Season 2 Episode 3

Whatever It Takes (3)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 06, 1993 on FOX

Episode Recap

In Africa, near Mount Kilimanjaro (in Tanzania, not far outside the City of Dodoma), a young mutant boy with super-speed powers, named Mjnari (pronounced mish-nar-ee), outraces a herd of Zebras, and begins playing soccer with some friends of in his tribe, who complain he's moving too fast. He suddenly witnesses a fissure of yellow energy near the mountain, which his playmates are unable to notice. Within the yellow light is a bestial face...

At Xavier's School For The Gifted, Jean Grey, using Cerebro to try (and fail) to find the missing Professor X, senses the disturbance in Africa, which fails to appear on any of the sensor read-outs. Storm, just out of the hospital, is stunned to notice that the disturbance, which Jean detects as a tear in the psychic or astral plane (and Beast guesses might have been caused by Bishop's time travel jaunt), happens to be in the village of her godson, Mjnari. At said village, Mjnari is suddenly attacked by the creature from within the fissure, who appears in the form of a ghostial head and despite the boy's great speed, he's unable to outrun it. The dark being merges with Mjnari, causing his eyes to glow evilly red.

In the upper Amazon jungle of Brazil, Wolverine continues his search for Morph. His scent leads him downriver, to a bar, where Morph is disguised as a bartender. He's back to being evil, and rejects Logan's offer to help him as the Professor once helped him recover from his own dark side. It's taking on the form of Jean and berating his crush on her that allows Morph the opportunity to get away.

Upon arriving, with Rogue, at her old village in Africa, Storm uses her weather control powers to douse flames of fires spread throughout the village. It turns out that Mjnari is to blame, and it's explained to Rogue about how Storm became godmother to the boy. She gave CPR to him at birth, and helped to raise him in the village she had been a part of since she was orphaned as a child. A year ago, Mjnari developed his mutant powers, but it was a day ago that he had a change for the worse.

Mjnari approaches the two X-Women, and immediately they recognize his glowing eyes and deepened voice. The boy is being possessed by the Shadow King, a villain with a history with Storm, defeated once by Xavier's sending him spinning out into the astral plane. He wants to exchange Mjnari's body for Storm's, desiring the untapped potential of her powers. Not wanting the boy she calls a son harmed, she gives in to his demands. Rogue and the freed Mjnari give chase after the Shadow King-controlled Storm, who's heading to Cairo to become master of thieves.

Back in the Amazon, Wolverine does battle with Morph, who once again takes on his form. His lack of fighting experience proves a bane, though switching to a black panther and rhino evens the odds some. After beating Logan into a corner, Morph, reverting to his normal self, responds to Wolverine's requests of letting the X-Men help him by saying without Xavier there is no X-Men, and he has to get through this internal tug-of-war by himself. Logan finally stops chasing him, but still promises he and the X-Men will be there for him if he needs help.

Meanwhile, in Africa, Storm recounts how as a child living as a pickpocket on the streets of Cairo, she was forced to serve the Shadow King. Having been helpless then, she refuses to do nothing now, and takes control of her body, heading directly upward in an effort to kill both the Shadow King and herself. The attempt works with less dangerous consequences, as the lack of oxygen in upper atmosphere knocks the astral being out of her body. Rogue recovers Storm before she can fall to her death, and Mjnari comes up with a plan to take care of the Shadow King by himself. The tear in the astral plane is slowly healing itself, so he has little time.

Against Storm & Rogue's protests, he baits the Shadow King into following him, he races into the fissure in the mountain, and races back out before the evil creature can follow. The fissure seals, and Shadow King is back in his astral prison. Storm & Rogue say goodbye to Mjnari and the appreciative tribe, heading home with thoughts about their absent Professor Xavier.

Speaking of Old Chuckles, he and Magneto crawl safely out of the avalanche they were caught in down in Antartica. Xavier is amazed to discover they're now facing a vast jungle, which Magneto informs him is known as the Savage Land, a lost valley hidden beneath the icy mists above, created eons ago by someone for a forgotten purpose. Even stranger, the Professor can walk again! Both he and Magneto have lost their powers somehow, puzzled by the cause, though suspecting it has something to do with whoever lured them there (and they're right, as Mister Sinister views their every move from his lab). A pair of Savage Land natives riding pteradactyles suddenly swoop in and snatch Magneto. Xavier tosses a stick and frees him, though he falls into a river. He jumps in after his old friend and saves him from drowning, but neither of them are capable of being rescued from the waterfall they abruptly find themselves falling over...