Season 1 Episode 8

The Cure

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 20, 1993 on FOX

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  • A kiss from Rogue

    An excellent way to focus on my favourite X-men character ‘Rogue’, it was extremely well done and it introduced some of the best characters, if only they had focussed even more on Rogue it would have been better.

    The story about Rogue was that she wishes she could have a boyfriend. There is something between her and Gambit but she likes to play the tough gal and kick him out of the car and such. She is also jealous of Jean and Cyclops because they can hold hands and kiss. When she kissed her first boyfriend she drained out his life force and has never kissed a guy since then.

    When she hears that there is a doctor that may be able to cure her she goes in town. There we meet two mutants who were called by some Mystique. She can change her appearance and she is the one who changes into that old man. She is working for some big robot called Apocalypse and he wants to make more slave mutants.

    The weaker side of the episode was that Cable was back once again, he wasn’t interesting and neither were the other two mutants. But Archangel was, a beautiful man with wings. He would make a great couple with Rogue and goes to the doctor to let him take away his powers which leads him to become a slave./

    Rogue’s character development was excellent, after she saves Jean from a fall she realised that being a mutant can help others. She truly is a beauty.
  • Rogue's problems run deeper than I thought.

    It seems that the Professor was at Scotland with a scientist named Dr. Adler, who has a cure for mutants to become normal again. After Rogue discovered the news, she immediately headed out to Scotland to meet this guy. Though it seems like Alder has already been killed, and the one posing as him is a mutant named Mystique who can shape shift forms. And she seems to be under the control of Apacalypse; one of the strongest mutants alive. Rogue was about to undergo the treatment, but two mutants, Avalanche and Pyro, kidnapped Alder. Then, Cable reappears, who tries liberating the world of his presence, but the X-Men appear and save him. Cable was no where to be seen. Rogue decided to remain a mutant, while another mutant, who can spawn large angel like wings, wants to undergo the treatment. Little did he know he'd just be a slave for Apacalypse.

    I really love how cartoons like these combine internal problems with story development. It was really sad on Rogue's part how she desperately wanted someone to love someone, yet is unable to because of her mutant powers. And the scene in the mansion, with everyone agreeing they didn't want the cure, really added effect, and the small part with Jean and Cyclops holding hands complimented it rather well. Plus, this episode introduced one of the sweetest antagonists ever; Apacalypse! This episode did really flow well, introducing Avalanche and Pyro, and it's badass how Cable is able to fight equally with the mutants with his myriad of weapons and grenades. Other than that, Rogue did a great job of shining well, as did Apacalypse. I'd love to see a three way battle between Magneto, Apacalypse, and Mastermold.
  • Rogue finally gets to be the center of attention.

    The Cure is a major episode in the first season, even though it's quite a self-contained story. It ties up loose ends from Slave Island, while igniting the Apocalypse storyline. One of the high points in this season.

    The episode opens with our newest character yet. The reclusive mutant known as Angel, who was brilliantly written. We finally get a glimpse of a mutant who truly despises what he is and we see hints of his obsession towards becoming more normal. The beginning of a tragic journey for this character. Little did he know he was funding a project designed to create slaves for Apocalypse rather than really cure mutants from their mutation. I was also intrigued by the appearance of Cable. His assault upon Angel and his girlfriend forced our mutant to reveal his wings in order to gain an edge over Cable. What I never understood is why Warren's girlfriend shut her eyes and grabbed the gun at all. That was just plain stupid. That leads to her "accidentally" shooting Angel, which promptly leads him to flee his cottage and give up on women for good. It's just not nice to be shot by the girl you've been hiding a secret from.

    We finally get to uncover Xavier's fate as he travelled to Muir Island in order to follow up Moira McTaggert's story about the Cure invented by Dr. Adler. Now that was a reclusive scientist if there was one. One mindscan from Xavier reveals the startling image of Apocalypse, but he doesn't know about our bringer of doom just yet.

    Meanwhile, we finally really launch into the story after four minutes of setup and see Rogue defending Gambit from a scuffle with Wolverine as they rebuild the mansion. No matter what Rogue feels towards the Cajun, I have to side with Cyclops and Wolverine on this one. Wolverine was simply taking the lead in this reconstruction effort. It was remarkably stupid of Gambit to try and hurt Wolverine by igniting one of the bricks. Was he that annoyed? If he really wants the X-Men to trust him, it's not wise to try and blow them up just because you can't handle Wolverine's jibe.

    This scene reveals Rogue's feelings towards the Cajun and the crushing fact that she can't do anything about it without putting him on a coma. After Xavier contacts the X-Men and reveals the Cure project, Rogue remains seriously troubled. I loved Xavier's speech about how each one of them must decide what they should do about this possibility. It's a real poignant moment, particulary for Rogue. We finally see how much pain she feels. It can't be easy not being able to share a closeness with anyone else. We see that pain well portrayed in the X-Men movies as well. Rogue eventually grabs a flight's wing to Muir Island.

    I loved Rogue's flashback to her first manifestation of her absorbing powers. The animation was weird though. She looked too old for a 13 year old. She kissed Cody and he ended up in a coma. A terrific scene with a lot of emotion in it.

    As Rogue enters a bar, we see Pyro and Avalanche. There's a serious goof here though. They should have recognized Rogue as their old teammate, if you take the events of "A Rogue's Tale" into consideration. They thought she was Mystique because of her shape-changing abilities. That's the understandable part given we never saw the real Mystique in Rogue's teenage past, only her mother's form. But they still should have noticed it was Rogue, the girl who always stole their powers. After their attempts to hit on her, Rogue throws them out of the bar.

    This sequence of events leads them to the most hilarious scene in the episode as Cable arrives on the island. Pyro calls him darling and Cable blasts him and tells him not to call him darling. I laughed 11 years ago and it still makes me laugh out loud. Humor can improve an episode sometimes.

    Rogue contacts Dr. Adler and offers herself for the procedure. Pyro and Avalanche kidnap our good doctor in order to get some serious money. Then they uncover that the doctor is indeed a disguised Mystique, working for Apocalypse. Then Rogue takes both mutants out of play and Cable kidnaps the doctor. I never really understood Cable's motives for his pursuit of Adler. It couldn't be just because he/she designed the inhibitor collars. Cable's appearance remains another mystery like on Slave Island.

    Cyclops and Jean arrive on Muir Island, looking for Rogue. They, along with Moira and Xavier, take the blackbird to find her and the doctor. A fight ensues between the X-Men and Cable. While Cyclops blasts Cable out the cliff, his plasma gun blows up some stone blasting Jean towards the cliff. Then Rogue proves her worth by saving her.

    The relationship between Scott and Jean always reminded Rogue of what she couldn't have. By saving Jean, Rogue felt like she could do some good for people who could have each other, prompting her to give up on the cure. Then see bumps into Angel who asks how come she flies with no wings. Interestingly enough, Rogue claims she doesn't know how. This establishes the fact that Rogue's memory has been blocked by the Professor in order to block out Miss Marvel.

    Finally, Angel volunteers himself for the procedure and Mystique contacts Apocalypse about this new development. He utters an intriguing line that he knows more about this world than anyone else and that's why he must destroy it. This story will be wrapped in the following episode.