Yakitate!! Japan

(ended 2005)


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  • Yakitate! Japan best of both worlds! Anime and Bread!

    I am not a die-hard anime fan or an otaku one might say but I am an avid watcher of anime series. I choose the series I want to watch and the first time I saw Yakitate Japan it was around its 12th episode or so. Here in the Philippines I had the luxury to watch it in our dubbed languange that made it more funnier because of the revised lines but just to check I had to watch it again from youtube for the english subs. Another advantage for me is cable television even though Yakitate is running on one of the local channels its shown also in an anime channel for the complete episodes sometimes the show on the local tv gets cut for time constraints and of course its delayed so I could watch the first episode again.

    Azuma Kazuma the main character in the story is a good symbol of how a simple teenage boy determination is. The thought of having a anime series revolving around bread making is absurd the fact that who wants to watch a series about baking anyway. I was wrong about that fact and I often set aside time for watching Yakitate any day of the week. Surrounded by wacky but colorful characters Yakitate would not be the stereotypical anime series without the big teardrops, impossible premise, and of course a relatively good moral story in which a pure hearted boy could win anything because he doesn't desire evil to win.

    Overall as the end of its run comes to a near here in our country I'll always relive in youtube or another channel and later on buy the whole season on DVD.
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