Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 22

Couples Therapy

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 10, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

Greg expects a miserable evening when Kim invites her friends, Adam and Abby, over to dinner. After she tells him that Adam is a marriage therapist, he says he doesn't want to be judged by one. So she tries to make him feel better by letting him know that Christine, who's also friends with Abby, and Jimmy will be there, too. Only Greg is even more against that, since he anticipates Adam comparing their marriages. He wants to tell Jimmy and Christine to make themselves scarce on the big night, but Kim expects him to be blunt, and insists that she be the one to do it -- which she does by suggesting that the Hughes go out to eat, without letting Christine know she invited their mutual friend over. But when Christine tries to get them to join them, Kim comes clean about who's coming over. Which infuriates Christine. Although Jimmy couldn't care less, Christine is fed up with Kim and Greg treating them like idiots, and plans to get even by crashing the party. When she barges in, Abby sees her, and she uses Abby to get her and Jimmy invited. Jimmy doesn't want to be there any more than Greg wants them there, and after the Hughes get into an argument, they spill the beans to Adam. Adam then tells all four of them that they need couples therapy. Not husbands and wives, but sisters and in-laws. Greg thinks the idea is idiotic, but Kim once again talks him into it -- and he concurs after guessing that therapy usually splits "couples" up. Meanwhile, Jimmy changes his entire stance, and he and Christine both agree that getting Adam to take their side will be a great way to finally win an argument with the Warners -- something they can never do with Greg holding it over their heads how they live in his house rent-free. So the four all go down to Adam's office to try to work out their problems. First, Adam gets Christine to admit that she feels Kim is a "sneaky, little, passive-aggressive weasel." Then, Kim blames it all on Greg, claiming she's the scapegoat. Then, Greg admits he didn't want the Hughes at the dinner party, because all they do is take without giving. Then, when Jimmy gets mad that Greg plays the mooch card all the time and Adam asks if Greg has ever been graciously generous, Jimmy tells him about the one time when they were out eating, he asked Greg to let him pick up the check. But Greg told him it was his treat, and recommended he go to the bathroom when it comes. That's when Jimmy learns from Christine that there was more to the story -- he went to the bathroom, she and Kim came back, and Greg joked to the women that Jimmy's bladder always kicks in before the check arrives. After the Hughes take turns trashing Greg for setting Jimmy up, Adam tells Greg that his control issues are the problem, and likely stem from a childhood incident. Demanding that he dig deep to find the source, Greg tells a sad story of how he was 11 and going to Camp Wrigley, and there was this girl named Georgia that he had his eye on and liked to share his cupcakes with. But these two bullies, William and Mary, used to order him to hand over his cupcakes -- and everything else -- making him look like a loser in front of her. Analyzing the situation, Adam concludes that Greg subconsciously sees Kim as Georgia and William and Mary as Jimmy and Christine. After he tells them his work is done and they all leave, Adam looks around his office, and notices that his calendar says it's the 11th, he's eating a cupcake, and there's a photo of Wrigley Field on his wall, along with his diplomas from the University of Georgia and William and Mary College.