Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 14

Big Jimmy Babysits

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 02, 2004 on CBS
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Big Jimmy Babysits
Jimmy is upset when Greg, Kim and Christine all tell him that they don't think Big Jimmy is responsible enough to watch the kids. Christine and Jimmy spice up their love lives.

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Marina Malota

Marina Malota


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Christian Boewe

Christian Boewe

Little Jimmy

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Anthony Bain and Michael Bain

Anthony Bain and Michael Bain

Sam Warner

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Brendon Baerg

Brendon Baerg

Logan Hughes

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Jerry Van Dyke

Jerry Van Dyke

Big Jimmy Hughes

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    • Jimmy: (reading a card from the game) Pour hot fudge on your partner somewhere and lick it off.
      Christine: That sounds messy.
      Jimmy: Yeah. And sounds like a waste of hot fudge.

    • Jimmy: Okay, so can you pretend like I told you?
      Logan: Depends, you got the stuff?
      Jimmy: Okay, a new baseball mitt for Dominic and a "Get out of trouble, no questions asked" card for Logan.
      Logan: Ok. Here you go.
      (Logan gives Jimmy the card)
      Jimmy: What's this for?
      Logan: No questions asked, remember?

    • Jimmy: Hey, were the kids good for you?
      Sarah: Yeah. They were great!
      Christine: Where are they?
      Sara: Oh, they're upstairs playing hide and seek. I'll go call them down.
      Christine: No, don't, they'll come out when there hungry.
      Jimmy: Unless there hiding in the pantry where they'll only come out when they have to go to the bathroom.
      Christine: Well, Dominic will.

    • Dominic: What did grandpa say we were doing tomorrow?
      Jimmy: I think he said he's taking you to the pier to go fishing.
      Dominic: We have to talk.

    • Christine: Well, I don't know, Jimmy. I mean, it didn't bug me at first, but the more you guys argued, the more I realized, Big Jimmy isn't exactly the world's most responsible choice to leave your kids with.
      Jimmy: Okay, but he's not the least responsible choice either.
      Christine: Okay, fine, Jimmy, if my choice of sitters is between your father and a plastic dry-cleaning bag, then, yeah, I'll go with your father.

    • Jimmy: Well, I know that! But how am I gonna tell him that we trust our 15-year-old babysitter more than him?!
      Kim: Well, he has a sweet tooth. Maybe a candygram?

    • Jimmy: What do you mean, "alright?" Sounds perfect for you. Everybody's your age, you got no little kids running around to worry about.
      Big Jimmy: Are you kidding? These, these people have their grandkids running around at all hours. I've never seen so many people wearing diapers changing diapers.

    • Christine: Well, we'll make up some kind of story.
      Jimmy: For Sara or my dad?
      Christine: Your dad. We'll, we'll tell him that, that she's his friend's sister.
      Jimmy: My dad knows who his friends are.
      Christine: Not your dad's friend's sister, Dominic's friend's sister.
      Jimmy: I don't know. I think my dad's gonna figure it out.
      Christine: Jimmy, even you can't figure it out!

    • Jimmy: So is Sammy coming to Six Flags?
      Kim: We appreciate the offer, but we don't feel comfortable leaving Sammy alone with Big Jimmy.
      Greg: Heck, I'm not even comfortable being alone with Big Jimmy. Something's wrong with him. He sneezed earlier, and I swear something got on me.
      Jimmy: So? tell him to cover his motuh.
      Greg: It came out of his ear.

    • Jimmy: Alright, if you land on red, pick up a red "Do to Your Partner" card. And if you land on green, pick up a green "Partner Does to You" card.
      Christine: Naughty. Where you get a game like this, anyway?
      Jimmy: I don't know. Uh, it was Billy's. Uh, he wanted to get rid of it. Apparently, it's not as much fun when you're playing alone.

    • Jimmy: Hey, so, uh, listen—since the kids are happy, why don't we ask, uh, Sara to stick around a little bit longer, we'll go out to the car, and finish our date the way we used to.
      Christine: Come on, Jimmy, you really want to pay nine bucks an hour to go fool around in the car?
      Jimmy: An hour? Please? Hey, Sara, listen, uh, we left something in the car. Uh, we'll be back in about 30, 35 cents.

    • Big Jimmy: Hey, Jimmy, will you give me a hand? The kids won't get out of the car. I had to drag 'em kicking and screaming out of Kmart.
      Jimmy: Dad, Dominic and Logan are in the kitchen drawing! You went to Kmart alone!
      Big Jimmy: Aw, jeez. I guess that's why they were speaking Spanish.

    • Greg: Hey, how was the tractor pull?
      Jimmy: It wasn't a tractor pull, it was monster trucks. And it was sad.
      Greg: Why?
      Jimmy: Because most of the cars they were crushing were nicer than mine.

    • Jimmy: Dad, we're glad you're here, we just wish Mom could've made it here with you.
      Big Jimmy: Ah, me, too, but there's no way I was gonna drag her away from the Leisure Village Gin Tournament.
      Jimmy: Wait a minute. Since when does Mom play gin?
      Big Jimmy: She doesn't play it, she drinks it.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Writer Bob Smiley is also a writer's assistant.

    • The original broadcast was a part of Super Monday, celebrating Super Bowl XXXVIII which was broadcast on CBS a day earlier. As per tradition, Mike O'Malley appeared on the latest Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials CBS special, broadcast on January 31.


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