Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Unknown Aug 10, 2006 on TBS
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Yuuko challenges Watanuki, Domeki, and Himawari to a snowball fight in the park. The winner then gets a "secret treasure" box which will grant any wish. The Rain and Vestal Sprite also participate in the fight. First, Yuuko has everybody make a snowman, then she gives the rules. The snowmen are to throw snowballs at the opponent, that's it. Yuuko doesn't seem to participate until most of the opponents are out. Then the real fight begins. Who will win against Yuuko?moreless

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  • Yuuko has a magic box that will give the winner anything they can think of, they just have to win in a snowball fight.

    Watanuki [very emmotional teenager/ talented cook] is cleaning his boss's, Yuuko; a cruel/ powerful/ beautiful/ childish, house as always. it's snowing; Yuuko, Moro&Maru [ 2 cute/ strange twins that live with Yuuko] and Mokona[Yuuko's annoying pet] see no problem. while cleaning, he finds a box. Yuuko says he can throw it away, but he can't open it on a condition.

    anway, Watanuki is at his school with his friends Himawari [very cute, Watanuki's crush] and Dômeki [very sarcastic/ dry guy Watanuki always fights with]. Watanuki finds a letter in his locker- love that would happen. a note from Yuuko saying come to park and bring Himawari &Dômeki. Watanuki says she's being more selfish than usual, te note say she's beyond insulted with that. freaks him out.

    they meet Mokona at the park, also the Rain Spirte[a hostial spirt that doesn't like humans], this is Himawari's 1st meeting her. then Watanuki notices the Vestal Sprite [a very pretty/ shy spirt with a crush on Watanuki]. yuuko shows up and says whoever wins a snowball fight can open her box.

    Watanuki thinks if he wins, he can shut Yuuko up for good.

    Yuuko tells them to make snowmen, Watanuki says her wicked smirk doesn't fit her chidlish attitude.

    Watanukie makes a snowbunny.

    Dômeki makes a slushy snowman.

    Himawari makes a cylcone snowman.

    Mokona makes a giant Mokona.

    Rain Spirte makes 2 very good warrior looking things.

    Vestal sprite makes a pegaus.

    finish latermoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • (Watanuki, Doumeki, and Himawari arrive at the park.)
      Watanuki: What the…Mokona?
      Mokona: Yo, Watanuki! Born on April 1st. That makes you an April Fool.
      Watanuki: Ha ha; I've never heard that one before. Could you give that stupid joke a rest already you flabby little furball?!
      Himawari: We weren't expecting you, Mokona. Did Yuko tell you to come to the park as well?
      Mokona: Yep.
      Watanuki: (mumbling) No good little toy thingy.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Who made what kind of snow-creature:
      Watanuki=Snowbunny, cute but powerless.
      Domeki=A steel can, with a snowball on top of it and arms and legs attached to its sides.
      Himawari=A normal snowman, turned upside down, and given the ears and arms which makes it look like some strange kind of teddy-bear.
      Rain Sprite=two ice statues of Fuujin and Raijin, the storm and thunder gods who have made more appearances in different anime.
      Vestal Sprite=A large, chibi Pegasus.
      Mokona=A huge white Mokona.
      Yuuko=Some kind of sci-fi jedi-robot-thingy, which shoots snowballs, prepared by Maru and Moro.