Season 2 Episode 6

X-Ternally Yours

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Dec 04, 1993 on FOX
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Gambit must come face to face with the past he's been running from for years, as he returns to Louisiana to save his brother from the woman he left at the altar.

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  • An episode revolving around Gambit? Cool!

    Gambit receives a call from his former friend. He rides his plane all the way to some swamp area, where his brother is in trouble. However, all of this was a setup by his former lover, Belladonna, whom he left before they were able to get married. There's been this tradition that's been going on between thieves and assassins about a covenant, and in return, offer a tithe for power. Belladonna captured Gambit's brother, along with their tithe, and will only give the brother and tithe back if they give Gambit. Belladonna plans on marrying Gambit, but at the covenant, he warns the theives, and they battle the assassins. The external arrives, but thanks to Jean's powers, she showed her the truth behind the conspiracy. Gambit requested only her powers be taken away rather than her life. Back in Savage island, it seems Magneto ran into some former friends.

    Just like every other episode out there concerning the program X-Men that came before the title "Xternally Yours", I was disappointed with how things ended. It feels almost as if the endings are always rushed in order to meet the thirty minute requirement. These concepts could turn out really great if they didn't end by idiotic decisions. Though still, the story here really isn't that great. A little on the complicated side with this whole covenant and Xternal thing, and things just went a little too fast. Still, having Gambit his own episode is just awesome, plus, that fight with the thieves and assassins was actually pretty entertaining. Not on the level of Naruto or Samurai Champloo, but just seeing these guys with no mutant powers battle each other heightens the appreciation for it.moreless
  • A Cajun-story best series episode!

    It is definately the best episode in whole series - as am a fun of Gambit character - and as it was written. Perfect story, intelligent dialogues, interesting new characters, exciting ending and finally - a good pice \'o work fine by me - as it shows the (at least) 2/3 of story of mysterious Cajun X-Man. Definately the best thing about dat\' episode is the music - mysterious, hard, Cajun-style - makes a different look on dis\' episode. It\'s sad that every series episode is only 20-mins long - it\'s very hard to tell a whole story of one character in 20 minutes. But otherwise - the most exciting moments of Gambit\'s story has been shown in dis\' episode. A really good piece\'o work.moreless
  • Finally...GAMBIT!!!

    This is my absolute favorite episode in the whole show. It stars Gambit, what else can a girl ask for!? We get some important insight into his character, motovation and history. Awesome!!! Seeing Remy back in his home element, among those who know more about him? Wow, great stuff! We also get to see how some of the X-men truly feel about Remy. Rogue 'tips her hand' and reveals deep affection and protectiveness (plus some considerable jealousy), Wolverine reveals grudging respect and Scott even shows some frustration and jealousy while Jean gently explains the depth of Gambit's history and secretive nature. All in all, WOW!!!moreless
  • The Cajun gets his 15 minutes of fame

    Now this is more like it...

    While Repo Man was a dramatic and intense story with several errors in plot and adaptation, X-Ternally Yours corrected that mistake and managed to be a far superior character outing.

    This is the only real Gambit story ever produced in the series. So the writers had to get this one right by any means necessary. It worked fairly well, analyzing Gambit from every possible angle.

    The episode contains one of the best openings ever done, inside the Danger Room as Cyclops trains his abilities. As Gambit controls the simulation, he receives a frantic phone call from Louisiana. Our beloved Cajun accidentally flips a switch that turns the difficulty setting to maximum. Cyclops is confronted by the worst villains possible, and gets overmatched. This is why people should never talk in cell phones when they're driving. You get distracted and someone pays the price. But this is not some public safety announcement, so let's stay in topic.

    Now comes the biggest contrivance in the episode. How did Cyclops get injured at all? Isn't this supposed to be a simulation? By the way, the holodeck safeties excuse works only for the Star Trek TV shows.

    Rogue saves Cyclops from the inevitable and finds Gambit completely distraught and racing off to the south. While Scott recovers in the infirmary, Rogue, Jean and Wolverine try to comprehend why Gambit took off. Jean makes an intriguing statement that Gambit should have trusted them by now enough to tell them. This doesn't make sense, as it was the whole team that didn't trust Gambit in the first place. Days of Future Past is the biggest reference in that regard. Nevertheless, the three of them go to Louisiana to find the Cajun.

    It turns out that Gambit's brother was kidnapped by the assassins guild, the bitter rivals of the thieves guild, who are engaged in a decades old feud. The beginning of the episode showed a flashback sequence back when Gambit was still one of the thieves. His brother was named leader of the guild following the demise of the previous leader to that high priestess who gave powers to both guilds in exchange for those religious gifts. Apparently, this woman comes to this world every ten years or so to receive these gifts and boost their powers. It's an interesting display of a ritual and its religious side.

    Gambit's brother had the gift ready for presentation when he was captured by Belladonna, the leader of the assassins. She wants Gambit in exchange for his brother. He really has no choice in this matter.

    Wolverine, Jean and Rogue come in contact with the thieves guild and find out about Gambit's fate. What none of them know is that the treacherous Belladonna switched the gifts so that the thieves end up giving a false one to tha priestess.

    Gambit was perfectly written as a man truly trying to escape his own past. It works perfectly in context with his character, if you take Days of Future Past as an example. He accepts an engagement ring from Belladonna, which turns out to be a ring of power, capable of torturing our dear Cajun.

    The assassins and thieves meet up to the next gathering and things begin to unravel. This is where things get juicy. Rogue and Belladonna finally duck it out in the long-awaited cat fight of a lifetime. As the high priestess finally appears, the thieves are immediately blamed for a false gift. As the situation deteriorates quite rapidly, it's up to Jean's telepathy to save the day. She reveals the truth to the high priestess and she in turn punishes Belladonna.

    The high priestess allows for the thieves to make a decision concering the treacherous assassins. Gambit's brother desires their complete demise, but Gambit, in a rare display of real emotion, decides to end the killing and asks the priestess to take only Belladonna's powers away, sparing her life.

    The episode never really tries to explain the roots of this hatred, and it works for the best this way. Blind rage can be a powerful motivator. If you introduced reason the plot would lose steam.

    Gambit tells Belladonna he never plans to return to that place and that his past is over. While Wolverine carries the uncouncious Jean back home, Gambit and Rogue go back hand to hand. A sign of things to come.

    The episode ends in a perfect epilogue as Cyclops and Jean ponder about Gambit's motives and worries. In the end, Jean realizes that it takes time to build complete trust and that Gambit's going to need all the friendship possible to put all of this behind him.

    Meanwhile, Xavier and Magneto meet yet another threat in the Savage Land: one of Magneto's former mutants, the four armed man, who moves to give Magneto a very special hug. Xavier becomes an action hero and shoots a beehive, blinding the villain, prompting their escape and ending the episode.

    Overall, a solid character piece for Gambit. One of this best episodes. Also a good show for the surrounding X-Men, who were actually instrumental to the plot in hand. This is a product of good writing.moreless
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