Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 17

Greg and Jimmy's Criminals

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 23, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

After getting drunk at a charity event, Mr. Savitsky makes good by offering the chief of police his studio to use as a work-release reformatory for criminals. Since Savitsky doesn't personally want to work with the criminals himself, he makes Greg and the other executives write down their names and put them in a hat, and Stewart is the not-so-lucky winner. But when Stewart reminds Savitsky that he's supposed to be going to London in a week on company business, Savitsky sticks it on Greg. Since Jimmy was a criminal himself in his younger years, he advises Greg to spend some time with his criminal and help make his transition to law-abiding citizen a smooth one. Greg refuses, but when Jimmy says he wants to help himself, Greg happily pawns his criminal, Hank, off on him. So Jimmy befriends Hank, and shows him around the security gate. Savitsky is perfectly fine with Greg handing over his dirty work, but after Jimmy accuses Greg of being a snob who won't congregate with anyone without money, Greg decides to show him by getting a new criminal, Curtis, to escort. Although Hank and Curtis aren't supposed to leave the lot, Jimmy offers to take Hank out to a bar and grill for better eats than the studio cafeteria offers, and Curtis wants Greg to take him, too. At lunch (where Greg and Jimmy let their criminals order beer), Greg learns that Curtis went to college for a a few semesters, is doing time for bank robbery because he ran out of tuition money, and knows how to use Microsoft® Excel. So Greg recommends that he get a job working with computers when he gets out, and offers to teach him how to use other software. After lunch, the four stop off at a convenience store, so Hank and Curtis can get some things, and Greg and Jimmy wait behind in the car. Greg thanks Jimmy for showing him the light; he's glad to have gotten the opportunity to help someone. Although they both feel they've done their part in reforming Hank and Curtis, when the criminals return to the car, they tell Greg to gun it -- they just robbed the store. After giving them a lecture, Greg and Jimmy take Hank's and Curtis' goody bags full of wallets, and go inside to return them to their rightful owners -- since Hank and Curtis threatened to kill the customers if they ever saw them again. That's when Greg and Jimmy find out that one of the victims was Savitsky. Savitsky is furious that Greg and Jimmy took the criminals off the lot, so an apologetic Greg asks his boss to step out to the car to talk with Hank and Curtis and let them explain. Unfortunately, Hank and Curtis are too busy stealing Greg's car to have that talk.