Yes, Dear

Season 5 Episode 4

High School Reunion

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 09, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

As Jimmy's 15th-anniversary high school reunion looms on the horizon, he, Billy, Greg, Kim and Christine browse one of their yearbooks and reminisce about the good, old days. Well, good for Jimmy, who was voted "Coolest Guy" his senior year. Not so good for Greg, who was just voted out. The five adults all head over to Yorktown High's Class of '88 affair, and the first person Christine is reunited with is their perverted, wheelchair-bound shop teacher, Mr. Shipley, who used to sexually harass her in high school -- and still does. Greg finds high school a little easier the second time around after some of the jocks mistake him for Drew Hallett, a guy who resembled him. And when even Mr. Shipley, who's handing out name tags, thinks he's Drew, Greg is all too happy to roll with it. Just when things start looking up for Greg, Kim's worst fear becomes a reality, as she comes face-to-face with her high school stalker, Todd Jonas, who was obsessed with her back then, to the point of singing songs about her. But in a turning of the tide, Todd tells Kim that he's over her and introduces her to his pregnant wife, Diane, and Kim becomes jealous and looks for ways to get him to resume stalking her. Jimmy becomes jealous himself after the school sets up voting boxes, and his chance to win the reelection for "Coolest Guy" is threatened by the fact that Drew -- er, Greg -- is stealing votes away. Jimmy pulls Greg aside and asks him to stop pretending to be Drew, but when he refuses, Jimmy goes around to his buddies bragging about all the places around campus where he nailed Christine. While Jimmy mopes around the auditorium worried that he's going to lose, Christine advises him to break into his and Greg's ballot boxes to find out who's in the lead. Since Mr. Shipley is guarding the ballots, Jimmy comes up with the perfect distraction... he makes Christine "dance" with the old geezer. And after Jimmy gets done counting the votes and Christine gets done getting felt up, he finds out that he is losing to Greg. When he confesses to her that being voted "Coolest Guy" is the only thing he thinks he has going for him, Christine cheers him up by telling him to do what it takes to win. For extra encouragement, she invites him to do the dirty deed at their favorite spot on campus. Kim tries to beat Todd at his own game by coming on to him, which causes him to break character and admit that Diane is his cousin, she's sporting a pillow, and he did the whole thing to make her jealous. But Kim turns the tables around, accuses him of being as pathetic as ever, and then gloats to her classmates that Todd still wants her -- which he does. Jimmy, the reigning air-guitar champion of Yorktown, tips the scales in his favor by bringing the entire auditorium to their knees with a rousing air-guitar rendition of Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher." Greg attempts to one-up Jimmy with his own special talent -- baton twirling to Ozzy Osbourne -- but ends up losing his grip and knocking out his female classmate, Karen, in the process. After that winning performance, nobody even bothers to read the ballots, and Jimmy is declared the "Coolest Guy" once again -- which he pretends not to care about. And Greg's moment in the sun is rained on when an announcer informs the audience that the real Drew Hallett died in a car accident last month.
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