Season 5 Episode 8

Storm Front (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 09, 1996 on FOX

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  • The rape of Storm's character

    From a wise and strong women to a pathetic and naive child in the space of 2 episodes and all for a man who she had know for literally hours but apparently 'truly' loved.


    this episode was about a chick meeting a handsome and wealthy stranger; and then -knowing little more than his name and social status, promptly runs off with to Vegas to get married to her 'love'.
  • Storm Front 2 is the second part of the story arc in which the X-men discover that Storm's future husband has enslaved people from neighboring planets to rebuild his empire. Upon discovering this, Storm goes berserk and leaves Arkon's planet in ruins.

    Storm Front 2 was a pivitol episode in the development of the X-woman Storm. For the first time audiences were able to see the true range of her power, being able to affect the weather system of an entire planet. This episode also documented one of her defining personal characteristics, compassionate. Throughout the X-men series Storm has constantly been portrayed as the team member with the biggest heart, accepting all walks of life and showing no prejudice. Storm Front 2 also followed the acutal comics very closely giving none comic book audiences a peak at what really happened in the pages of marvel comics. This type of portryal in the animated series could only be found in the Phoneix and Dark Phoneix saga's, as all other episodes were new stories created for the cartoon. As this was the last episode of the X-men Animated series created by its original animators, it shows they're true love of X-men lore and their desire to pass on the X-men mythology to a new generation.
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