. My favourite character on the show is Rogue, I love her physical strength pitted against her inner turmoil. I prefer this to the Rogue of the X-Men films who seems a lot feebler. But then maybe the character of the films is a much earlier version than the one we see in the cartoon – either way I love her. Plus whoever voiced her pretty much instilled a deep love of accents in me which I still have now, so thanks! Jubilee on the other hand….let's just say I'm glad she's not my kid sister! Probably one of my least favourite "good guys" ever!

    All in all, I love this show. Even though the style of it is now so dated, everything about it still keeps me entertained. I love Wolverine's yellow suit, and Jean Gray's weird head thing, Cyclop's awful hair and Storm's odd wing things. All of this, which makes the show so dated also makes it what it is, a great, if not often cheesy, entertaining cartoon. This show taught me a long time ago how cool Superheroes are.
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