Yes, Dear

Season 5 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 02, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Jimmy and Christine's flashbacks show Sammy as an infant, but he was already a year old when they moved in.

    • In the flashback scene in which Jimmy bangs Sam's head, the shot of him carrying the real infant has Mike O'Malley holding the kid upright. In the next shot, the baby is cradle. Additionally, the recently-remodeled fireplace is seen, which did not exist during Sam's infancy.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: (to Sam) Okay, well you just wait 'til you taste my brie and avocado omelette. You'll never cry for the breast again. At least not 'til prom night.

    • Christine: Jimmy, can I talk to you for a minute?
      Jimmy: Oh, of course you can. Hey, Dr. Phil was just talking about how a healthy marriage is built on keeping the lines of communication open, honest and sincere... Whoa, I think he hypnotized me.

    • Kim: Greg and I still can't believe that Logan is reading.
      Christine: Oh, yeah, that. You know, it's a total scam. He's not really reading.
      Kim: What? Yes, he is. I saw him.
      Christine: Oh, no, I know. He had me fooled, too. But it turns out, he had the whole book memorized. Yeah, he was faking it. Yesterday, I gave him a different book to read. Couldn't read a word. And then he wet his pants. You see, in a lot of ways, I think he's behind Sam.
      Kim: Well, I have to admit I'm a little relieved. We were starting to get worried about Sam. We even thought about taking him to see a specialist to see if he needed help.
      Christine: You did? You were gonna get him checked out? Maybe get him some help?
      Kim: But now that I know that Logan's not reading, we don't need to worry.
      Logan: "Stop." That sign says "Stop."
      Kim: Christine, he just read that sign. He is reading.
      Christine: Kim, come on, all kids know what a stop sign is.
      Logan: "Fat Boy's Hot Dogs."
      Christine: It's Jimmy's favorite restaurant. He points it out to Logan every time we drive by.
      Logan: "Live Nude Girls!"
      Christine: Oh... that Jimmy.

    • Christine: Dominic, from now on, when you have to use the restroom at the mall, instead of going in with me, I think it's time you start using the men's room.
      Dominic: But I love using the ladies' room.
      Christine: Yeah, which is exactly why you should start using the men's room.

    • Jimmy: Alright, now, listen, you gotta stop worrying so much. You gotta remember that we're made with strong skulls designed to protect our brains. It's not like when Sammy was a baby, his skull was soft and mushy.

    • Christine: Jimmy, we have to tell Kim and Greg that... we broke their son.
      Jimmy: Why? We didn't tell them when we broke their blender. We didn't tell them when we broke their washing machine. We're just gonna start telling them this stuff now?
      Christine: Yes, Jimmy! We have to.
      Jimmy: All right. I'll take the blender and the washing machine.

    • Christine: Well, I guess he could be too stressed out, right? I mean, maybe we just need to get him in a relaxed environment where he can be free to read without all the stresses.
      Jimmy: Yeah, and when we find out he can read, we'll just have nothing to worry about.
      Christine: You're right. You're right. Thanks, honey. I feel better.
      Jimmy: Besides, Christine, look at me. Okay? I took plenty of shots to the head, and look how I turned out.
      Christine: And now, I need that drink.

    • Christine: Jimmy, what if when he fell, he landed on the part of his brain that makes him read?
      Jimmy: Hey, honey, you're being crazy, all right? It's not like the brain is divided into sections that each serve different functions.

    • Christine: When Sam was seven months old, he rolled off his changing table when I wasn't looking, and he landed on his head.
      Jimmy: Oh, my God... Seven months old? Logan rolled over at six months old. This is another victory!

    • Christine: You know, Jimmy, it's not a competition. I mean, Sam's our nephew. I want him to read, too.
      Jimmy: Well, so do I, but in the meantime, this is driving Greg crazy. It's like, who knew reading had an upside?

    • Jimmy: Oh, sorry, I hope you weren't planning on eating breakfast. I just polished off the rest of the cereal.
      Greg: Well, what a shame. My doctor told me I needed to get more Franken Berry in my diet.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jimmy: You hit your son in the head with a frying pan? Who are you, Foghorn Leghorn?
      Foghorn Leghorn was an animated rooster with a Southern drawl, from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes shorts. Voiced by Mel Blanc and based on the character Senator Claghorn from the Fred Allen radio show Allen's Alley, many of Foghorn's cartoons involved him and other barnyard animal characters hitting each other over the head with things. Foghorn also used the word "son" a lot, to refer to someone who was his junior (including a chick named Junior, whose widowed mother Foghorn was always looking to court). Jimmy's line, "I say, I say, I say a skillet," is a letter-perfect impersonation.