Season 4 Episode 13

The Lotus and the Steel

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 03, 1996 on FOX

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  • Wolverine goes to Japan to find inner peace, but he just gets himself involved in more fighting.

    Logan confronts Xavier to tell him that he'll be leaving the X-Men in order to take some time off in Japan. Though when he gets there, one of the locals is rebelling against Silver Samurai and their demands for money. The villagers would prefer to buy into their demands. Logan simply ignored the issue and continued his soul finding, but once the temple was burned down to set as an example, he couldn't take it.

    Wolverine though might have found his answer when Kisara confronted him and had a very philosophical conversation with him. He encourages the villagers to fight on, and that he would help them. The villagers planted a variety of traps for the gangs, and were quite successful. Only person to remain standing was Silver Samurai, whom Wolverine was able to defeat with patience. The village was free, Wolverine said his good byes, and Jubilee arrived to pick him up.

    A decent episode, though me being a huge fan of basically anything Japanese, I was a bit biased and was pretty pre-empted to enjoy this episode. Samurais, monks, you gotta love them. Wolverine's psychological problem stemmed a pretty interesting concept, and it was pretty well executed for most of the episode. It was great how he found his purpose by actually running into conflict.

    However, it didn't end in a convincing fashion. Things just concluded much too early and too fast. It also didn't seem Logan's problem was really fully resolved. His problem was being too impulsive and trigger quick at being angry, not finding purpose, although they both could intertwine in some manner in a deeper sense. If the episode spent more time going deeper into Wolverine's resolving issue, it would have been more convincing. Though since it didn't, this is only a decent episode.