Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 6

Dominic's Buddy

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 27, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jimmy and Christine are not happy when they are visited by Harold Nicholson, whose son, Ronnie, goes to school with Dominic -- and who Dominic is bullying. Harold is happy to hear that they'll have a talk with Dominic. Even though all the kids pick on Ronnie, when Jimmy has a sit-down with Dominic and Dominic says that he put a worm in Ronnie's sandwich, Jimmy hits him with the worst punishment he can think up -- he forces him to be Ronnie's buddy. Harold drops Ronnie off at the Warner house for the kids' first playdate, and Jimmy sees just how nerdy Ronnie is when he's too scared to play baseball. His plan doesn't quite take hold the way he hoped -- although Dominic does end up liking Ronnie, rather than Dominic rubbing off on Ronnie, Ronnie rubs off on Dominic. And rather than playing baseball, the kids make Jimmy's jaw hit the floor when they play Ronnie's favorite pastime in the backyard -- putting on a musical. Even though the others all think he did a good thing, Jimmy wants to hide his face in shame. Moreso when he finds out Dominic is also being bullied at school, because he and Ronnie put on a show there, too. So he has a talk with the boys, and when they tell him they ran away from the bullies, he demands that they stand their ground next time. Upon hearing this, Harold returns, even more upset than the last time, for he's perfectly content with both him and his son being complete wusses. Since he himself was bullied in school, Greg sympathizes with Harold, while Jimmy -- well, he was a bully. When Jimmy and Greg get into a "nerds versus bullies" argument, Greg proves to him that nerds can stand up to bullies. By punching him in the face. Meanwhile, Greg is disappointed when Kim's efforts to "keep things fresh" in the bedroom become stale, as she keeps wearing the same blonde wig. So she tells him to put on a costume for her benefit. After playing bankrobber, cowboy, fireman, GI, Mardi Gras slut, and Middle-Eastern skank, they both decide to return to playing themselves.