Yes, Dear

Season 3 Episode 20

Good Squirrel Hunting

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 14, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

The show opens in the back yard. Greg, Kim and Sammy are playing hide-and-go-seek. Sammy sees some peanuts in the backyard and runs out of the yard. Billy who had just walked in comments on how Sammy is weak for being scared of peanuts. Christine walks out and explains to Billy that Sammy is allergic to peanuts. Kim tries to figure out who would have brought in peanuts. Jimmy enters the yard and Christine asks if Jimmy was the one. Jimmy denies this saying he knows how allergic Sam is. Then everyone sees a squirrel eating the pile of peanuts and everyone realizes the squirrel is the one bringing in the peanuts. The Intro then begins to play. The show returns with Greg and Kim looking out the window in the kitchen. Christine comes in and asks what they are doing. They explain that they are watching the trap they set up to catch the squirrel. Then Kim comments on how Sammy has become a prisoner in his own home because of the squirrel. They discuss how they are going to catch the squirrel. Then Jimmy walks in with his hand caught in the trap.

Cut to dining room, next day. Jimmy asks Kim if the squirrels been around and she said he had left some. Greg then screams and says he caught the squirrel. They then decide to put the squirrel in a laundry bag and take it to a park to let it go. Greg doesn't want to do it because he didn't want to touch the squirrel. Then Jimmy goes and squirmishly puts the squirrel in the bag.

Greg and Jimmy are in the car. The squirrel is in the back in the bag. Jimmy then realizes that the bag has stopped moving. They realize there is a hole in the bag and Jimmy looks down and the squirrels on Jimmy's feet. They stop the car and run out of it letting the squirrel get away.

Cut back to the Kitchen, Kim asks Greg how the squirrel got out of the car. Jimmy is sitting at the table shaking while Christine tries to console him. Greg says he doesn't know how to stop this from happening and says they might have to move to a different house. Kim is opposed to moving and reluctantly suggests that they kill the squirrel. Greg doesn't want to kill it so Christine tries to convince him to do it by saying he has a chance to be a hero. Greg still doesn't want to do it. Then Sam runs in and asks if he can play in the backyard and is discouraged when he is told no. Then the adults discuss ways to off the squirrel. Jimmy suggests that Greg use a Pellet Gun. Jimmy says that Billy might have one since he used to hunt before he moved out to LA. Cut to commercial.

The show returns with Greg sitting on the couch listening to a radio. Kim walks down the stares and asks what he is doing. Greg said he's getting into the mood by eating beef jerky and listening to Kenny Rogers. Kim says that she, the kids, and Christine are going to the beach. Kim exits, and Billy enters wearing camoflauge and holding a big gun. Jimmy enters the room and greets Billy. When Billy is asked who will shoot the squirrel he is surprised to hear that Greg is the one to do it. Then Billy tells Greg to put squirrel pee on himself. He then instructs Greg on how to use the gun.

Cut to the backyard where Jimmy, Billy and Greg are sitting waiting for the squirrel. Greg is losing his patience and the others tell him to calm down. Then a pizza guy comes and Jimmy goes to answer the door while Billy leaves to use the bathroom. Greg is by himself when he realizes the squirrel has entered the yard. He aims the gun at the squirrel but can't bring himself to shoot it. He puts the gone down, and then the Greg version of Kenny Rogers appears on his shoulder. Kenny tries to convince him to shoot the squirrel by singing Greg's favorite song. This pumps up Greg and he raises the gun but still can't bring himself to do it. Kenny leaves calling Greg a coward. Jimmy walks in and takes aim at the squirrel but can't bring himself to shoot the squirrel either. Then Billy comes in and shoots the squirrel saying, "lunchtime." Greg is startled by the gruesome death. Then he realizes that the squirrel they shot wasn't the right squirrel. The Greg grabs the gun and tries to shoo the squirrel unloading lots of shots but missing the squirrel. The Squirrel runs off and you hear tires screech and a loud thud.

Kim, Christine, and the kids enter the house. Christine is consoling the kids saying that the squirrel is alright. The kids exit and Jimmy and informs Kim and Christine that the squirrel they hit was the squirrel bringing in the peanuts. Everyone agrees that Kim is a hero making Greg jealous since he thinks he was the one who scared the squirrel into the street in the first place. Cut to commercial.

The show returns with Greg and Kim in the kitchen. Kim sees a mouse under the sink. Kim makes Greg get rid of it. Once again Greg is scared so Kenny G appears on his shoulder saying Kenny Rogers had washed his hands of Greg. The Kenny G starts playing the clarinet. Greg then says, "Hey the mouse is leaving, Kenny, Keep playing." Kenny G replies with a thumbs up and the show ends.
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