Yes, Dear

Season 5 Episode 11

Broken by the Mold

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 18, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • There's a jump cut right before Christine enters the house and says, "Okay, I turned the water off," with Kim's left arm changing position.

    • Another jump cut occurs before Greg enters the kitchen and says, "I've got my lucky tie on..." Christine's right hand goes from resting on the table to stirring her drink.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: No, I don't want their help, alright? I've gotten to where I am in life without being indebted to anyone. I want to keep it that way.
      Christine: Well, that's kind of selfish.
      Greg: Selfish? Instead of taking space in your house, I'm sleeping on bags on cow crap—damp cow crap.
      Jimmy: Yeah, well, we feel guilty about it, okay? We finally got a chance to pay you back after all that you've done for us for years and years, and now you won't let us.
      Christine:> Yeah, so that indebted feeling you don't want, we're stuck with it forever?
      Jimmy: Yeah. That's the crap we sleep on.

    • Jimmy: No, Greg, I mean, what are you doing? Why are you out here in the shed? Why are you having kids deliver pizza to our doorstep? Why are you working as a giant mouse?
      Greg: I was driving around trying to clear my head. And I got a flat tire because somebody put a nail in the road. I stopped at Chuck E. Cheese to use the phone. I hear the manager freaking out that Chuck E.'s late. There was no one to fill in, so—
      Jimmy: Oh, so you became Chuck E.
      Greg: Well, at that point, I'd rather be anybody than Greg Warner. The longer I had on the costume, the better I felt. I mean, I might be useless to my own family, but to every other family, I was a hero today.
      Jimmy: Oh, so, ironically, you were a man because you were a mouse.

    • Kim: I don't know, Officer. My brother-in-law said he was heading north on Sycamore. He was on a skateboard in a Chuck E. Cheese suit... Yes, if you have a glue trap that size, you're more than welcome to use it.

    • Christine: Jimmy, get a hold of yourself. We'll find Greg. Everything's gonna be fine.
      Jimmy: No, it's not that. It's just that... today, we found out that Dominic is obsessed with breasts... and now we find out that Logan has got the gift. It's a good day to be a dad.

    • Jimmy: How's Greg doing today?
      Kim: I don't know. He left really early this morning, determined to find a job. I kept telling him that you offered to let us stay here as long as we want, but he refused to even talk about it. He's still acting really strange.
      Billy: Well, being out of work is hard, you know? Sometimes it just takes the right thing to motivate you to get you up off the couch. For me, it was the guys coming to repossess the couch.

    • Kim: No, mold isn't covered. Apparently, that's where they getcha. Our insurance agent referred to it as the brown acid of insurance claims.
      Greg: Well, this is perfect. This is just perfect. You know why? Because now I have nothing—absolutely nothing. I have no house, no job, absolutely nothing. Wait a minute, that's not exactly true. I have my lucky tie. Yes, indeed, I have my lucky tie. And good thing, because it's turned out to be so damn lucky!

    • Jimmy: Hey, Greg, I made you a cup of coffee for your drive. It's not every day you get to be a guest in my house, and I get to repay you for everything you've done for me.
      Greg: Well, that's a sweet thought, Jimmy, but you've lived in my house for four years, and I fed your entire family every single night. I've loaned you money, gotten you a job. Basically, done everything short of breathing air into your lungs. So you think this cup of coffee is going to be payback for all that?
      Jimmy: I could pour you a bowl of cereal if you got time.

    • Kim: So what made you choose to be an insurance agent?
      Insurance Agent: I used to sell tuna sandwiches in parking lots, but... then Jerry Garcia died, and I had to do something.
      Kim: I guess your V.W. bus won't run on love.
      Insurance Agent: Actually, I drive a Lexus. You'd be surprised what a stoned hippie will pay for a tuna sandwich.

    • Kim: Come on, Greg, you have to go to your interview. I have a surprise for you. Look what I found: your lucky tie.
      Greg: My lucky tie—I've been looking for this forever! Where did you find it?
      Kim: Somehow it ended up in my underwear drawer. It's been hiding under a pile of my bras.
      Jimmy: That is a lucky tie.

    • Christine: You're still going to go to your job interview, right?
      Greg: What's the point? Every interview I go on, there's some whack punk sitting behind a desk and giving me the ice grill and kicking me to the curb without even letting me know what the dilly-o is. Sorry, it's just the guy at the car wash, he changed all my radio presets to rap music. I don't know how to change 'em back.

    • Christine: How are you going to keep all this from Greg?
      Kim: Oh, he never goes in that room.
      Christine: His weights are in there.
      Kim: Christine, he hasn't touched those weights since he rolled them in from the car.

  • Notes

    • Although credited, Anthony and Michael LaMar and Madison and Marissa Poer do not appear in the final cut.

    • Features an archival clip from "Doctor, Doctor," with Gregg Binkley (who reprises his role) and Bret Loehr (who doesn't).

    • Intended to serve as a series finalé in case the show was cancelled.

    • Music: "Theme from S.W.A.T."; "Hard Habit to Break" by Chicago

    • A scene featuring Jennifer Leigh De Mille (as Mr. Berkowitz' secretary, Michelle) was cut due to time constraints. She retained credit in the CBS press release, but not in the episode itself.

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