Yes, Dear

Season 2 Episode 11

A Complicated Plot (a.k.a. Complicated Plot)

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Dec 17, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

Greg's and Kim's parents all spend Christmas at the Warner house this year. Not all is merry when a discussion about how every child has their 'A' set of grandparents (the ones they love) and their 'B' set (the ones they like) makes Greg realize his parents, Tom and Natalie, aren't Sam's 'A' set. When Greg sees Sam having a great time with Don and Jenny, he snatches Sam away from them, then tries to make his parents play with him. But Tom and Natalie are so dull and awkward around kids that Greg talks to Kim about it. She tells him it's not Sam's fault that Tom and Natalie are meek. Greg turns it into a competition, insistent on making his folks the 'A' grandparents. No matter what he orders them to do to win Sam over, Don and Jenny are one step ahead of him. Greg's angry when Don decides for everyone that they'll be breaking tradition by opening their gifts on Christmas eve. And he's furious when Don and Jenny give their gifts to him, Kim, Jimmy and Christine -- they've bought the cemetery plots adjacent to their own, so everybody can spend all of eternity buried together. Greg has an outburst, demanding Don and Jenny take their present back. A near brush with death leads an unconscious Greg to dream that he did die and ended up buried with the Ludkes and the Hughes -- but not with Kim, who was buried with her second husband. After he comes to, he learns that, while he was out, the others all talked about this 'A' and 'B' thing, and he's right. So they bought a plot for Tom and Natalie too.
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