Xyber 9: New Dawn - Season 1

FOX (ended 1999)




Episode Guide


  • Eye of Darkness 3: The Duel
    Renard is gone, and now there's one final battle to be won before the world knows peace. But can Jack take on Machestro and still come back alive? You'll have to watch to find out!
  • Eye of Darkness 2: Without Xyber 9
    Xyber 9's fallen into enemy hands, but he's not exactly being cooperative. Machestro's lackey can fix that, though. Xyber's not the only one in trouble, however: Roselyn's been captured too. Can Jack still manage to save the day, even without the Xyber's help?
  • Eye of Darkness 1: Machestro's Plan
    After being constantly outmaneuvered by Jack and company, Renard finally discovers he has a spy. But why try and capture the spy when you can use them to your advantage instead? Things are about to go south for our heroes rather quickly; how will they get out of this one?
  • The Rail Cannon
    The Rail Cannon
    Episode 19
    With Renard destroying Tatania's kingdom city by city, a raid on the Rail Cannon is in order. Can our heroes sabotage the giant weapon, even while Mick flirts with Ms. Thorpe through the whole trip?
  • Marooned
    Episode 18
    Renard attacks the New Valley again, and this time he's brought along something special, a new Machina fighter plane with enough power to face off against Jack's Spider Fighter. But when their weapons cross, the Spider Fighter reveals a new power, sending it and the Machina plane spinning through space and time. Now, Jack, Xyber, Ikira, and the Machina pilots are stuck who knows where . . . and the only way back is to work together.moreless
  • Ghost of the Ancients
    While on the run from Renard, Jack and company discover an old fortress belonging to the legendary King Dragar. Looking for something to chase Renard off, Jack finds a strange and powerful suit of armor. But putting it on is one thing, controlling it is something else entirely. Maybe he should have listened to Xyber 9 this time?moreless
  • Infestation
    Episode 16
    While hunting for a magnetic disruptor in the ruins of an Ancient city, the gang finds something else entirely, something surprising. However, Machestro is plotting as per usual, so this find may have dire consequences . . .
  • Anakonda's Choice
    Anakonda's Choice
    Episode 15
    Anakonda starts acting strangely during a raid on one of Renard's convoys; it seems there's trouble in her homeland and even at this distance she can sense it. Not only that, but another member of her tribe shows up, looking for help. And what does Jack think of this newcomer? Let's just say it's not pretty . . .moreless
  • Balance of Power
    Balance of Power
    Episode 14
    The Hunters have been unleashed! But Machestro and Renard aren't the only ones with new toys; Jack and his friends finally opened the vault at the New Valley, too. Jack's slowly gathering the people and weapons for a kingdom of his own, but what happens when Renard decides to attack?
  • The Astral Hand (2)
    The Astral Hand (2)
    Episode 13
    The fight for Eldera is officially going down the crapper; Mick and Willy are good, but not good enough to hold off Renard's entire army by themselves. Will Jack make it back with the Astral Hand in time?
  • The Astral Hand (1)
    The Astral Hand (1)
    Episode 12
    Renard's Rail Cannon destroys everything it's aimed at, but it's limited by the amount of Strontite explosive that can be scrounged up from ancient ruins. Unfortunately for the Kingdom of Eldera, there's supposedly vaults with tons of the stuff there. Can our heroes keep Renard out or at the very least save Eldera's people?moreless
  • Ground Zero
    Ground Zero
    Episode 11
    It's the Siege of Trencher's Field, and Tatania's Light Calvary is getting stomped into the ground. Jack, Anakonda and Ikira show up to help, but things just aren't going well. To make matters worse, Renard's Rail Cannon is finally finished, and he's all too eager to test it out . . .moreless
  • Ikira's Secret
    Ikira's Secret
    Episode 10
    After being chased by Tunnel Rats on their way out of the Underworld, Jack and Ikira return to the group with a mysterious key. Not only that, but they discover just why the Machina can't stand sunlight. But, why does this fact have Ikira so unnerved? You'll find out . . .moreless
  • The Golden Masquerade
    Jack, Willy and Mick go looking for the code key that'll get them into the New Valley's vault at one of Renard's bases, but somehow wind up on a treasure hunt with an old 'friend' of Mick's. Jack learns that treasure isn't really worth all that much . . .
  • The New Kingdom
    The New Kingdom
    Episode 8
    Jack and his friends find an artifact called the Seed of Light that can damage Machina technology. It could also make their Valley a sanctuary from the threat of the Machina; however, tensions between everyone threaten to drive the group apart. Everyone is ready to go their separate ways, but Jack thinks he's got a way to change all that...moreless
  • Trio
    Episode 7
    A trip through the jungle to stop Machestro from activating the Ring of Thunder is bad enough. Jack gets to go on this little jungle trip with his two squabbling love interests in tow . . . this is going to be difficult.
  • Renard's Daughter
    Renard's Daughter
    Episode 6
    Jack and his friends get the help of an unlikely ally, Princess Roselyn (daughter of King Renard), while searching for a data bank on Renard's command ship. Tensions and jealousy soon arise, however. Will our heroes make it off the command ship alive?
  • Heart of the Ancients
    Jack and his friends go in search of the 'Heart of the Ancients', an ancient computer and almost legendary storage center that may give them needed data on the vault in the New Valley. Mick regards the trip as nothing more than a treasure hunt, but when dealing with ancient technology, you know Machestro and his underlings can't be too far away...moreless
  • Queen Tatania
    Queen Tatania
    Episode 4
    While on board the HMS Independence (a massive airship), Jack, Ikira, and Ana are taught a lesson on why traitors and saboteurs really suck, when Jack is accused of being a spy and causing a damaging act of sabotage. Xyber 9 is then confiscated from him. Ikira and Ana are left with the daunting task of proving to Queen Tatania that Jack is innocent.moreless
  • First Impressions (3)
    Jack and his new friends may have stopped the 'monster' of Gaagol, but the real war's just getting started. Will an alliance with Queen Tatania be enough help for Jack and company to survive all the fighting?
  • Enter Ikira (2)
    Enter Ikira (2)
    Episode 2
    Jack comes to Gaagol looking for a weapons master. Instead, he finds loads of Renard's soldiers, along with an old man that he soon learns is the legendary swordsman, Lord Ikira. Jack must come to Ikira's aid by fending off the "monster", who with the help of some strange allies, has been preventing the town of Gaagol from getting water.moreless
  • New Acquaintances (1)
    Meet Jack, a kid with a penchant for getting into and out of trouble, and a dislike for people calling him "boy". He's always dreamed of being a hero, but his life so far has come up short. On finding Xyber 9, however, those dreams may just end up becoming reality . . .moreless