Season 4 Episode 16

Xavier Remembers

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 27, 1996 on FOX
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Trapped on the astral plane after suffering a concussion, Professor Xavier is at the mercy of the Shadow King, and in desperate need of help from his X-Men, who are unable to hear him.

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  • Boring...

    It seems that an old enemy of Xavier has returned in the form of the Shadow King. He attempts to take over the Professor's body in order to rule the world by playing mind tricks. The Professor unfortunately wasn't strong enough to defeat the Shadow King himself, and was forced to yield his body to him. The Shadow King made his attack while the X-Men watch helpless as the Shadow King attacks in the body of their beloved professor. Jean searches for Xavier by sending herself in the Astral plane, rescues Xavier, and locks the Shadow King up once again.

    Boring episode, a bit confusing at times too. If it weren't for Xavier's commentating, I guaranteed you would be completely lost in this episode. All this psychological stuff felt like it was thrown together randomly, but instead it was just confusing. It's also one of those episodes that had a rushed ending--but I feel the same way for almost all X-Men episodes. The content itself was pretty badly executed, and the corny battle at the end was the only redeeming factor in this episode, even though it is just a replica of the various famous battles in Star Wars.moreless
Catherine Disher

Catherine Disher

Jean Grey

Cedric Smith

Cedric Smith

Professor X/Charles Xavier

George Buza

George Buza

Beast/Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy

Norm Spencer

Norm Spencer

Cyclops/Scott Summers

Alison Sealy-Smith

Alison Sealy-Smith

Storm/Ororo Monroe

Cal Dodd

Cal Dodd

Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett

Maurice Dean Wint

Maurice Dean Wint

Shadow King

Guest Star

Don Francks

Don Francks

Sabertooth/Victor Creed

Recurring Role

Chris Britton

Chris Britton

Mr. Sinister/Nathaniel Essex

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • The scene where Xavier remembers forming the X-Men shows the team at various points in their history: Wolverine (spy gear, first-appearance style costume, current), Iceman (as a boy, then snow-style), Beast (a boy, school uniformed normal-form X-Man, current), Cyclops (as a boy, school uniformed, current), Jean Grey (as a girl, school uniformed, current), Angel (as a boy, school uniformed, current Archangel form with his white and blue Angel costume), Rogue (her runaway outfit, Brotherhood of Mutants outfit), Gambit (flashback outfit, current costume with no coat, then with), Jubilee (casual attire twice, current), and Storm (street thief, first costume, current).

    • Cameos in Xavier's dream world include (aside from the regular X-Men) all of X-Factor, Lilandra, Nightcrawler, Angel, Morph, Iceman, and Magneto.

    • Rogue and Gambit appear in this episode only as mental illusions, and neither speak.

    • Sabretooth & Mr Sinister appear as (speaking) astral illusions.

    • Similarly, Wolverine is on top of his sheets in the first shot of him sleeping, and the next he's under the covers.

    • Xavier is lying on top of his sheets in his bed in the infirmary when he's helped to sit up, but the angles switch, and he's under them.

    • Why are Iceman and Rogue missing from the final line-up of the X-Men in the "generations" shot, yet Angel is there?

    • The door to the restaurant lacks the beads, and is on the other side of the door-frame, when Xavier exits the room.

    • Shadow King tells Xavier to join him in the restaurant behind him... yet he's facing the place when that's said.

    • Magneto's helmet, Strong Guy's costume, Polaris' hair, and Wolfsbane's whole body are all mis-colored in Xavier's dream.

    • Cyclops' forehead is colored brown when Jean calls for his help.

    • The Sentinel's eyes aren't darkened when it first pops out of the bushes.

    • The sky when the portal begins to open is day-light, despite scenes before and after being at night.

  • QUOTES (2)

  • NOTES (6)

    • Versions aired in countries other than the US feature a number of slight differences:
      - Overlay warp effects on the portal above the mansion, and in the astral plane, aren't used, meaning this version wasn't entirely finished before being released.
      - Xavier's hug of his mother happens too soon, and thus, his mouth moves for her lines.
      - The flashback clips to the early days of the X-Men and the danger room scenes are in full color instead of black & white.
      - Angel's final costume shot is colored red, instead of blue.
      - The flashback to the X-Men's defeat earlier in the episode isn't black & white either.
      - Shadow King's mist-head flies sidewards toward Jean & Xavier on the astral plane, using very stiff animation in one smooth transition to his appearance over them, instead of what appears to be a still shot of him superimposed over the background intercut with his head already having arrived.
      - Jean & Xavier's astral forms don't remain over the portal when Shadow King turns away from them on his asteroid platform.
      - The astral energy between Xavier and Jean when defeating the Shadow King is less fluid.
      - The portal closing on the SK lacks the warping effect.

    • Animation Company: AKOM Productions.

    • Original broadcast end-credits-scene: "The Juggernaut Returns"; With his powers restored, the Juggernaut refuses to fight the X-Men, walking away in his own way of saying thanks.

    • The story of Xavier first meeting Storm and facing the Shadow King is based on The Uncanny X-Men #117 (Jan 1979).

    • Prof. Xavier & the Shadow King's astral battle forms appear to be that resembling the classic Timely/Atlas/Marvel Comics' monsters Droom (from "Astonishing Tales" #9) and Monsteroso (from "Amazing Adventures" #5).

    • Episode director/producer Larry Houston is not credited (he'd left the show by the time this aired, and either denied being credited for it, was denied for it by those in charge, or was just accidentally left off).


    • visual: Shadow King vs Prof. Xavier astral plane final battle
      The "astral sabers" used by Shadow King and Xavier are a reference to the light-sabres of the Jedi Knights in the Star Wars movies, right down to similar sound effects.