Yes, Dear

Season 5 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 02, 2005 on CBS

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  • Excellent

    This episode is hilarious. Greg and Kim realize that Logan is ahead of Sammy by reading at a better level. But the thing is, this triggers memories to what Jimmy and Christine might have done to cause this. For example, Christine accidentally let Sammy fall off the changing table, and Jimmy banged Sammy's head against the wall when he was a baby. Greg also has a flashback to when he accidentally let a frying pan hit his head. They all tell their secrets to each other excluding Kim because she will be more nervous and has a weird laugh. So they go to the doctors where they get a check-up for Sammy's head but run into Kim. The tell her the story of their accidents which triggers Kim flashback to where she hits Sammy's head against another baby's head. The episode ends showing the doctor hitting Sammy in the head.
  • Sammy\'s better than Logan.

    This was a hilarious episode! Although it was really predictable that we would eventually find out that everyone hit Sammy on the head at one point or another, it was funny to see the way it happened.

    I was probably as happy as Jimmy that Logan could read before Sammy could. Kim and Greg think they are such superior parents to Jimmy and Christine! It was nice to see Logan actually be smarter (or at least develop earlier) than Sammy.

    Greg pretending Sammy could read was funny. It was so typical of him to sound out the words for Sammy and consider that to be him reading.