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  • x-men is about somepeople all over the world whos genes has mutanted givng this people powers.


    as a guy born in november of 1990. i watch this as a kid but now that im older i like it alot more than what i did at first.

    the writing is clever and its stayed fresh over the 5 seasons run.

    the action scenes are very well done for a cartoon.

    this cartoon does x-men justice.

    the show is very good if u can get over the fact the show is a cartoon.

    it does take alittle while to get over the drawings alittle seeing how new cartoons in 2000slooks nothing like cartoons that were in the x-men 1990 days but u get over it pretty quick.

    for those who never seen this or dont know anything about x-men i say watch this its gives u almost all the characters and their backgrounds making u a new fan and for old fans this showwill make uenjoy x-men more than what u did.

    love this show:)

    if u ask me whos my favorite x-men ill say storm and cyclops .storm is so strong willed, a great beauty for blacks to see,and i love her powers..cyclops is very serious,smart,hardworking and responisble just like me which is nice to see on tv..