Yes, Dear

Season 2 Episode 2

Christine's Journey

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 01, 2001 on CBS



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    • Christine: Wow, one day in the gym and you're already looking buff. (pinches his sweater) What, is this like the world's thickest sweatshirt?
      Greg: Yeah, the gym's cold.

    • Kim: Maybe you should go to college (Christine laughs)
      Jimmy: No, don't laugh. She's right, there's a lot of good jobs at college. You could work in the library, sell hot dogs... oh, my God, you could smell like hot dogs.

    • Jimmy: I just can't be in the house in the morning.
      Greg: Why not?
      Jimmy: I can't because stupid me told Christine that I'd let her sleep in for a month and that I'd cook the kids breakfast, but I can't take it anymore!
      Greg: Jimmy, Christine's birthday was 10 days ago.
      Jimmy: So? Have you seen these kids eat?!

    • Jimmy: (when Jimmy wakes up Greg very early in the morning to go work out) You can't fire me, you're not even paying me.
      Greg: I'll give you a $1,000 to shut up.
      Kim: (sleepily) I'll give you both $1,000 to shut up.

    • Greg: (on her supermarket job) Hey! How was your first day?
      Christine: Great. I quit.
      Jimmy: Quit? What about the free meat?

    • Kim: How was the workout today?
      Jimmy: It was great. Today we worked with his legs and glutes.
      Kim: Glutes?
      Jimmy: His butt. I gave him a rounder, more firmer butt.
      Kim: Good. Finally something to hold up those pants.
      (Greg comes in)
      Kim: How are those glutes? (hits his butt)
      Greg: Ahh!
      Kim: Like two little coconuts!

    • Kim: (about Greg not working out when he bought a membership) So basically you payed $300 for a milkshake.
      Greg: Kim, it's a smoothie, it doesn't have ice cream in it. It has sherbet... and a little bit of kiwi.
      Kim: And you said me waxing my legs was wasting money.

    • Greg: I can't believe it, I have to get another man to play with my kid.
      Jimmy: If I don't gain feeling, I have to get another man to play with my wife.

    • Jimmy: Greg's going to start lifting weights and there's nothing wrong with that.
      Christine: Yeah there isn't anything wrong with...(Jimmy and
      Christine start laughing)

      Jimmy: You picturing a skinny guy lifting weights?
      Christine: Yeah!

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