Season 1 Episode 7

Slave Island (3)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 13, 1993 on FOX

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  • Slave mutants

    ‘Slave Island’ is an interesting episode all put together but not as good as the past two parts. The ending was very shocking though.

    The problem is that it focused on three characters that didn’t really make a good match together. both Jubilee and Storm have been very overused and are both becoming very tiresome. While Gambit’s character was actually hurt by this episode, it’s not sure if he was a traitor or not, he probably wasn’t but he didn’t scream hero or interesting either.

    It did introduce some mutants that bring something to the mythology, best of them is Mystique who didn’t actually say a word throughout. The three slaves are taken to a slave island where they have to work, Storm annoyed me by trying to save them all, she should have know how stupid she was. She was then captured and put into a small hock, once again dealing with her claustrophobia which was good at first but is not getting tiresome.

    Anyway, some big robot is making more sentinels which is actually the good part of the episode, they eventually all get flushed by Storm.
    When the X-men save and free all the other mutants, they get back home to find out that the school has been destroyed. The X-men, thanks to Gambit? maybe.

    It was a very decent episode, that didn’t add that much. So far my least favourite.
  • Great way to end an episode.

    Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee, wake up after being captured by the army government of Genosha. It seems like they're using mutants as slaves in order to erect their dam to generate power for their king robot, Mastermold; a giant Sentinel that can generate Sentinels itself. The mutants were allowed to use their powers in order to help build the dam, but if they tried escaping they'd be punished. Storm dared to cross that line, and was sent into a black room with no light. Jubilee tries escaping through the night, but Gambit warned the guys behind this project ahead of time, and caught Jubilee. Gambit was on his way back to the prison, but a mercenary named Cable helps him escape. Gambit helped the other mutants escaped, and they destroyed the dam. Mastermold, along with the other Sentinels, were flooded. The other X-Men were on their way back to the mansion, but it was destroyed.

    A pretty interesting episode that pulled surprises everywhere. Gambit's character seems to fit the "on good guy's side but badass" type of character more than Wolverine. While Jubilee does claim that he was a traitor in order to help them escape, if it weren't for Cable, he wouldn't have been in the position of saving her and Storm anyways, and it was just mere coincidence they left. Though it seems like his words of "no one cares about me, they just use me" seems to support that he really was truly going to betray his fellow mutants. This Mastermold character, who appears will be a major villain in the future (been a long time since I last saw this cartoon) was just one of the coolest for the fact that he could make Sentinels himself. Plus, Cable was so badass, easily demolishing Sentinels with that sweet ass gun of his. What I really like the most about X-Men is that while it does sort of follow an episodic formula with all of these episodes loosely connected, it does a good job of making you anticipate the next episode. This is a good example of it. The mansion destroyed? This just wants to make you wish the next day is up so you can watch the next episode!
  • Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee are held prisoner on Genosha

    one of the defining episodes of the entire series. simply amazing!!! the inhibitor collars make their debut and are very effective. but that raises an interesting question: how do they work? suppressing a mutant's power would be like putting a collar on a normal human and saying they couldnt walk or hear or something. they try and explain the actual process later in the series i think but i can remember right now. it seems as though Storm and Jubilee lose their minds trying to actually escape, even after one of the guards actually tells them if they try anything when they deactivate the collars so they can use their powers to help build the dam to power the sentinels and Mastermold, that the collars with explode or something. the only character that makes any sense here is Gambit's "betrayal" to get the "keys" to get out of there alive. this actually sheds some light on how shady Gambit and his past really is. the highlight of the show though is Cable's appearance (although he isnt referred to by name). it's ironic that Hodge and the others talk about him causing trouble for weeks as a guerilla fighter when in subsequent episodes and appearance he behaves as if he's had no previous experience in the present or any contact with any of the X-men. i just find that funny. anyway the ending was more icing on the cake as the team returns to find the mansion completely demolished. good stuff...
  • Welcome to the Genoshan beach inn. Please check your mutant powers at the front door.

    Now this is more like it!

    Slave Island is a real winner of an episode. Mark Edward Edens was at his best when creating this brilliant follow-up to Night of the Sentinels, which also sets up the remainder of this season. Perfect music, perfect animation, perfect everything.

    The episode opens up having Jubilee as the central character, and it actually works, like it did on Night of the Sentinels. Mutants are forced to use the infamous inhibitor collars that cancels their powers, living in a prison facility.

    I also have to appreciate the cleverness of the project. The collars turn off so mutants can use their powers to create a huge dam used to power the sentinels and their leader Mastermold. However, if mutants try to rebel, the collars get turned back on. It's a risky business, but it works. We also find out that it was the sciensit on Muir Island who created the collar, setting up events for the Cure.

    Logan returns from Alaska and joins Cyclops, Rogue and Jean in tracking the other X-Men to Genosha, while Xavier contacts Moira McTaggert, also setting up events for the Cure. I love the serialized tendency this first season had.

    Storm immediately goes on a rampage as soon as the collars are turned off. Now that was uncharacteristically stupid for her. She should have known it would backfire and that she would end up being locked inside the box.

    Jubilee actually tries to escape using her brains. It's unfortunate that Gambit somehow ends up betraying her plan in order to gain the trust of their enslavers. This allows Gambit the opportunity to escape the hands of his captors when he directs them to the X-Mansion. His claims about the X-Men not trusting him actually have some merit, given future events.

    This was the first episode that's given an in-depth analysis into Gambit's character. I liked what I saw.

    This also provides the opportunity for the first appearance of Cable. For some reason, his motives are unknown and remain a true mystery for good. However, he's really intent on finding the Leader character so he can chop him to little pieces.

    Concerning the leader, I must also wonder how did Cameron Hodge end up being an advisor to Genoshan Security? Did Beast's hearing make him reconsider his lawyer career? He didn't even need an Emperor like Palpatine to turn to the dark side. Also, he apparently survives his encounter with Cable, despite the major flooding happening on the island. He returns in Season 5, in the Phalanx Covenant two parter.

    Gambit escapes with Cable's key to deactivate the collars and frees Storm and Jubilee from the box. Jubilee is obviously outraged by his apparent early betrayal. I can't disagree with her attitude, given what she ended up enduring.

    They finally free all the captive mutants and we finally see a real display of many mutants seen in many comics using their powers against human troops and the Sentinels. Even Blob, Avalanche, Pyro and Mystique were there. How curious! How could Mystique be there and also be impersonating the scientist behind the collars in the first place?

    Storm decides to use all of her possible power to create a huge hurricane in order to blow up the dam and put an end to the Sentinel threat. It really takes her breath away and she ends up being rescued by Rogue.

    As the X-Men return to the mansion on the blackbird, they get to see that frightening sight of the destroyed mansion. That was an awesome ending, following such an awesome episode. I couldn't wait to see The Unstoppable Juggernaut to figure out what had happened.
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