Yes, Dear

Season 2 Episode 2

Christine's Journey

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 01, 2001 on CBS
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Christine's Journey
Clueless at the gym, Greg lets Jimmy be his trainer. With Logan in daycare, Christine decides to find a part-time job.

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  • Not as funny as "Who's on First" but it was still a great episode

    As I mentioned in my previous review for the Yes, Dear episode "Who's on First", I said how hard I was laughing and it also gave me the excellent start for my birthday. Today is my birthday and my birthday started by watching both of the "Yes, Dear" episodes on TBS since I woke up pretty early and there was nothing better on television. This episode wasn't as funny as "Who's on First" but it was still a great episode and I really enjoyed it. I don't "Yes, Dear" that much but both of the episodes were enjoyable even though "Who's On First" was better. Christine's plot was a little weak though when she was trying to look for a part-time job since Logan is at daycare. I don't know why but that plot wasn't too appealing for me. As for Greg/Jimmy plot when Jimmy is being Greg's trainer in gym was pretty funny and I laughed pretty hard. Greg's fantasy when he imagined Logan older and Logan was wearing a diaper at his older age was absolutely hilarious and probably the funniest of this episode. Greg and Jimmy leaving to the gym at the end of the episode so Greg doesn't have to help Kim with the baby was funny. The very end of the episode was also funny when Greg and Jimmy were sleeping in the car. Overall, a great episode of "Yes, Dear" but not as funny as "Who's on First". 8.5/10moreless
Christian Duguay

Christian Duguay


Guest Star

Sally Ann Brooks

Sally Ann Brooks

Wendy (Rob's Wife)

Guest Star

Cyndi Martino

Cyndi Martino

Mrs. Bowers (Temp Staffer)

Guest Star

Anthony Bain and Michael Bain

Anthony Bain and Michael Bain

Sam Warner

Recurring Role

Christopher and Nicholas Berry

Christopher and Nicholas Berry

Logan Hughes

Recurring Role

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    • Christine: Wow, one day in the gym and you're already looking buff. (pinches his sweater) What, is this like the world's thickest sweatshirt?
      Greg: Yeah, the gym's cold.

    • Kim: Maybe you should go to college (Christine laughs)
      Jimmy: No, don't laugh. She's right, there's a lot of good jobs at college. You could work in the library, sell hot dogs... oh, my God, you could smell like hot dogs.

    • Jimmy: I just can't be in the house in the morning.
      Greg: Why not?
      Jimmy: I can't because stupid me told Christine that I'd let her sleep in for a month and that I'd cook the kids breakfast, but I can't take it anymore!
      Greg: Jimmy, Christine's birthday was 10 days ago.
      Jimmy: So? Have you seen these kids eat?!

    • Jimmy: (when Jimmy wakes up Greg very early in the morning to go work out) You can't fire me, you're not even paying me.
      Greg: I'll give you a $1,000 to shut up.
      Kim: (sleepily) I'll give you both $1,000 to shut up.

    • Greg: (on her supermarket job) Hey! How was your first day?
      Christine: Great. I quit.
      Jimmy: Quit? What about the free meat?

    • Kim: How was the workout today?
      Jimmy: It was great. Today we worked with his legs and glutes.
      Kim: Glutes?
      Jimmy: His butt. I gave him a rounder, more firmer butt.
      Kim: Good. Finally something to hold up those pants.
      (Greg comes in)
      Kim: How are those glutes? (hits his butt)
      Greg: Ahh!
      Kim: Like two little coconuts!

    • Kim: (about Greg not working out when he bought a membership) So basically you payed $300 for a milkshake.
      Greg: Kim, it's a smoothie, it doesn't have ice cream in it. It has sherbet... and a little bit of kiwi.
      Kim: And you said me waxing my legs was wasting money.

    • Greg: I can't believe it, I have to get another man to play with my kid.
      Jimmy: If I don't gain feeling, I have to get another man to play with my wife.

    • Jimmy: Greg's going to start lifting weights and there's nothing wrong with that.
      Christine: Yeah there isn't anything wrong with...(Jimmy and
      Christine start laughing)

      Jimmy: You picturing a skinny guy lifting weights?
      Christine: Yeah!

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