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  • Calling this show abysmal is too kind. It deserves to be called every bad word in the whole world.

    Words alone can't describe the pain and horror that is Yakkity Yak. The show is about a Yak named Yakkity who wants to be class clown, and has adventures. He also has a friend who is, I am not kidding here, a pineapple for a head. It's just as stupid as it sounds. All the humor that is usually shown in this show is just terrible and flat. There is no appeal at all to anyone. The artwork and animation looks horrible. Characters are drawn so weird and strange, like a guy who literally has a body that is a pair of pants. The characters are all terrible. Yakkity is just annoying, the pineapple is always grouchy and not in a good way, and the guy with high pants for a body is supposed to be funny, but isn't. The stories are extremely bland and forgettable. Everything about this show is just so wrong. The characters are terrible and really weird, the stories aren't interesting, the humor is not funny in the least bit, and it should never have been made at all. I am just so appalled about this show, for your sake stay away from Yakity Crap!
  • Yakkity Yak

    Me and my Caucasian friend have watched an episode of Yakkity Yak, and these reviewers are biased and simply don't understand. This show is the best!!!!!!! If I could give it eleven stars, I would! This show is amazing. Yakkity Yak is proof there is a higher being!!!!!
  • Wow, this crap is lame, again!

    This is honestly one of the dumbest shows Nick has ever made. It's basically just a bout a dumb yak who wants to be a comedian, but is not funny. It's just dumb. First off, his friends. Why does his buddy Keo have a pineapple for a head?! And why does Keo's father just have a pineapple head?! A genetically bad experiment?!! Man, it gets dumber! His other friend Lemony. I don't really know why, but I don't like her. She is annoying! I don't like that Professor Crazyhairs fellow, either. I liked Penelope, but she was getting annoying as well. Second, Yakkity is claimed to be a teenager. Yet he looks like a 12-year-old to me. What's up with that? Third, this show comes on Nicktoons Network barely, but it doesn't deserve to be on there, because it is not a real Nicktoon, nor is it fit to be, along with Shuriken School, Martin Mystery, and some other shows!!! This show was really suckish, and I'm glad it's gone!
  • I hate this show. Hate it hate it hate it. HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate this show. It sucks. It is just a worthless piece of crap that should never have been thought of. If I had to make a list of the bottom five tv shows of all time, this would be on it. Everything about it is just plain wrong. It is best summed up in two words, retarded and irredeemable.The animation is pathetic. The characters are unlikable. The plotlines are impossible to follow and are stupid in their own right. The voice acting sucks. I could forgive all of that if it was funny, but it's not funny. But it simply, I hate this retarded piece of crap.
  • Don't watch this show, unless your on crack!

    OMG! What was that?! This was on Nickelodean?! OMFG that was one of the worst things I ever saw aire on TV! It's worse than Back at The Barnyard and The Secret Show. This is such an overrated show, it shouldn't even be rated mediocre by TV.COM, it should be rated ZER0!!! This was the era when Nick started using crack. The Nicktoons from the olden days are WAAAY better than this mud puttle. I cant believe I thought this show would be good when it first aired, but it was so terrible, it only lasted a little more than a month. It's also a ripoff of Ren & Stimpy, it used Ren & Stimpy humor but only worser. This show makes some mediocre Barney episodes look interesting.

    Grade: F
  • I love this show.

    I love this show. A Yak who wants to be a comedian?! That's awesome. He could be a comic book character or where's the movie and it should said: Haired, Big and he wants to be a comedian?! Yakkity Yak! The characters of this show are fantastic. A talkin' pinapple head?! Awesome! A man with a high pants? Pretty neat! and of course, a Former wrestling champion with the magic of hand puppets. Jawesome! (Oops, that's a wrong cartoon) The cartoon style are marvelous. It looks like i'm watching in 1960's, but in 2000's. It's too bad that so many people hate this show. Anyway i love this show.
  • I really like the feel of this show! It's really better than people give it credit for...

    I really like the feel of this show. It's really better than people give it credit for... most people really only hate it so much because it replaced shows they loved, which means they didn't give the show a decent chance. And it's more original than it's given credit for also! Think about it, where else can you find a (slightly)humanoid yak going tword a dream of being a comedian! His freinds are a genious pinapple-headed(litterally!) boy named Keo (Not to be mistaken for Kiyo from Zatch Bell), and a blonde-headed girl named Lemony, who Keo has a thing for. Lemony seems to be the only normal person in their gang! Anyway, I saw this show on Nicktoons and got to like it! Sure it needs some fine tuning but still... it's really a great show! It's a wonder no one has reveiwed it here yet.
  • Not funny, Sucks

    This is one of the worst mistake ever put on TV. I know why it was kicked of Nickelodeon and put on Nicktoons TV. It doesn't even deserve to be on Nicktoons. This was the most horrible cartoons ever put on TV. It's history and memories should be wiped off the face of the earth.
  • It's not the train wreck people say it is, but it's no masterpiece either.

    I was nervous of watching this show when I heard such bad reviews of it [most of them in forums]. But I catched it on Nickelodeon and it was...funny. An okay show to say the least, it's not the train wreck people says it is, but it's no masterpiece either. It's in need of some fine tuning: probably fix the animation, revise the scripts, and replace the main voices [the voice of Yakkity is ANNOYING] and THEN it would be great...and I loved the song ever since it was on radio.
  • Yakity Crap!

    This show is no where near I mean near a even halfway decent show! It seems like somethisng a idiot and a 2 year came up with I mean what is this piece of JUNK! The charecters are weird and the story line is worse then anything I have ever seen in my LIFE!!!
  • It sucks but it's good.

    This show is kinda lame. I watch it when nothing good is on. It isn't funny at all but the idea is exetremly original. I haven't seen anything on the show that I've seen before. I'm almost positive that the people who made this show were high when they thought of it but, it's better than most of the cartoons on the Disney channel.
  • Why does everybody hate this show so much?

    I love this show! I don't care if everybody hates the animation or if the characters are weird(Mr Crazypants is my least favorite character, because of his hair), I love this show anyways, even though it can be improved a little, and Lemony can be a little annoying, I love it anyways!
  • It's Just about a Yak who wants to be a class Clown? It Ended in 30-Days! Read mine=)

    Nick Made another Stupid Mistake with a 4.5 Show There only nont a lot of episodes and stuff. It makes very very baaaaaaaaaaaaaad Nicktoon sorry Yakity yak folks=(.only 1 epsiode i kinda little enjoy but thats it. im Done with all this nonsence and crap Nick don't make a nother dumb mistake AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch Family Guy instead=) or Other GOOD Shows on Nick
  • yakitty yak crap crap crap! this show sucks!

    This show absolutley makes no sense. I mean I dared myself to watch one episode and I think I threw up! I might sound like a stupid drama queen but come on. This show sucks out loud. And really, i dont know one person who actually likes this show. I dont even think its on anymore. So that proves my piont. No offense, but anyone who watches this show has a few issues.
  • Yakkity Yak

    This show is quite good I am amazed of how many people hate this show. It is not shown on TV at the moment but this show is still enjoyable. I wish that this show haven't been taken off the air because it was a real good show and good while it lasted.
  • I dont wanna watch anymore stop it!!Change channel I beg!!

    Ok err...Yakkity...yak.One of the worst shows I seen since...ever.Its about a Yak named Yakkity being a class clown.Show is very pointless and not funny.I seen every episode and I did not laugh at all.All I laughed at was the show itself.Really this show was dumb and stupid.If you like this show...well....thats nice.
  • Not bad at all.

    I can't say this is my favorite but it has some potential. It did not last very long, and I must admit that it is fun to watch sometimes. I like the character named Keo, and I don't really like Yakkity. The show is not very funny, but I will say that it is very abstract and the art in it is very well done. I can understand why it didn't last very long, but I like the fact that it stills comes on Nicktoons anyway.
  • like many others have reviewed, this show is pure crud

    Yakitty yak is one of the worst shows on t.v, ive seen worse, but this one pretty much takes the 20-month-old birthday cake.

    Im all for anthropomorphic animals, but they havent done much for yakitty yak, and the animation is awful, and its not awful in a 'mediocre' kind of way, i mean they purposely made the things so visually unappealing, probably for humor, but its just made the show more visually unappealing! its sick and gross.

    yakitty yak himself isnt an original concept. they have tried to make him new for the new milleneum, and failed.

    it really really sucks.
  • Yakkity Yak is even worst than (Disney's House of Mouse)

    Like "CatDog" & "Chalk Zone" Yakkity Yak is suffering bad voice acting worst Nicktoon ever made luckly good show like "Corneil & Bernie" & "Catscrach" was the cure for tele-Eyesore like this

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttttooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    Who in the world had a blond hair girl,a puppet,a dog form some book,a snake headded fish, & a hat for villans?


    This show was soooooooooooo anoying im glad it got cancelled. I hope that nick erases one of there biggest mistakes made of all time. They should literally say that like it was a new president who did this or it was confidential and we were about to explode it but we just needed to test it out first.
  • It's just about a Yak who wants to be popular... LAME!

    This show was really lame and unoriginal! It was about some Yak named Yakkety (dumb name) who wants to fit in with everyone or whatever! He had a pineapple guy as a best friend (Ok...weird) and a highly annoying b**** named Lemony! The storylines were awful, and the humour...what humour? It HAD no humour! I pity the creators who made this. You know, they tried to impress people too much!
    I was really happy when they took this pile of crud off the air! YEAH!!
  • A odd Australian Cartoon

    This show was made in Australia, but failed miserably. Why a Yak? Why the onions and the pineapple kid? It just makes no sense. The shows characters are not well developed, and the overall plots are usually very lame. Soemtimes they stroke genius in a episode, but otherwise no. Animation style is different, and pretty good, but it does not make up for the shows character flaws. An okay show to watch, but not neccesarily reccomended, yep.
  • I liked it better when They was called "Happy Tree Friends" & "Sonic X"

    Yakkity Yak is a show eveyone hate & wants Cancelled Know why because it a rip-off to Happy Tree Friends & Sonic X for example The HTF & Sonic X has better episode polts then this show, I mean I use-to like this show but now it's getting old & I want Nicktoons to cancelled it, It Rips-off HTF & SX look (SX)
    Lemony-Dr. Eggman
    Mr. High-Pant-The Menorex
    It stupid Nicktoon please Cancell this & CatDog Now
  • Original and funny show! ^^

    In my channel it was cancelled... T_T But I liked it! ^^ That's very funny... What else? I think there is a very original cartoon: a yak teenager who wants to be succesfull and who lives with his grandmother... Very good, really! :D "Limonette" (my nickname) is Lemony in french, I don't really like this character, but her name is... pretty! ^^ Very pretty names of all characters! I like them all :P Yakkitty Yak, Keo, Lemony, Trilo... I can see, like all my fav shows, people don't enjoy Yakkitty Yak... But the worst is: Why do you say that's unoriginal? I think there is a lot original, really! ;) byeee
  • LOL fun.

    This is a pretty good show. ALOT better than My Gym Partners a Monkey. Very Original to me. I never saw a show where a Yak decides to be a class clown. And Yakkity is pretty much the only animal at the school. Except for the Robot and Keo, the pineapplehead. I think that this show deserves more. Show morw episodes and have more seasons of Yakkity Yak. Come on guys. If you give it a chance, you might find out you like it more.

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) : ): ): ): ) :) :) :) :)
  • My favorite and my masterpiece.

    Yakkity Yak is a cool show. Better than Catdog or Ren and Stimpy. I hate Yakkity Yak haters why, they don\'t like that show. My favorite character is Chuck Damage, he is one of the coolst character of Yakkity Yak! None of those characters are annoying (only Granny Yak looks stupid). I love Yakkity Yak :).
  • I just watched one episode of this crap, and thats all I could take!

    I have no idea what this show is about! I just watched it because I was dead bored! From what I've seen its about a Yak named Yakkity-Yak. He's trying to be different in his own strange way. I saw the episode where he moves out, and lives in a tree. He tries to plug in his eletronics in cretin parts of the tree. I didn't see the rest of it, because I was about to hurt myself! Also, I pretty much lost some of my brain cells watching it. I don't recommen this show if you enjoy life, and you want to get smarter!
  • This show is way one dimensional.

    Ok,like I said in the summary,the show is very one dimensioal.All I see is a stupid yak who wants to be a comedian,but his jokes are lame.All the characters chose one personality trait and stick to it.No new plots,no new characters,no new anything.A lot of shows I like tend to bring new characters and plots when they come out with a new series.This,I should say not.I must ask the president of Nicktoons Network,"Do we really need more original instead of classic repeats like Rocko's Modern Life or Invader Zim?"Honestly,I'd say no as those good shows got kicked off Nickelodeon for crap like The X's or The Naked Brother's Band.I'd give this show a zero,but I can't rate it anything lower than 1.
  • Why does no one like this show.It doesn't get the respect it deserves.

    I am here to defend this show.Everyone hates it when it good.It even got a 5 on the board which is sad.This is a good show despite the fact of that stupid pinapple-headed freak and a theme song based on a song from th 50's.Now Nicktoons is showing it less.This show doesn't deserve what the people are giving it respect.This show is good and I am going to change the way it is treated.I am sure there are members that love this show.To all the fans I am going to write a forum where we plan to defend it.Anyway before this turns into a ad,this is a good show and all the hating[even in forums]need to change.
  • I do not understand why this show sucks but i like it!

    Yakkity Yak is a cool show, a talking yak, big pinapple, a Spoiled brat, a former wrestling champion and many other characters! Yep i like it and if anyone hates that show, well i will think of something.... It will be great if it's going on DVD all episode and extra storyboard!!! I give this 5/5
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