Season 1 Episode 13

The Final Decision (3)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 27, 1993 on FOX

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  • x-men

  • The end to the sentinels, or is it?

    A very good end to the first season, not perfect and not one of the best. but still excellent.
    The episode begins a little bit slow and has a few cheesy moments. but it’s still action packed and all the X-men had their moments.

    Magneto had the senator and wanted to kill them but the sentinels are to strong and beat Magneto and almost destroy him. The X-men take him in and now they have to rescue the senator. The sentinels want to destroy everybody because Mutants are also humans so Humans have to be destroyed as well.

    The big fight was excellent, they manage to destroy all those sentinels and the big boss monster thanks to Magneto who helps Xavior for saving his life.

    The senator who becomes a president says that mutants are humans as well and not all are evil.

    That’s what develops this show and episode, Rogue was once again the big champion and stood out with her crush over Gambit. women.

    At the end, Beast is free and all the X-men are in peace for a short while. Jean and Cyclops are going to marry but there is someone watching who doesn’t want them to be at peace.

    The end of the first season was inspiring. The first season had plenty of fun and it had a very good end.
  • Badass!

    Magneto captured Senator Kelly, and brought him to a secluded place in order to ignite a civil war. Though Sentinels came to his rescue, and to Magneto's disadvantage, they're made out of plastic. The Sentinels brought Kelly back, but Mastermold's logic brought him to the conclusion that mutants are also humans, and that humans needed to be saved from themselves. He ordered Kelly's brain, along with all of the world leader's brains, to be replaced by computer chips. They got control of one of the heads of the sentinel program, and discovered the location of the sentinel factory. Mastermold has created over a thousand sentinels, so it was difficult for the X-Men to defeat him. They blew the place up, but Mastermold wasn't done yet. Xavier bravely crashed a plane full of bombs into Mastermold, destroying him. Magneto saved his life, and called it even, for now.

    The only thing that left my words after this episode was done was just badass. Mastermold would have been a great main antagonist, if he didn't blow up. The story was just flat out great thanks to the oversized sentenel and his logic. I really didn't expect anything on the lines of what was presented in this episode. Since the future didn't change yet, I thought that Kelly would have in fact been assassinated by Magneto, but the story simply shifts into a completely different direction, giving the antagonist role to Mastermold. It was just really rewarding how there was another method of causing the civil war without the assassination, and that was through Mastermold. Too bad he blew up though. There goes my hopes of a three way battle between Apacalypse, Mastermold, and Magneto. Even though Mastermold does reappear again, I know my fantasy fight is almost impossible. I can hope.
  • the X-Men launch their final assualt on the Sentinel threat

    what can i say? this episode set a standard for big-time, over-the-top, season-ending battles that most animated shows still use to this day. there was probably never a more fitting title than this episode's because the "final decision" was indeed the X-Men's to make. but not only the X-Men but the decision of Senator Kelly changing his stance on human-mutant relations. this has a major effect on the future timelines of time-travelers Cable and Bishop.

    the episode starts off in the right direction and never veers off course. we see the ramifications of "days of future past" as well as Magneto's attempt on the good senator's life. then the sentinels poke their proverbial noses in and it goes south for Magneto.

    the poignant scene in which Xavier (one of the coolest characters in history) says it up to each X-Man whether to join him to save Kelly. the reactions each member displays and the revelation of what being a X-Man means to each of them (especially Wolverine and Jubilee and to a lesser extent Cyclops) were ahead of their time, for saturday mornings anyway. as the X-Men fly off for the sentinel base, Magneto watches and delivers one classic line : "you're all fools....heroic fools. the brave are always the first to die" well said Magneto. the voice acting was once again top notch and the music fit the moment and the emotion. it was as if the writer realized that his heroes might not come back from this one. the episode wraps up with the big fight i mentioned, they save Kelly, destroy MasterMold(the head sentinel, i guess), and everyone goes home happy. Beast gets released as a result of Kelly's change of heart and seeing that not all mutants are evil. in the epilogue when Scott proposes to Jean, they are beeing watched by season 2's main nemesis, Mr. Sinister. what a way to end the inaugural season.
  • A terrific conclusion to a terrific season

    The Final Decision was a smart title for the episode. The emotional core of the story lies in the X-Men's decision to sacrifice their lives in order to save Kelly. The episode itself was flawless beyond any doubt. Mark Edward Edens came to a full circle was he wrapped the season by putting an end to the Sentinels, introduced to us by the same writer in the pilot.

    The episode opens with an anti-mutant protest in response to the events in Days of Future Past. As the X-Men work to locate Magneto, we see a desperate Senator Kelly facing Magneto in an old abandoned ship. Magneto gives the same explanation he's given in Deadly Reunions to justify his actions. He even recites his catchphrase again: "Mutant's Liberation Begins". The voice actor behind Magneto does a terrific job of portraying this lost soul with nothing left to lose.

    The Sentinels barge in uninvited on Magneto's gloating. Magneto's powers prove inneffective against the armor of the Sentinels. He's no match for them. In this vicious battle, we see, for possibily the only time in the series, some blood coming out of Magneto's mouth. An honest injury improves the episode tenfold, by making the Sentinels even more dangerous than before. Taking the picture of Days of Future Past's bleak future where Sentinels take mutants into concentration camps also heightens the stakes in this episode as well. The Sentinels leave an uncouncious Magneto behind while taking Kelly to their base.

    The X-Men locate the burning ship and what's left of a bloody Magneto. There was a funny moment when Gambit lighted up a card believing a Sentinel was there, leading to an hilarious snide remark by Wolverine.

    Kelly is taken to Dr. Trask, the man behind the Sentinels back from the pilot. Trask demands an executive order to activate Sentinels and hunt all mutants down. Kelly promises to give that order after the elections. Then Mastermold (a new one obviously if you take the events of Slave Island into account) takes charge of this situation by promising to put Kelly's brain in a computer. Now this was the most unexpected plot device I've ever seen. Back when I watched the Terminator, I always wondered what was Skynet's plan in order to torch mankind. If he had a reason. Mastermold begins to give one, and ends up inspiring a lot of the plot behind Matrix, which was years away.

    While Magneto recovers, the X-Men decide to scan Gambit's mind in order to uncover the agent behind the Sentinels. We see a glimpse into what happens in Gambit's mind. An interesting glimpse indeed. The X-Men finally identity Henry Peter Gyrich, from the federal security agency. This leads the X-Men to stage a clever ruse and kidnap Gyrich.

    Wolverine uses a statue as a cover to jump on Gyrich. How could Gyrich not notice Wolverine lying on the statue when he entered the building in the first place? It didn't work that well, but we get the pleasure to see Wolverine threatening this right-wing lunatic with his claws. Cyclops steps in and hears Trask on Gyrich's cell phone. By the way, I believe this was the first cell phone ever portrayed on an animated series. Trask's call for help pretty much gets the X-Men up to speed on the plot. The X-Men then get from Gyrich the location of the base.

    After a lot of setup and plot development we are headed for a big payoff. The scene where the X-Men decide what's the next move is pivotal for the entire future. Gambit remains concerned if this is a wise move. Magneto agrees with him. It would be a waste of many lives. Cyclops steps in and decides to do it if the future should be worth living. While I loved seeing each X-Men making the same decision, I hated Jubilee's tantrum. Just because Logan wanted her to be safe, was no excuse for that annoying crying. Fortunately the writer turns this around by pointing out how much being an X-Men means both to her and Logan. Gambit finally relents and the X-Men close up act 2 by flying to the base while Magneto firmly states the brave are the first to die in battle.

    Act 3 opens as the X-Men head into the base. I loved Gambit's ruse to draw the Sentinels out of the mines. The Sentinel's inspection of Gambit's ace card was priceless.

    This final battle against the sentinels was amazing in every way. Each consecutive episode, the writer and animators improve in their orchestration of a battle sequence. Rogue and Storm lead the aerial battle along with Xavier, who's piloting the Blackbird. Jubilee actually manages to destroy 2 Sentinels, before going incompetent and allowing a Sentinel to sneak up behind her. Magneto saves Xavier from a certain crash using his powers. I wish we could have seen more of Magneto in action alongside the X-Men against the Sentinels. There wasn't enough.

    I didn't understand why Wolverine locked Gambit inside a cage and went off to face the Sentinels himself. Did he really want to save the Cajun's life that badly? This sequence was brilliantly animated as we Wolverine fought in total blackness. Only the Sentinel's energy blasts gave the viewer glimpses of the fight. I must applaud whoever thought of a scene like this in animation.

    While Jean rescues Kelly, Cyclops apparently attempts to distract Mastermold. His gigantic beam should have killed him. Out giant robot explains he doesn't have to destroy because he doesn't fear anything. What a lame villain explanation. I thought this was supposed to be a merciless and logical robot. Trask uses this moment to blow up some explosives. Scott and Jean grab Kelly and bail out of there. How did Trask escape this explosion anyway?

    While Jean gets Kelly to safety, Scott looks for Wolverine and Gambit. I loved seeing the search from the Cyclops's point of view. That was an interesting design for his visor.

    I loved Rogue's pining for Gambit's safety and then not kissing him in the end. Perfect character moment. When Mastermold blasts free of the mountain, Xavier embodies the ultimate sacrifice by plunging the Blackbird armed with explosives with Magneto as protection. This was unbelievable. A perfect end to a perfect battle.

    After this chain of events, Kelly finally recognizes the good the X-Men are trying to accomplish. This leads to Beast finally being released from prison. A great ending to the season.

    To finish up the episode, we get to see Scott asking Jean to marry him. This was a perfect moment as they look foward to a bright and shiny future. This is in perfect contrast with the bleak outlook from Days of Future Past and ends the season in a positive tone. But not before Mr. Sinister spies on them preparing a different future for them, ending the season.

    One final note: I loved the end credits in the first season. The 3D animation of the characters along with descriptions was awesome and perfect in order to introduce viewers to this universe. Jubilee however only showed up once in this sequence. I only saw her in the original unfinished pilot episode. The remainder of the season end credits always ended up after the appearance of Wolverine and we saw the Saban Entertainment logo. Even the editors can't stand Jubilee. I love it! Until next season!