Years of Living Dangerously

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    I love this show more than I can say. It just breaks my heart that only those of us who can afford to see shows on SHOWTIME get to see this great series.

    I soooooo hope that YEARS will be made available to the general public via PBS or network channels after it ends on SHOWTIME.

  • Years Of Living Dangerously: Years of Living. . . .Unpredictably?

    For those of us who tuned in to see some hard science and eye opening facts slammed into the populace's face, well, it was a start. We saw something like an unfinished. . . .

    The big names were there to entice us. Enter stage left; Harrison Ford in a jet designed for collecting air samples. Enter stage right; Don Cheadle to see how increasing drought conditions in Texas was adversely affecting industry and the lives that are impacted. Climbing on to the cinematic stage in between them was hard nosed journalist Thomas Friedman, whose job seems to be carrying a giant banner with the word 'Credibility' written across it in bold print.

    Don't get me wrong, the observations were sound. They convinced me that there are some things happening in the world that are going to irrevocably change our planet. There are some wickedly smart people (enter backdrop; Dr. Katherine Hayhoe) who are trying to figure out how to open people's eyes to the problem. They even provided a very entertaining moment of ignorance and lies provided by the governor of Texas. There are some real lives in America and the world abroad that are affected as a result of all this. The drought nudges people of Syria and Egypt into a frenzy against an unresponsive government, for instance. Now that we see a bigger picture Mr. Cameron, what now?

    The show entertains us with its drama, and we all know that when James Cameron is running the puppet show the visuals will be sharp and at times even breathtaking. But let's be fair, if I want plain entertainment I would have been tuned in HBO last night. There is a point that they are trying to make here, no doubt. I even like the angle they took in appealing to the religious community so as to open the eyes of those who would use religion to waylay scientific facts. It was a very subtle method of slamming an iron skillet in the face of the 'non-believers' when it comes to global climate change and its lasting effects. So, what now?

    You have my attention. You have some entertaining premises. You have a big name network giving you an hour a week. You have some big time problems to talk about. What we do with the information is kind of the question here. You brought us to the brink at the edge of the thing and now we're here together. So Mr. Cameron, pull the puppet strings carefully. We'll be watching, for now.