Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 13

Greg Needs a Friend

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 12, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

Greg comes home with a present from the studio: two tickets to a jazz festival. Expectant that Kim, Jimmy and Christine will all be fighting each other for the privilege of the other ticket, Greg's in for a rude awakening -- none of them want to go. So he plans to ask one of his other friends. Only there's just one problem. What other friends? His employees, Phil and Mike (whose names he can't even remember), turn him down. His good buddy in the mid-'90s moved away and didn't tell him. After Kim tells him to go make new friends, Jimmy recommends the "friends seeking friends" section of the LA Weekly. He manages to find a jazz lover right away, but Greg isn't interested. Not even after they all go out to a bar and grill and spring it on Greg that not only did they answer the jazz lover's ad without telling him, but his new friend just walked in. An annoyed Greg takes one look at the guy, decides he's too nerdy, and refuses to talk to him. After telling the others that he'd rather be friends with this popular, cool regular in the joint, they all nudge him into asking that guy to be his friend. Greg hits it off with the cool guy, while Jimmy feels bad for Tim, the nerdy guy, for being stood up, so he pretends to be Greg, goes up to him, and acts like a real pill to drive him away. Greg's new friend, the gnarly, surf-lovin', "brah"-spoutin' Rob, stops by the house to "hang." Greg soon learns that "hanging" involves dropping by Rob's friend's Lydia's body piercing/tattoo place to finish up a tat. And when Greg mentions to them that he always wanted an earring, he soon learns just how much they hurt when Lydia pierces his ear without asking him. Rob returns to the Warner house to ask Greg to meet him and his brahs at the opening of a cool, new, late-night club -- so late-night that it's past Greg's bedtime. Greg gives him the OK, and waits in his car late at night, but when Rob calls him up to push their plans back an hour, Greg falls asleep, and wakes up to find his car being towed. The day after, when Rob knocks on his door for a third time and tells Greg that he doesn't want to go to the jazz festival, Greg decides he's been a poseur enough, and calls it quits with Rob. He goes to the sold-out jazz festival at the Hollywood Bowl by himself -- with a sign that says "Need a ticket?" And when he bumps into Tim holding a sign that says "Have a ticket?," Greg finally finds his friend.