Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 14

Big Jimmy Babysits

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 02, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

Big Jimmy comes to visit, and confesses that he feels left out over seeing his fellow senior citizens bonding with their grandchildren, when he hardly knows his. Jimmy convinces his dad to join him and Christine in taking Dominic and Logan to Six Flags. But when Jimmy's work schedule interferes with the day Big Jimmy wants to take them, he offers to take the kids himself and give Christine the day off. Big Jimmy even offers to take Sam and Emily, but after Greg and Kim turn down his offer, a disappointed Jimmy discovers that they don't feel comfortable having his father watching their kids. When Jimmy goes into the guesthouse to fume, he then finds out from Christine that she isn't comfortable having Big Jimmy babysit Dominic and Logan either. When Jimmy asks why, she reminds him that he was in and out of the emergency room when he was a kid, thanks to Big Jimmy's irresponsible parenting. After flashing back to his past -- recalling all the crazy stunts he did at home, while a befuddled Big Jimmy was oblivious -- Jimmy finally sees the light, and asks Christine about what to do. With some helpful advice from Greg, Christine concocts the perfect scheme to let Big Jimmy take the kids to Six Flags -- they pay their 15-year-old babysitter, Sara, to tag along on the trip and tell Big Jimmy that she's Dominic's friend's sister. But when Big Jimmy wonders why a girl her age needs a babysitter, Jimmy tells him the 'truth' -- Sara is a drug-addicted, alcoholic, stripper-runaway who has sex with truckers. All goes according to plan, only now Big Jimmy wants to take the kids out again tomorrow. After Jimmy clears it with Sara and suggests the zoo, he and Christine think everything will work out again. But after returning home from a day out, Jimmy and Christine listen to their answering machine messages, and hear that Sara had to cancel due to a family emergency -- and Big Jimmy took Dominic and Logan to the zoo without her. Rushing off to the zoo, Jimmy and Christine see Big Jimmy sitting by himself, and assume that he lost the kids (since he did lose them during his phone call home). Jimmy blasts his father and spills the beans about Sara, after which Big Jimmy points out to him that the kids are standing a few feet away. When Big Jimmy questions what's going on, Christine and Jimmy confess that they paid Sara, because they didn't trust him. Big Jimmy scolds them for doubting his sitting skills, and they both feel pretty low, planning to make it up to Big Jimmy by letting him babysit whenever he wants. Which is when Dominic has flashbacks to all the crazy stunts Logan did at the zoo while a befuddled Big Jimmy was oblivious. So the kid tells his dad how Big Jimmy babysits.