Season 2 Episode 3

Whatever It Takes (3)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 06, 1993 on FOX

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  • Underdeveloped concepts; such a common mistake in most children and action cartoons these days.

    Somewhere in Africa, in Storm's old village, a crack allows the Shadow King, a former villain that even Xavier had trouble defeating, to pass through, and take over Kimimari's body; Storm's son. Rogue and Storm arrive at the location, and are delivered the bad news. They try and find Shadow King, and makes a deal for Kimimari's body for Storm's. Storm agrees, and soon after, has enough will power to fly into the sky, and drive Shadow King out again. Kimimari lures Shadow King into the dimensional crack again, sealing him forever. Meanwhile, Wolverine searches for Morph, and while he was pleased to see him, Morph wasn't. The two fought, but Morph escaped. In Antartica, Xavier and Magento survived the Avalanche, but their powers were disabled! And Xavier was even able to walk! Soon after, men riding tarydactyls capture Magneto, but is rescued by Xavier. They both find themselves falling off a cliff; maybe to their doom?

    I personally thought the whole situation with Shadow King was underdeveloped. Maybe I'd have to read the comics in order to know who he was, but he seems like a pretty cool villain in a large cast of already cool villains in Sinister, Mastermold, Apacalypse, and Magneto. Sadly, it seems like we won't be seeing him for a while, as this seems to be a one episode thing. Though they did provide some pretty informative background information on him, like how Xavier was even barely able to defeat him. If you know Xavier was only able to edge him out, then you know you have a pretty sweet antagonist. Though there could have been much more to this episode. Maybe Shadow King achieving at least a lick of what he had planned, and then getting defeated by the X-Men, rather than him getting beaten prematurely. It would have eaten up more episodes, but it would have been much better than this. Plus, it shared air time with the Wolverine and Morph situation that was going on, which I found to be much more entertaining. While it seems almost certain Morph isn't going to come back, and it's futile for Wolverine to even try, his attempts are really touching and sympathetic to watch, especially since Morph seemed to be his only closest friend on the team. The last sequence involving Magneto, Xavier, and Sinister, was also a lot better presented in its short two minutes rather than Shadow King's ten or so minutes. While it's not completely certain the man behind this is Sinister, lots of facts point it to him. Plus, I've always loved the scenes involving Magneto and Xavier, because their relationship is just so complicated; they're bestfriends with completely different ideals, and are forced to face off against each other in the battlefield.