Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 5

Big Brother-in-Law

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 20, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jimmy decides to throw his hat in the ring and make a tape application for Big Brother. Greg thinks he's wasting his time. At least until Jimmy is surprisingly accepted on the show, after which he's just upset. At least until Christine reminds Greg that the $500,000 grand prize could buy her and Jimmy a house. Greg and Kim agree to help Christine out with the kids while Jimmy's gone, and Jimmy blunders his way into the Big Brother house by first mugging for the camera, then missing his chance to snag a decent bed, and finally getting himself locked out. He soon recovers from his missteps, and manages to win over his eleven younger, slimmer, hotter roommates by being that loveable, huggable, old guy whom they can all talk to. That loveable, huggable, old, unmarried doctor guy they can all talk to. Expectant that Jimmy will win the game and get the hell out, Greg starts looking for a new home for the Hughes, but Jimmy's gay, black roommate, Marcellas, throws a wrench into those plans after he wins HOH, and nominates Jimmy for eviction, as a pawn for "that bitch Alison," the other nominee whom everyone wants gone. After Marcellas is shown on TV saying to her that he set Jimmy up by stealing a pair of fellow contestant Lisa's underwear and telling everyone else that Jimmy stole them, Greg fears the worst, rushes over to the set, breaks into the house during the live eviction, and, in front of multiple cameras, blurts out to all the contestants that Marcellas is framing Jimmy, before being dragged away kicking and screaming by security. None of the players actually get a chance to vote, since Greg's actions get Jimmy disqualified from the game. While the two guys are sitting on host Julie Chen's couch, Julie ruins Greg's day by showing him that Marcellas was lying to Alison as part of his alliance with Jimmy, and everyone was going to vote her out. When Julie asks Jimmy if he's disappointed that Greg blew it for him, he boasts that he may have to leave the Big Brother house, but he'll never leave the Warner house.
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