Season 1 Episode 10

The Unstoppable Juggernaut

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 06, 1993 on FOX

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  • Team work rocks!

    The second classic episode of this amazing animated show.

    After the gang find the school destroyed they want to find who did it.
    Wolverine like always doesn’t want to play with others and leaves alone, Cyclops orders the others to follow him for incase he gets into some trouble.

    On his way he sees this iron-man-ish looking guy who is destroying a house. He’s immediately loveable and from Russia, he doesn’t get Americans. Wolverine thinks that he is responsible and together with Jubilee he tries to destroy him but he’s to strong and uninterested in them. He lets them go and Wolverine realised he’s not the bad guy.

    Then a bank gets robbed and it’s by the guy who destroyed the school. The iron man guy was arrested because the cops believed it was him and he let them take him to jail. Rogue and Storm want to rescue him because they know he didn’t do anything and they also want to know who was the guy that robbed the bank. In prison they have a prison break which all looked very cool, we also finally saw Beast again but the lame blue guy decides to stay in prison.

    Outside they find the Juggernaut and they try to stop him but he’s to strong, he defeats Jubilee and Wolverine without a fight. So the x-men have to work together, each of them handles something and Wolverine takes off the Juggernaut’s mask. Then Rogue tries to drain his power but it’s to strong and drives her insane, that was an amazing scene of the wonderful Rogue. Then Jean finally gets I action and does something to his mind making him confused and forget what he was doing.

    Everything ends well, it was nice to see Wolverine working with the team. The iron guy then builds them the school once again. The episode developed pretty much most of the characters, Jean finally in action and another impressive scene with Rogue. Even Jubilee was enjoyable and handled herself well in the fight.
    A classic episode really.
  • The guys with all the brons never seem to have any brains.

    When the X-Men returned to the mansion, they find it totaled to the ground. They try finding clues, and are reliefed when they found out that Professor Xavier left the mansion for a personal mission before the unknown entity demolished their home. They searched around the city to find the person responsible for this. Jubilee and Wolverine came by a Russia mutant named Colossus, who can turn his body into metal. Wolverine later realizes it wasn't him, for his scent and the one at the mansion doesn't match. Then, a bank was robbed, and coincidentally, Colossus was there too, claiming he was trying to stop the one that robbed it. Rogue and Storm went to rescue him, and Wolverine tracked down the true person who destroyed the mansion, the Juggernaut! He outpowered everyone, but thanks to their teamwork, Jean was able to psychologically defeat him.

    I liked the theme of the episode, which circled around brute strength. I liked how they not only introduced not only the Juggernaut, but also Colossus, who is also another extremely strong mutant. His character did a good job of pointing out the struggles mutants go through in a foreigners point of view. A foreigner would already have trouble in America, and being a mutant is troubling as it is already. That's a pretty deadly combination. Beast's will to fight for mutant rights through choosing not to escape when he had the chance, did a good job of portraying his sense of justice. Other than that, a pretty average episode. Though the incident with Rogue going crazy after absorbing some of Juggernaut's memories and powers does open up for some interesting events in the future.
  • A fierce display of brutal strength

    The Unstoppable Juggernaut works fairly well both as an individual episode and as the conclusion to this four parter. There's really no need for another cliffhanger.

    The X-Men were truly desperate to find any signs of Xavier. Despite his intentions of meeting up with Moira McTaggert, we couldn't realize if re really had survived this brutal assault on the mansion. Jean attempts to contact him telepathically, but it doesn't make sense she couldn't contact him. He wasn't uncouncious. He wasn't dead. Was he deliberately blocking Jean's probing?

    On another issue, where in the world was Gambit? Despite the fact that he doesn't appear in every episode, this was no excuse to remove him from this show. Did he spend the episode in a club hitting on women? Was he searching for Xavier? He should have been there.

    Logan once again decided to track the Professor himself, against Cyclops wishes. This is where he and Storm start to use the rhetoric of having to work as a team in order to get results. This ends up paying off in the end of the episode.

    As the X-Men follow the attacker's trail, we are introduced to possibility Number 1: our Russian mutant Colossus, who's decided to help a demoliton firm. By the way, I loved the music theme when he brought the house down. The animation was equally good.

    Jubilee and Wolverine assume he's the culprit. Wolverine figures it out fairly quickly he's not the one though. Thank god, Logan can be used effectively that often. They join Rogue and Storm who found out a bank was robbed by somebody "big". Unfortunately Colossus ends up being arrested for the crime.

    Rogue and Storm decide to follow our friend in order to break him out. Now there's a capital crime if the X-Men ever commited one. By the way, where did Rogue get some an awesome convertible? She was a teenage orphan before joining the X-Men. Unless Xavier gave her the car, I don't see how could she have afforded it, unless of course it was stolen. Either way, she looks great in the car.

    They find Colossus and Beast as cellmates. This was an interesting use of Beast for once. He found out more about Colossus in half an hour, than we did in both of his appearances. Beast once again decided not to join the X-Men in breaking out of prison as he still awaits his trial. He must have been asleep in that hearing. Colossus, initially suspicious, is eventually charmed by Rogue enough to overcome his obssesive politeness and join them in escaping. Great use of mutant powers by the way.

    Wolverine and Jubilee finally uncover the real culprit: Xavier's brother Juggernaut. Wolverine then uses a terrific method in getting all of the bank money out of his hands. I wish I knew how to do that. He then makes Juggernaut realize he's no longer carrying any money and the struggle begins. Jubilee had to go berserk at this moment just because Juggernaut insulted her. Now that was a stupid way to try and get killed. But Rogue once again comes to the rescue by hurling Juggernaut to the building. I wonder if the X-Men ever pay for the damage caused in this episode. There are no people in the streets and the buildings are empty. Is this really New York City?

    I loved Colossus's battle against Juggernaut. A real contest of brute force worth watching and it looked great in animation. Colossus wasn't the main character in the episode. He was a secondary player and the role was perfectly served.

    After Storm uses a major building to bury our nemesis, Cyclops gather the X-Men to form a plan and work "as a team", staring purposefully at Wolverine. Then the plan unfolds and ends up being quite successful. The only drawback ends up happening in Rogue's attempt to absorb his powers.

    Now that was an amazing display of Rogue's powers and the consequence of using them. She brilliantly emulated Juggernaut's rage towards Xavier and his parents as she struggled to let that rage and endless power go. It was visually stunning and scary. Lenore Zahn performed brilliantly in this episode.

    In the end, a numb Juggernaut has his mind jumbled up by a psychic attack from Jean, which guarantees he won't make any further trouble for at least 2 seasons.

    Colossus ends up helping the X-Men to rebuild the destroyed mansion, before returning to Russia. We also get a touching final scene between Logan and Jubilee as they ponder Xavier's fate and their having never felt like they were really at home like they were now. A perfect ending to a powerful episode and a long story arc.
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