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FOX (ended 1997)



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  • Of all the Saturday Morning cartoons this was my favorite... but I was also a big comic-book fan too.

    I seriously loved this series. It was great as a comic book fan to see your favorite characters in more than just static panels. So every Saturday morning, with my bowl of cereal, I'd be glued to the TV. This series was down right awesome, although it isn't really made to be watched in huge chunks at a time. It works well getting in an episode or two a day or week. The animation isn't as smooth or stylized as some of them now and days, ie Justice League or Bruce Timm style Batman/Superman, but it served it's purpose. This cartoon got me into comics as a child. They did a great job of taking stories from the comics and transferring them to the screen. Even if you didn't read comics you got a pretty comprehensive grasp of the X-men universe in fantastic 30min episodes. Some of my friends who had never read comics had basic knowledge of characters and their relationships to each other all from watching this show. I'm so glad this show was running when it was, it had such an impact on my childhood. I only hope they will finally release this series on DVD!
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