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Welcome to the Xperimental guide at TV Tome. X-perimental was first aired in February 2003. 2 teams of 3 from a British school would compete for a place in the final by predicting a result by using a miniture version of it. S.A.M would help them predict. S.A.M was a talking machine boilder lookalike and was pathetic. So was the series. All of the children had ginger hair and wore jam jar glasses with big yellow teeth. In other words they were geeks. this show didn't go down to well on CBBC so like every other show, the BBC revamped it. Holly Willoughby left to change channels, Ortis Deley walked out because he didnt like the show and this left S.A.M on its own. S.A.M was probably binned for the best and Simon Grant and Jane Farnham were recruited and were the new faces of X-Perimental. The studio was rebuilt and the format was completely different. The studio audience were now standing behind metal fences found around building sites and there were no 2 teams. The titles were re-done and the show wasn't like before... it was completely different. With its new theme-tune, if I took away the name, you would think it was a completely different show. It was more of a child friendly show now moving on from Copper Nitrate to lifting cars. The audience would decide from 3 choices A,B and C when doing experiments. So from the humble beginning to the fantastic end, X-Perimental has almost been as good as Eureka TV. I personally did not like any of the two shows, these are just statistics from the BBC.moreless