Yes, Dear

Season 1 Episode 17

Doctor, Doctor

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 26, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

The show begins with Kim, Greg, Jimmy and Christine in the kitchen. Kim informs the group that Sam's doctor is retiring early. Kim is distressed at the news and announces that they were referred to a new doctor. Kim and Greg reluctantly decide to give the new Dr., Dr. Trabert a Chance. The opening credits roll.

The show returns with Kim and Greg in a Doctor's office. The office is completely empty. They are surprised by the vacancy in the office. When a young man walks in carrying a pizza box. They find out he is a doctor and hear his wife is the receptionist and that actually his kid is sick. The two decide to sneak out and not have the appointment.

Greg and Kim go to a new office. They have gotten an appointment with Dr. Bernstein, the most famous Dr. in LA. However they had to say that they go to the same Synagogue. The nurse calls the two in and they go meet with the Dr. Kim accidentally offends him about his birthmark, however, the Dr. still lets them join his practice.

Jimmy, Greg and the kids are in the kitchen. Greg is serving everyone pasta. Jimmy points out that when the girls are out Greg becomes the wife, because he cooks, cleans and snaps at Jimmy. They all begin to eat. When Greg hears a faint whistling Jimmy inspects to find out what it is. They realize that it's Sam. Sam had stuck a piece of uncooked pasta up his nose. Greg become extremely furious. Greg does not want Jimmy to take out the pasta with pliars, and insists that Sam go to the doctor.

At the doctor's office Jimmy is watching the fish with Dominic. Greg reminds that receptionist that they had been waiting for a half-hour. The receptionist is anything but helpful and says they have to wait for an opening. When the Dr. comes out Greg confronts him. When the Dr. suggests he go to an ER Greg is extremely offended. Luckily, Jimmy gets the pasta out himself. However, the Dr. tells Greg to find a new Dr. and Greg walks out angrily, only to come back in and ask for his parking to be validated. Then the show goes to commercial.

When the show returns Kim and Christine walk through the door and into the living room finding an empty house. Right behind them walk in all of the guys. Greg tries to get Kim to agree with him that the Dr. is the wrong choice for them. He then reluctantly explains that Sam stuck a noodle up his nose and what happened at the Dr.'s Office. Kim explains that he gets stuff stuck up his nose all the time and that he shouldn't have taken him to the office. When Greg says that they are not welcome back at the office, Kim forces him to go back and apologize to Dr. Bernstein. Greg doesn't want to but when Jimmy agrees with Kim, Greg decides to go and apologize.

Greg enters the office and explains to the receptionist that he has come back to apologize. When another patient's father complains to the receptionist Greg tells him to calm down and explains to the dad that getting upset won't get him anywhere. The man then begins to pick a fight with Greg and as they are fighting the Dr. comes out again kicking Greg out once again.

When Greg comes home, Kim informs him that Sam has a fever. Greg suggest that they call the Dr. Trabert. Kim calls, thinking that he won't be there because it's the weekend. When she gets a hold of the Dr., she is surprised that he knows Sam's name, has other patients and is actually coming over for a house call. Jimmy walks in and comments how the Dr. must be a loser because he is making a house call on a Friday night, but Kim and Greg don't care they are just glad that they have found the right doctor for Sam. The show goes to Commercial.

When the show returns the doorbell rings and Greg answers it. When he opens the door the father he got in a fight with at the office runs in and attacks Greg. When Greg pushes him out the door the man runs in from the back of the house and attacks him again. Then Greg wakes up and we realize it was a dream. The show ends.