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    My idea involves the kids, who are now teenagers, forming their own band and having all kinds of adventures, like trying to get gigs at concerts. I know there are already plenty of shows focusing on bands, like Big Time Rush and I'm in the Band, but this has been on my mind for sometime. I was thinking Dominic would be the lead guitarist, Logon would be the drummer, Sammy could be either the bass player or keyboardist and Emily would be the lead singer.

    Now, using some pages from TV Tropes, as a Five Man Band, Dominic would be The Hero, because he is the oldest of the four kids. Logon would be both The Lancer, due to being Dominic's brother, and The Big Guy. Sammy would be The Smart Guy, like his father. Finally, Emily would obviously be The Chick. Also, I would see Logon and Sammy as a Red Oni Blue Oni duo and have a relationship similar to their fathers.

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