Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 5

Big Brother-in-Law

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 20, 2003 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The eleven former Big Brother contestants all prove to be remarkably good sports, each one making fun of their TV personas: Alison (crying copious crocodile tears), Jun (hating everyone), Nathan and Hardy (obsessed with physiques), Will (chest shaving), Amy (eating cheese and drinking booze), Marcellas (catty fruit), Michelle (mute eye candy), Justin (clingy), Roddy (gay for pay), Lisa (man toy).

  • Quotes

    • (Jimmy walks out the door of the Big Brother house)
      Greg: He's so stupid he's probably looking for the guest house.

    • Christine: It's Jimmy who gets them fired up every night. I used to think it was me and Jimmy united against Dominic and Logan. Now I realize he's one of them. And not only that, he's their leader.

    • Will: So you think she bought it?
      Marcellas: Oh, yeah. She's such an idiot. Who would believe that we'd get rid of Jimmy?
      Will: I know. He's great. I almost hope he wins instead of me.
      Marcellas: Will, sweetheart, you're never going to win! Everybody hates you!

    • Marcellas: I stole a pair of Lisa's underwear. I told everyone that Jimmy took them, and that he's wearing them.
      Alison: Is he?!
      Marcellas: No, girl—I am!

    • Greg: Christine, I took some time to look up a couple of pieces of real estate that I think you might be interested in. You know, for when Jimmy wins the big money.
      Christine: Wow, look at this. Three bedrooms, three baths.
      Greg: Yeah, five acres of land.
      Christine: This looks pretty good. Where is this?
      Greg: Um, that's in Maine.

    • Jimmy: Hey, so, uh, you and that girl, Lisa, you seem to be getting along, huh?
      Marcellas: Yeah, she's sweet.
      Jimmy Ah, dude, she's fine. I think you got a real shot there.
      Marcellas: Jimmy... you do know that I'm gay, right?
      Jimmy: Oh. Okay... Well, check out the abs on Nathan...
      Marcellas: (interviewing)That's the thing about Jimmy—he didn't seem to care that I'm gay. He didn't even seem to notice. Tomorrow, I'm going to tell him that I'm black.

    • Jun: I know I've only been in here for a little while, but I already hate all these people. Except Jimmy. He's just so straightforward and honest. I can't believe a successful doctor like him isn't married.

    • Jimmy: Hey, Julie. Can I get a little help? I locked myself out.
      Christine: What is he doing?! He went outside!
      Greg: He's probably looking for the guesthouse.

    • Greg: Of course me and Kim will help with the kids. But I get Dominic. After last Saturday night, I'm never watching Logan again. The kid can't even wipe himself.
      Christine: Yes, he can.
      Greg: That lazy, little weasel.

  • Notes

    • Aired with truncated opening credits.

    • The sets, main titles and theme song used within the episode are all courtesy the Arnold Shapiro incarnation of Big Brother (season 2 on).

    • The original broadcast aired with a spot for "CBS at 75" (CBS' 75th anniversary special, broadcast on November 2, 2003), featuring Anthony Clark and Mike O'Malley talking about the "Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth" episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Clark was also in attendance of the live event.

    • This marks the second Big Brother contestant connection, after Mike Malin's appearance on "Baby Fight Club."

    • This marks the fourth crossover with other CBS series, after Blue's Clues ("Arm-prins"), The District ("Jimmy's Jimmy"), and JAG ("Let's Get Jaggy with It").

    • The Big Brother house is located at CBS Studio Center, the same complex at which Yes, Dear is shot.

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