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Yes Chef is a Korean reality food series starring Chef Edward Kwon, the head chef at the prestigious and world-famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. In this exciting competition series, Chef Kwon returns to Korea to oversee a competition between twelve contestants chosen from a field of over 1,000 applicants. The contestants compete in a variety of intense challenges that are designed to weed out the weaker chefs and reveal the truly talented chefs. Each episode, the contestants must cook their way through a high-stress situation under the watchful gaze of Chef Kwon, who will determine which contestant best exemplifies the traits necessary to achieve the level of success he has. The winner of the series will have a chance to follow in Chef Kwon's footsteps and join him in Dubai, working and studying under his guidance at the Burj Al Arab hotel. Yes Chef is an exciting reality series, full of intense kitchen action and creative, mouth-watering dishes.

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