Season 5 Episode 7

Storm Front (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 02, 1996 on FOX

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  • God I wish i have mutant powers.

    God, I wish that I have Mutant Powers, my mutant powers would be to create my very own fantasy.
  • Man, this brings back memories.

    Oh man, This Brings Back Memories, I remember watching this when it was on Fox Kids, I always love the Opening Theme song, and the introduction of each of Them, They're all my favorites, I can't even pick one, Sometimes I wish I was an X-Men and a Mutant, My Mutant Powers would be To Grant People's Wishes, that'll be Awesome, also I would hang out at the Mall With Jubilee, Maybe even meet some cute guys, (wink, wink), Fly High in the Sky with Rouge, control the weather with Storm, shoot the breeze with Gambit and Wolverine, have a Debate with Beast, have a talk with Cyclops, and tell him when is he and Jean Grey going to move out of the mansion, and have a Telepathic Conversation with Professor Xavier.
  • On the faraway planet of Corsus the brutal king, Arkon, tricks Storm into believing that he is a just ruler who needs her mutant powers to save his planet. The visiting X-Men come to learn about Arkon true intentions and help lead a slave revolt.

    This was the begining of the end for the series, well known for its groundbreaking comic book adaption featuring amazing artwork, animation, writing and voice talent.

    Arkon is an actual character from the Marvel universe, although much of his backstory is simply ignored or vaguely implied. Storm, one of my favorite X-men, is depicted here as being incredibly naive, inept and downright oblivious to the reality. She falls in love with Arkon too quickly, seems a bit too eager to belive his lies and leaves the tyrant in power, albeit without the strange device he used to control the slaves. The entire storyline just seemed to be slightly below average for an X-men episode. I appreciate the powerful themes (love, slavery, war, absolute power) that are trying to be used, but they just dont seem to work well.