Yes, Dear

Season 5 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 02, 2005 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Kim: Greg and I still can't believe that Logan is reading.
      Christine: Oh, yeah, that. You know, it's a total scam. He's not really reading.
      Kim: What? Yes, he is. I saw him.
      Christine: Oh, no, I know. He had me fooled, too. But it turns out, he had the whole book memorized. Yeah, he was faking it. Yesterday, I gave him a different book to read. Couldn't read a word. And then he wet his pants. You see, in a lot of ways, I think he's behind Sam.
      Kim: Well, I have to admit I'm a little relieved. We were starting to get worried about Sam. We even thought about taking him to see a specialist to see if he needed help.
      Christine: You did? You were gonna get him checked out? Maybe get him some help?
      Kim: But now that I know that Logan's not reading, we don't need to worry.
      Logan: "Stop." That sign says "Stop."
      Kim: Christine, he just read that sign. He is reading.
      Christine: Kim, come on, all kids know what a stop sign is.
      Logan: "Fat Boy's Hot Dogs."
      Christine: It's Jimmy's favorite restaurant. He points it out to Logan every time we drive by.
      Logan: "Live Nude Girls!"
      Christine: Oh... that Jimmy.