Yes, Dear

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 27, 2000 on CBS

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  • "Arm-Prins" was a classic episode. In addition to the awesome regular cast, this ep. guest starred two of my very favorite character actors, Dan Hedaya and comedian Matthew Parrott. It also special guest starred Steve Burns from "Blues Clues."

    There was soooo much going on in this episode so I am going to narrow this review down to my top three parts of "Arm-Prins." Kim decides that she wants to goto the outdoor market and try to sell her kitchen invention, "Arm-Prins." Made to pull over your sleeves up to the elbow so that any splashing from cooking won't get on your shirt/blouse. Greg ends up staying home to babysit Sammy while Kim and her dad (Dan Hedaya) go to the market to sell Kim's invention. Needless to say it doesn't go very well but Dan Hedaya is funny. While at home with Sammy, Greg figures out the only way to keep Sammy happy is to keep "Blues Clues" on, watching the same episode over and over and over. Greg starts to lose it and in a fantasy sequence Greg finds himself in Steve's clothes (uniform) and in "Blues Clues." Again, very funny stuff. Later in the episode Greg feels guilty for not making Kim feel like he believed in her or her invention. Greg and Jimmy decide to go down to the outdoor market to see how it's going for her. It is not going well at all. Greg and Jimmy get a keen idea, they decide that they're going to pay one of the outdoor market shoppers to purchase one of Kim's "Arm-Prins." Greg stops a rather large fellow (one of my very favorite character actors, comedian Matthew Parrott) and says, "Hey, do you wanna make 10 bucks?"
    To which he replies, "Uhh, whaddah I have to do?" Greg pulls out a $20 dollar bill & explains that if Matthew will go over and purchase one of Kim's "Arm-Prins" for $10 he can keep the remaining $10. Matthew says, "Sure, ok." And then takes the $20 turns around towards Kim's booth takes one step and then BOLTS off running through the market with the quickness and speed of a really big cheetah! LOL! LOL! That was one of the funniest scenes that I have ever seen. It was so unexpected and extremely surprising how fast a big dude like that could move. The reaction looks on the faces of Greg and Jimmy are priceless. The $20 bucks was simply long gone. Another great episode, and a sorely missed ensemble. Thanks.
    -Seann T.